Most often, Muslim baby names or Muslim names, in general, come packed with a lot of richness because these names are often inspired from religious texts or poems. While some of them may be modern, others are often mildly connected to religion. Here is a look at some of the most beautiful and rare Muslim baby names with meanings.

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Best Muslim Baby Girl & Boy Names | Meanings & Significance

In this article, we provide you with some of the best Muslim baby names that should be given to boys and girls belonging to Islamic families. The names are some of the most popular ones given to children.

Beautiful Islamic Names for Boys:

1. Aabid:

The meaning of this name is “worshipper”. It means who worships God, in this case, Allah. It is one of the best Islamic names that totally work for a religious family.

2. Aahil:

One of the most attractive Muslim boy names is Aahil which means “prince”. This name will make a boy automatically attractive, and it will easily make that child famous among friends and relatives.

3. Aalam:

If you are seeking Muslim boy names, then Aalam is a great one for your child. It means “world”. If a guy has to describe his feeling for this woman, then the word Aalam is used, which generally indicates that you are my world. It is one of the most famous Muslim boy names but at the same time pretty attractive as well.

4. Aalim:

Here is a unique one among all the Islamic boy names. Aalim indicates “religious scholar”. It will be a good choice for the kids who are pretty quiet. This name dates back to Islamic history and is a very good name for a Muslim boy.

5. Aalee:

Aalee means “sublime or high”. If you are in need of some Islamic boy names, then this is one of the best ones out there. Aalee will be suitable for a child who is the quiet one in the family and the smart one as well.

6. Aashir:

Aashir means “living”, which is a pretty awesome Muslim baby name. It is actually one of the best Muslim boy names and goes hand in hand with the attitude of a child. When the child grows a bit old and realizes the meaning of this name, he will be thankful to his parents.

7. Aaryan:

Aaryan means “utmost strength”. Sometimes names define the person and how he is as a human being. This name will define that you are a person of a strong and bold personality and have the strength to endure and fight almost anything that is thrown in front of you. Sometimes, strength acts as a motivational element as well.

8. Aasif:

Aasif means “an able minister”. It is suitable for Muslim boys again and is one of the best Muslim boy names that you can name your child with. The name brings awesomeness to your character, and this will, in the future, trigger the thought of getting into politics.

9. Aayan:

This is a really prestigious name for Islamic boys. The name means “God’s gift”. It will thus mean that if you have a similar name, then you will be considered as God’s gift. There was a Muslim woman once who struggled with childbirth, and later on, it was found out that she had lost the ability to become a mother ever. She prayed every single day to God even when there was no hope. Then, one day she became a mother and gave birth to a beautiful baby. She named her child “Aayan”.

10. Aatif:

This is one of the most famous Muslim boy names ever, and the name was made more famous by the Pakistani singer. Aatif is really an amazing name, and it means “kind and affectionate”.

11. Abbas:

The meaning of the name Abbas is “gloomy look”.

12. Abdul Aalee:

This is a pretty authentic name for the Islamic boys. The meaning of this name is “Servant of the Most High”. This is one of the best Islamic names for boys ever. Anyone can be given this name. There is no specific requirement that has to be met before naming your child by this name. It is quite catchy and, at the same time, pretty unique too.

13. Abdul Azim:

Here is another one of the numerous awesome Islamic names for boys. This name is quite popular among Islamic families, and the meaning of this name is “Slave of the great”, which makes it pretty similar to the previous one. The only difference lies between the two words, Servant and Slave.

14. Abdul Badee:

The meaning of Abdul Badee means “slave of the originator”. All these names that are being discussed from number 12 indicate the servant or slave or the messenger of God. God is great, according to the Muslims, and naming your baby by this name will definitely bring the family baby some luck.

15. Abdul Muntaqim:

This name has a pretty deep meaning and is a lot different from the ones discussed above. The meaning of this particular one is “slave of him who punishes wrongdoings and seizes retribution”. The name is quite popular among Muslim boys and is one of the best names among Muslim boy names.

16. Badi al Zaman:

This name means ‘the marvel of time’. The name is a Muslim baby name that has a deep connection with religious text.

17. Bazil:

Bazil means ‘merciful’. Just like the Muslim Lord, Bazil means ‘merciful’ and has been a rare Muslim baby name.

18. Basem:

For your charming and smiling son, this name will be apt. Basem means ‘smiling’.

19. Baqer:

Baqer means ‘man of knowledge’. This is another best name you can think of for your baby boy.

