Vishakha nakshatra baby names! If you believe in naming your kid according to Hindu astrology and star alignments, then this series is exclusively for you. Today, we are going to give you a list of Vishakha nakshatra baby names – for those who are born in this star sign. The list we have compiled is a perfect blend of meaningful, modern, cute, short, and lovely baby names for boys and girls.

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Why wait! Let’s go ahead and explore all about Vishakha nakshatra first and the Vishakha nakshatra names for boys and girls.

Vishakha Nakshatra and Its Characteristics:

The Vishakha Nakshatra is the 16th star in Indian astrology, out of a total of 27 stars. The star ranges between 20 in Libra to 3.20 in the Scorpio zodiac sign. The Vishakha Nakshatra is under the influence of Jupiter (guru), and it influences how the person is. The babies born in this star are said to be very confident and determined in their goals. They are always taking on challenges, goal-oriented, and always have a set of dreams. Their strong willpower towards ambition drives them to achieve whatever they dream.

The Vishakha Nakshatra borns also have a good personality and are full of vigor. They are good orators as well as listeners and bring in joy wherever they go.

Vishaka Nakshatra Names Starting Letter/Syllables:

If your baby is born in this star, then it is considered auspicious to name them according to the designated starting letters. The Vishakha Nakshatra names start with.

Ti, Tee, Tu, Tae, Too, Te, To

If you want to check the starting letters as per padas:

  • The Vishaka nakshatra 1st pada names begin with Ti.
  • Vishakha nakshatra 2nd pada names begin with tu
  • The Vishakha nakshatra 3rd pada names start with Te.
  • Vishakha nakshatra 4th pada names start with To.

Visakam Natchathiram Baby Names with Their Meanings:

For those looking for ideal and lovely baby names with their meanings, here we go – with the latest names for vishakha nakshatra right now.

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Vishaka Nakshatra Baby Boy Names:

1. Teeraj:

Teeraj means tree, which is near ashore. The name has a unique meaning as well as symbolism. It is a modern-day name choice for baby boys in Vishakha Nakshatra.

2. Teja:

The name Teja or Theja is a very common name in India. It is used both as a full name or second name—Teja means light and radiance in several Indian languages.

3. Tejender:

Tejender means a source of energy. This is among the boy names for vishaka nakshatra, which is a rare and unique name choice.

4. Tejendra:

Tejendra or Thejendra means Lord of the Sun. This vishakha nakshatra male names is a new name in the variant of the word Teja, which is traditional and meaningful.

5. Tejpal:

Tejpal means quick. The name, on the other hand, also means protector. Isn’t this baby boy names for vishaka nakshatra cool?

6. Tenith:

Tenith or Tenit means bright and glow. The name also symbolizes radiance and happiness. It is a rare baby boy name choice for Vishakha Nakshatra

7. Tevan:

Tevan means Godly. It is, although a traditional meaning, a modern-sounding and cute short baby boy name choice.

8. Tohit:

Tohit is again another refreshing new name choice, which means beautiful. The origin of the name isn’t well established as yet.

9. Toshin:

Toshin in several Indian languages means satisfied. The name also means complete and fully deserving. Isn’t it unique?

10. Toyesh:

Toyesh is a traditional name that means Lord of water. It also symbolizes the water-loving body and infinite.

11. Tuhin:

Tuhin is a lovely and creative baby boy name. It means snow. The name is getting widely popular these days in India.

12. Tukaram:

Tukaram is the name of the poet-saint. It is a very traditional and conventional baby name after mythological stories in the Hindi religion.

13. Tulak:

Tulak means a thinker. The name also means philosopher and guide. It symbolizes knowledge and perseverance.

14. Tuliln:

Tulln means moonlight. The name also symbolizes radiance, brightness, and beauty. It is a beautiful and creative baby boy name for Vishakha Nakshatra borns, originated from the Hindi language.

15. Tulsidas:

Tulsidas is the name of a famous saint. The name is very old and traditional, yet it is a very charming choice and classic name. This is among common Vishakha nakshatra names in Telugu.

16. Tungesh:

Tungesh means, again, a moon. The name is a new and artistic name that is rarely found and beautiful in its meaning too. What do you think?

17. Tuviksh:

In case you want a charming and very refreshing modern-sounding name, this can be a good choice. Tuviksh means strong. The Tula Rashi vishakha nakshatra names also mean Lord Indra’s bow.

18. Tusir:

Tushir or Tusir means a new leaf. The name also symbolizes new beginnings and hope. It is a lovely name from the Hindi language.

19. Tushanth:

Tushanth or Tushant means power. The name also means ability, strength. It is originated from Sanskrit and Hindi languages.

20. Turag:

Turag means a thought. It also symbolizes the mind and ability. It is a modern and rare name choice for Vishakha Nakshatra borns.

21. Trishanjeeth:

Trishanjeet or Trishanjeeth means victory and craving for winning. It is originated from the old texts and stories and is a creative and literature term.

22. Turanyu:

In case you want a very historical and new traditional name yet with meaningful charm around it, Turanyu can be a good choice. Turanyu means swift.

23. Tarunjeet:

Tarunjeet means victory of the youth and young. Tarun means young and jeet means to win or victory. It is a new and modern baby name for Vishakha Nakshatra.

24. Tejith:

Tejith or Tejit means sharpened or bright. It is a very common name found these days and gaining prominence all across India.

25. Tribhavan:

Tribhavan is a very traditional name choice and yet a very classic one. Tribhuvan means king of the three worlds. Isn’t this vishakha nakshtra Hindu boy names wonderful?

