Our kids are just like our shining stars. They bring joy and shine to our lives and turn them magical! So isn’t it beautiful to name our newborn similar to these magical and celestial bodies? These baby names that mean star are truly beautiful and marvelous. They are unique, meaningful, and bright. These names meaning star for babies, make us think of them as little jewels shining bright in our lives.

Excited? We, too, love how fascinating and mesmerizing this idea is and compiled the best of baby names that mean stars with their meanings. So, let’s check them out!

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Meaningful and Mesmerizing Names Related to Stars for Babies

We worked around to put you with the most gorgeous and fascinating baby names associated with stars. They are immensely beautiful and charm us with their meanings. Let’s check out the lovely star names and meanings, respectively, for boys and girls.

Female Names Meaning Star:

These beautiful baby girl names mean the star is trending, unique, and meaningful. They are soothing and appealing and have such a lovely tone to them. They are derived from different regions and languages, so check out which one you love the most!

1. Aster:

This beautiful name, Aster, comes from Greek origins. It is the Greek word for ‘star.’ It is a popular and yet very classic baby girl name choice that means star.

2. Bellatrix:

We all have heard this name popularly after becoming famous in the Harry Potter series and books. The name Bellatrix has Latin origins. It is the name of the star in the Orion constellation.

3. Carina:

Carina name in Italian origin actually symbolizes beloved. However, it is also the name of a constellation and contains the bright shining star.

4. Danica:

Danica means morning star. The name is rarely found and used and is originated from Slavic roots. Isn’t it beautiful?!

5. Elanna:

Elanna means ‘star sun.’ it has Christian origins and is a famous baby girl name found in the west.

6. Estella:

Estella name comes from Spanish origins. It means star and is a gorgeous baby girl name idea for the contemporary generation.

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7. Esther:

This is a very traditional and popular name choice for girls. The name Esther has Hebrew origin and means star. What do you think of it?

8. Iliana:

The name Iliana is from Greek origins. The name symbolizes shine and brightness and implies that of a star.

9. Izar:

If you are looking for a short and cute name, Izar is a beautiful choice. It has basque origins and means a star.

10. Luna:

The name Luna means a moon. It is often also considered a star name. It has Italian origins and sounds soothing and beautiful.

11. Phoebe:

This name means brightness. It also symbolizes shining material in the sky. Phoebe has Greek origins. It is a common and popular name across the globe for girl babies.

12. Selina:

Selina! Isn’t it a gorgeous girl name? Selina means a star in the sky. It has Greek origins too and sounds appealing and lovely.

13. Seren:

Seren is a gorgeous name for girls and means a star from Welsh origins. The name is famous in the European regions.

14. Sitara:

The name Sitara has Hindi origins. It means ‘morning star shining bright.’. What do you think of this one?

15. Stella:

Stella, or otherwise also spelled as Stela, means star. It has Latin and Romanian origins and is a widely famous name for baby girls.

16. Tara:

Tara name is popular in countries like India and originated from Sanskrit. It means a star.

17. Tana:

Tana is another short and rarely found baby girl name idea. It means star or ‘fire God.’ The name is originated from Greek origins.

18. Vanessa:

Vanessa name is an attractive choice for baby girls. It means star and has Hebrew origins. It is a feminine and lovely bright name idea.

19. Yulduz:

Are you looking for a super unique name idea? What best than this one? Yulduz belongs to Uzbek origins and means ‘a star.’

20. Zornista:

Zornista means ‘morning star.’ This is another very rare and uncommon name idea for baby girls. It has Bulgarian origins.

Male Names Meaning Star:

Do you know, some fantastic baby names are also present that mean star even for boys? Yes, you heard us right! These lovely and famous names are suitable for the boy child and are associated with the stars. So, let’s check them out too!

21. Altair:

The name Altair is popular in several countries. It has Arabic origins and means ‘falcon.’ It is the star’s name in the Aquilla constellation.

22. Astrophel:

If you are looking for an old and vintage name idea, this is an apt one. It is a literary name that means ‘a person who loves stars.’

23. Castor:

Castor is the star name shining bright in the Gemini constellation. The name has Greek origins and is already among the most famous name globally.

24. Hoku:

If you are looking for a cute and unique baby boy name, this is it! Hoku has Hawaiin origins and means ‘a star.’

25. Jiemba:

This is another rare name for boys. It means ‘a laughing star.’Jiemba name has Wiradjuri origins.

26. Leo:

Leo is the name of the zodiac sign and has Latin origins. This is also among popular baby boy name ideas, yet among famous and trending in the list.

27. Lucien:

Lucien in the French origins means ‘a bright light shining.’. This is a gorgeous and beautiful name idea too. What do you think?

28. Najm:

Najm again has Arabic origins. It also means star and is a rarely found and poetic meaningful name idea for boys.