20. Chezian:

Chezian means ‘graceful’. This is a rare modern Muslim baby name.

21. Dyab:

Dyab is ‘one who preserves’. With reference to the Almighty, this Muslim child name is a very beautiful name to think of.

22. Dirgham:

How about something brave and bold for your boy? Dirgham means ‘lion’.

23. Ehan:

Ehan means ‘full moon’ and is a popularly used Muslim kid’s name.

24. Eijaz:

If you consider your son to be a blessing for you and your spouse, this name will do justice to that. Eijaz means ‘blessing’.

25. Emaan:

Emaan means ‘faith’ and is a very popular Islamic baby name.

26. Farhad:

Farhad means ‘happiness’. Your baby boy sure must be your source of happiness. This is one way to express to him that.

27. Fizan:

Fizan means ‘popularity’.

28. Ferdous:

Ferdous means ‘paradise’. This is another Islamic baby name that is popular.

29. Farmanullah:

Farmanullah means ‘order of Allah’. The name is a beautiful Islamic name that has a religious connection.

30. Ghasan:

Ghasan is an old Muslim Arabic name that was very popular once. The name is now very rare, and this sure could be one if you are looking for a rare one.

31. Ghodsi:

Ghodsi means Holy or sacred. This could be one good newborn Islamic name for you to think about.

32. Hakem:

Hakem is a ruler or governor. If you intend for your son to become a good ruler at what he is doing, this would be a good choice.

33. Huzaifa

Huzaifa is another old Muslim Arabic name and is also a rare one to hear.

34. Hujayyah:

This is yet another rare name for you to have heard. Hujayyah refers to the Father of Ajilah bin Abdu.

35. Haysam:

Every religion has a reference to the mighty lion. Haysam means ‘lion’ signifying how your son can become someone who is mighty, bold and powerful.

36. Issam:

Issam means ‘safeguard’.

37. Ijaz:

Ijaz is a popular Islamic children’s name that means ‘miracle’ or ‘inimitability’.

38. Isaad:

Isaad means ‘to provide help’.

39. Jeelan:

Jeelan is a city in Iran. Some kids are also named after this city.

40. Jazool:

Jazool is a name for all those whose parents think their son is a source of happiness for them. The name means ‘happy’.

41. Khoury:

Khoury means ‘priest’.

42. Kinza:

Every child is a precious thing for their parents. Kinza is one apt name for a child that means ‘hidden treasure’.

43. Kaleem:

Some kids are naturally very good at speaking or talking. For all those kids, Kaleem is a good name. It means ‘speaker’ or ‘talker’.

44. Ladan:

Ladan means ‘flower’ for all those delicate baby boys.

45. Lisanuddin:

Lisanuddin is another unusual name. It is the language of religion (Islam).

46. Labeeb:

Labeeb means ‘sensible and intelligent’.

47. Mehtab:

Mehtab means ‘moon’ and is a popular and classic newborn baby name among Muslims.

48. Mustali:

Mustali means ‘superior’. The name is a modern Muslim kid’s name.

49. Nasiral Din:

Yet another classic Muslim kid’s name is Nasiral Din. The name means ‘protector of faith’.

50. Nishat:

The name Nishat means ‘ecstasy’. Nishat is a popular Islamic name.

51. Pamir:

The name Pamir means someone who is a helper. Pamir is a very modern Islamic baby name.

52. Parvez:

This one is a famous name. Parvez means ‘victorious’, ‘fortunate’ and ‘happy’.

53. Qasif:

Qasif means ‘discover’.

54. Raquib:

Raquib means ‘most watchful’ and has a religious connection.

55. Radi:

Radi is a person who is satisfied and content.

56. Sahzeb:

Shazeb is a good pick for a rare name for your son. The name means ‘decorated King’.

57. Shihad:

Shihad means ‘honey’. For that sweet as honey son, Shihad will be the right pick for him.

58. Sadun:

For the happy soul, your son will be Sadun as a name for him that will do all justice. It means ‘happy’.

59. Thawab:

Thawab means ‘reward’. If your son has been the reward for all good deeds and your prayers, then ‘Thawab’is the apt name for him.

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60. Tameez:

Tameez means ‘manners’.

61. Turan:

For the brave boy he might turn out to be, Turan will be a good name. It means ‘brave’.

62. Tawseef:

Tawseef is a newborn baby name Muslim that means ‘praise’.

63. Taimur:

We sure must have heard of this name. Taimur means brave and strong.

64. Ziad:

Ziad means superabundance.

65. Zulfat:

Zulfat is another beautiful Muslim name that means ‘friendship’.

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Muslim Baby Name List for Girls:

1. A’idah:

If you are looking for Muslim baby names for girls, then this is one of the best ones out there. It means the one who is about to return. In one word the meaning of this girlish Islamic name is, “guest”. The name is really popular among Muslim female babies these days.

2. A’ishah:

The meaning of this Islamic name for girls is “wife of the Prophet”. The name is very beautiful, and almost any parent would like to name his or her child (girl) by this name.

3. Aabidah:

Aabidah means “worshipper”. It can be given to a girl who is born to a religious Islamic family. Aabidah is one of the best Islamic girl names and is quite famous among Mohammedan women.

4. Aairah:

Aairah is a very beautiful name, and so is the meaning. The meaning of Aairah is “noble or respectful”. Anyone would want to name their precious girl by this name as it will define their child. In the growing years, the girl will not face any kind of hesitation in revealing her name. Rather, she will be pretty proud of her name and say her name aloud with utmost pride.

5. Aalia:

This name is also given to Punjabi girls sometimes. The meaning of this name is “noble”.

6. Aala:

Among all the beautiful Islamic names for girls, this is a very precious one. The name is filled with beauty and innocence and the meaning is “bounties”. A lot of thinking should be done before naming a child by this name. It is actually one of the most popular Muslim names for girls.

7. Aamaal:

Aamaal means “hopes, aspirations, wishes, dreams etc.” The meaning of this name goes hand in hand with the way it sounds. It is given to girls who depict a carefree attitude and are destined to live their life on their own terms and be successful by their own means. There are many beautiful girls in Muslim countries who go by this name.

8. Aara:

It means “adoring”. Aara is a precious name and should be given to an Islamic girl who suits it and deserves it. This name is considered as one of the best Muslim names for girls. A lot of thinking should be implemented with the experts who deal with the name fixation procedure before naming a girl child by this name.

9. Ablaa:

Ablaa is another beautiful name for Islamic girls. This name denotes a girl who is perfectly formed without flaws. This is a very beautiful name. The name also suggests the peaceful nature of the person it is given to. Ablaa means “perfectly formed”.

10. Afifa:

Afifa means “neat lady”, which describes a clean lady. This name is also given to girls who are calm and peaceful and displays some signs of talent from a very little age. Afifa is a very pretty name and should be given only to the prettiest girl ever.

11. Basemah:

Basemah means ‘smiling’. The name is a recent popular name that has been increasingly adopted by parents for their children.

12. Bazla:

Bazla will be a woman who will be generous. To inculcate the sense of generosity in her could be a good start.

13. Dayanna:

Dayanna means ‘divine’. It is also known as ‘God like’.

14. Darra:

For the beautiful baby girl she will turn out to be, this will be a beautiful Islamic name. Darra means ‘beautiful’.

15. Deenah:

Deenah means ‘obedience’.

16. Esita:

Esita is a modern Muslim baby name that means ‘desired’.

17. Ermina:

Ermina means ‘friendly’.

18. Erina:

Another wonderful choice of name for your baby daughter will be Erina. Erina means ‘beautiful’ and is surely one of the rare names.

19. Eimaan:

Eimann means ‘faith’.

20. Fajyaz:

Fajyazis is a very thoughtful name for your baby daughter. It means ‘artistic’.

21. Fayona:

Another modern beautiful Muslim name is Fayonna. It means ‘beautiful’.

22. Guleen:

Guleen is a very sweet name for a baby girl. It means ‘one with a beautiful smile’. The name will be remembered by a lot of people.

23. Gulbano:

Gulbano means ‘princess of flowers’.

24. Hassana:

Islam sure knows how to appreciate women. It has a lot of names for beauty. Hassana means ‘a beautiful woman’.

25. Haziqa:

Haziqa means ‘clever’.

26. Halia:

Halia is a modern Islamic baby name that means ‘aware’ or ‘knowing’.

27. Ilahi:

Ilahi is a popular Islamic kid’s name that means ‘My Lord’ and ‘divine’.

28. Israt:

Israt means ‘pure and gentle’.

29. Jalaa:

Jalaa means ‘clarity’.

30. Jadwa:

Just like how your baby girl is a gift, Jadwa also means ‘gift’. Parents name their kids as they believe children are a gift of God.