29. Namid:

Namid means star dancer. The name has origins in Ojibwa. It is a rarely found name for boys and ideal for the classic appealing feel.

30. Orion:

Orion is the name of the brightest constellation in the sky. The name also means ‘dweller in the mountains area.’ The name has Greek origins too.

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31. Phoenix:

Phoenix symbolizes ‘dark red.’ It is the name of the constellation in the southern sky. Those who have an eye for beautiful, unique, and appealing names can try it out. It has Greek origins too.

32. Rigel:

Rigel is the name of the star in the orion constellation. It has Arabic origins and is not a common name for boys.

33. Scorpius:

Scorpius is also the name of a constellation named after the zodiac sign. The name for baby boys is immensely famous and has Latin origins.

34. Shihab:

Shihab means ‘a bright shooting star.’ It also symbolizes a meteor. The name has Arabic origins and is a rarely found name idea.

35. Sirius:

Sirius is a beautiful baby boy name idea. It means the brightest star and has Latin origins.

36. Sutara:

Sutara is the male version of the Indian origin name, Tara. It means a good star or a holy star. What do you think of it?

37. Tarak:

Tarak name is popular with African origins. It means morning star. The name is also famous in several South Asian countries.

38. Vesper:

Vesper means ‘an evening star.’ It has Latin origins and is a rarely found yet beautiful meaningful name idea.

39. Zavier:

Zavier means a person shining bright, or also means savior. It has Latin origins.

40. Zeke:

Zeke is another very rarely found baby boy name. The unique name means shooting star and has Aramaic origins.

Unisex Baby Names that Mean Star:

How about finding some gender-neutral and unisex names for baby boys and girls that mean or are associated with a star? Interesting? Let’s find out!

41. Arawan:

Arawan name literally translates to ‘sunshine.’ It is among poetic and literary beautiful names suitable for both genders and has Thai origins.

42. Aries:

Aries is the name of the zodiac constellation. This is a popular unisex name suitable for boys and girls and has Latin origins.

43. Dara:

Dara means star in Sanskrit origins. It is a rarely found name, yet suitable for boys and girls. What do you think of it?

44. Felis:

Felis is actually a word that symbolizes a lucky person. However, many also believe it to be a star name and has Latin origins.

45. Indus:

Indus is the popular name of the river. However, it is also a constellation name. It makes a beautiful unisex and gender-neutral name suitable for boys and girls.

46. Lynx:

Lynx means brightness. It is among the brightest star in the sky and is a gender-neutral name!

47. Mehr:

Mehr in Persian means a sun. It is also a beautiful name, used mainly by girls; however, it is even famous for boys.

48. Polaris:

Polaris is among the brightest star situated around the Northern pole. It is also called a famous North star and is a suitable name for boys and girls. It has Latin origins.

49. Realta:

If you are looking for a unique unisex name, this is it! The Realta is a gender neutral name suitable for all genders, which means a star. It has Irish origins.

50. Vega:

Vega is among the shining brightest stars in the sky. It has Arabic origins and is among the most popular names for babies.

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Last Names or Surnames that Mean Star:

There are also a few surnames that mean star. These are associated with the related terms to stars, starlight, or moon. Let’s hear them out too!

51. Hoshino:

Hoshino is a Japanese surname that means star. Hoshi means star, and no means wilderness.

52. Leclair:

Leclair has French origins. Here, it means brightness or shine.

53. Lichtenberg:

This Jewish and German name means ‘light hill.’ Although it doesn’t mean star directly, it does give a symbolizing connotation.

54. Mochizuki:

The name actually means full moon in Japanese. It is found in the Japanese people’s last names or surnames.

55. Morgenstern:

Morgenstern is found in German and Jewish. It means ‘morning star.’

56. O Rinn:

O Rinn is found with an Irish origins name, which technically means a person who is a descendant of Rinn. Rinn, however, tells star.

57. Sternberg:

This is a Jewish origin name from German roots. Here, stern means star, and berg means mountain.

58. Solberg:

The name has Norweigan or Swedish origins. While some believe it is a place name, it also is derived from Norse words, sol means sun, and berg indicating mountain.

59. Sterre:

This is an old English or medieval name that is also spelled as Starre or Starr. It is a popular family name.

60. Tähtinen:

This is inspired and originated from Finnish. Here, tähti means ‘a star.’

We hope you enjoyed exploring these beautiful baby names that mean star. These lovely names are a perfect match for your newborn, just like they shine bright in your life. So what do you think of them? Let us know your favorites and which name you chose from this list. We love to hear from you!


This is exclusively a guide to learning about the latest baby names that mean star. These are for informative purposes only. Please keep in mind that the meanings of several names vary according to different cultures, regions, and languages. The content provided in this article is from research through various sources across the web. The author does not guarantee or promise any accuracy of the facts provided in this article.


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