31. Jina:

Jina means ‘princess’.

32. Khurmi:

Khurmi means ‘happiness’. It also means ‘leisure’.

33. Layan:

Layan means one who is gentle and soft.

34. Labeeqa:

Labeeqa means one who is intelligent. It is also a name that means ‘active’, ‘adorned’ and ‘refined’.

35. Luna:

Luna may not be an Islamic baby name, but it is increasingly used by a lot of Muslim parents to name their daughter Luna, which means ‘moon’.

36. Lamah:

Lamah means ‘brilliancy’.

37. Nazahah:

Nazahah means ‘purity’. It also means honesty and righteousness.

38. Nazish:

The name has two meanings. One means ‘fragrance’. The other meaning is ‘proud’.

39. Nathifa:

Nathifa is a rather unique Arabic Muslim baby name. It means ‘clean’ and ‘pure’.

40. Parmida:

Parmida means ‘princess’. It has an Islamic origin.

41. Pakeezah:

Pakeezah is a classic Arabic Muslim baby name. It means ‘pure’.

42. Ruqaya:

It means ‘daughter of the Prophet’. This is an apt religious name for your baby.

43. Ruhina:

The name means ‘sweet fragrance’.

44. Rizwana:

Rizwana is a much loved Islamic name. The name Rizwana means ‘beautiful’. It also means ‘Guardian of heaven’.

45. Rizqin:

Rizqin means ‘good fortune’.

46. Shefali:

Shefali is a modern beautiful Islamic name. It means ‘a flower’.

47. Sameya:

Sameya means ‘pure’.

48. Sana:

Sana as a name means ‘resplendence’. It also has several other meanings like ‘brilliance’, ‘to gaze’, ‘look’.

49. Saffiya:

Saffiya means ‘best friend’.

50. Thoraya:

Thoraya means ‘star’.

51. Tajmeel:

Tajmeel means ‘decoration’ and is a very rare name. The name is not a very popular one.

52. Talibah:

Talibah means ‘seeker after knowledge’. A classic name for your beautiful daughter.

Arabic Muslim Baby Names for Boys and Girls:

1. Abdalrahman: This is a very popular name for a baby boy. It means ‘servant of the merciful’. It has an Arabic origin.

2. Abbas: Abbas means ‘lion’, ‘grim-faced’ and ‘stern’. Abbas is also the name of one of Mohammed’s uncle. The name is for a baby boy.

3. Abra: Abra means ‘lesson’ in Arabic. Abra is also a known baby girl name in Hebrew.

4. Aisha: Aisha was the name of Prophet Mohammed. Aish means ‘food/wheat’. It signifies sustenance. This will be a good name for your daughter.

5. Farida: Farida means ‘unique’. A unique name indeed for your unique and special daughter.

6. Fatima: Fatima is a famous name in Arabic. It means ‘captivating’ and would be a good name for your daughter.

7. Fakhir: Fakhir means ‘proud’. It has an Arabic origin and is an Arabic Muslim baby name for your son.

8. Farouk: Farouk is a name for a boy. It means ‘wise’ and ‘one who distinguishes truth from falsehood’.

9. Farran: Farran means ‘baker’. Farran is a name for a baby boy.

10. Hasna: Hasna means ‘beautiful’. This is a beautiful Muslim Arabic name for your daughter.

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Unisex Muslim Names for Babies:

  1. Tanveer: Tanveer means ‘rays of light’ and has an Arabic origin.
  2. Nusrat: Nusrat is another popular Muslim name that means ‘help’ or ‘assistance’.
  3. Shahin: Shahin means ‘a royal white falcon’.
  4. Kabirah: Kabirah means ‘elder’ and ‘big’.
  5. Izaz: Izaz means ‘honour’, ‘esteem’ or ‘regard’. The name is a very popular and modern one.
  6. Aalam: Aalam means ‘world’.
  7. Azmi: Azmi is one who fulfils his/her promise.
  8. Kohinoor: Kohinoor means ‘the mountain of light’ and is another popular Muslim baby name.
  9. Intisar: The name means ‘triumph’.
  10. Imtiyaz: Imtiyaz means ‘mark of honour’ or ‘distinction’.

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This article will be helpful one to find some of the best Muslim baby names for both boys and girls. Some of them are unisex, and some are of purely Arabic origin. This article will make your name hunting process a little more easy and less stressful.


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