Vishakha Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Tejal:

Tejal means lustrous. It also means a radiant and brilliant person. This is a very classic and beautiful name for baby girls in Visakha nakshatra.

27. Tejasri:

Tejashri or tejasri means those who have divine power and grace. It also means brilliant again. This is a new and lovely baby girl’s name with a traditional touch.

28. Tejowathi:

Tejowathi is another name for Goddess Durga. It is a traditional and very beautiful baby girl name choice. This is a unique one among vishakha nakshatra female names.

29. Tesha:

Tesha is a beautiful and short cute baby girl name in modern days. It is rarely found and means happiness and joyous.

30. Toral:

Toral is the name of a folk goddess. Those who have an eye for literature and creativity can try out this name for their little one.

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31. Toshika:

Toshika in the Indian language means an alert child. The name is a beautiful one and is a rare and uncommon name that isn’t much found.

32. Tuhi:

Tuhi is the sound of the birds. It is a short and beautiful four-letter name which is rare and yet mesmerizing. It is one of our favorite vishaka natchathiram baby girl names.

33. Tulasi:

Tulasi is a classic Indian household name for girls and women. The name Tulasi is a sacred plant, the basil. It is a very commonly found name in India, in all the states.

34. Tulika:

Tulika is a lovely and new name choice for modern parents. It means a paintbrush or a pencil. These vishakha nakshatra names for a girl are gaining prominence these days.

35. Tulya:

In case you want a refreshing and unique name choice, Tulya can be good to go. Tulya means equalled or alike.

36. Turanya:

Turanya in Indian languages means swift or quick. It is a rare and modern contemporary name choice again for baby girls.

37. Tushara:

Tushara is a lovely and beautiful name, which means ice and snow.

38. Tushika:

Tushika also means snow. The name isn’t much known or famous as yet and is a lovely choice if you are searching for a new choice.

39. Tusti:

Tusti means satisfaction. It also means happiness and peace. The name is originated from the Sanskrit language.

40. Turya:

Turya means spiritual or spiritual beliefs. The name is inspired by the mythological and religious texts and is a lovely choice for girls in Vishaka nakshatra.

41. Tulja:

Tulja or tulaja means mercy goddess. This is originated from religious beliefs and texts; however, it is a rare name not much found around.

42. Teertha:

Teertha means sacred water or holy water from the religious ritual or puja. The name is not much found as baby girl names, however, is a classic and lovely meaningful name.

43. Tusi:

In case you want a very different and unique name from others, Tusi can be ideal. Tusi means resurrection or revival. The name origins aren’t well established as yet however can be a different name to try out.

44. Tungabhadra:

Tungabhadra is a very common name for baby girls in India. The name is after the blessed and famous river, Tungabhadra.

45. Tikshana:

If you have an eye for art and music, Tikshana can be a good name to try for your kid. Tikshana means melodious or classic melody.

46. Tivri:

Tivri is another lovely and beautiful baby girl’s name choice. It means auspicious and is originated from the Sanskrit language.

47. Toyanjali:

Toyanjali is a lovely traditional name with modern connotations. The name Toyanjali is none other than Goddess Durga. It is a very meaningful baby girl name for visakam star.

48. Tushnimsila:

The name tushnimila has originated from Sanskrit and Indian languages, which means snow particles. The name is very rare and different, not found or common at all, making it a beautiful choice for babies

49. Tilaka:

Tilaka is a female variant of the name Tilak. The name Tilaka means an auspicious mark on the forehead.

50. Tina:

Tina is a very modern name that is of American origin. Modern Indian parents prefer this name for a baby girl, which is very cute and short, which implies a follower. It is among popular Vishakha nakshatra English names.

Unisex Names for Vishaka Nakshatra:

51. Teja:

Teja is a lovely unisex name that is common for boys and girls. It means light, glory and lustrous.

52. Turya:

Turya means a musical instrument. The name is quite rare and is ideal for naming both girls and boys in the millennium

53. Tenu:

Tenu is another lovely unisex name, which means good or generous. The name is uncommon and a new invention in the list of baby names.

54. Tulip:

Tulip means a flower. It is originated from the English word for Tulip flower. The name can be good to go for both boys and girls.

55. Tejal:

Tejal is another variation of the name teja. It again means lustrous, light or brilliance. The name can be ideal to name both baby boys and girls.

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Twin Baby Names for Vishaka Nakshatra Borns:

56. Teer – Teertha:

Teer is a baby boy name which means lord of Manners. Teertha means sacred water or holy place, ideal for a baby girl. These are beautiful twin baby boy and girl names choices.

57. Tejash – Tejansh:

Tejash means sharpness or brightness. Tejansh means energy and brilliance. Both are lovely baby boy names for twins.

58. Tejit – Tejraj:

Tejit means sharpened. Tejraj again implies king of the light. These are rare and uncommon baby boy twin name choices.

59. Tomali – Toshani:

Tomali means a tree with dark bark. Toshani is Goddess Durga. Both are twin baby girl name choices that are unique and rare.

60. Tunil – Turya:

Tunil and Turya are ideal baby girl twin names. The name Tunil means fast or clever. Turya is spiritual power or musical instrument.

We hope this list of Vishakha baby names for boys and girls helped you in ending your search to find the perfect name. They are lovely and rare choices as well, making it ideal and perfect for modern parents to try out.


All the names given above have their meanings as per context and time. These meanings and symbols may alter according to different cultures, countries, regions, and languages. We advise conducting your extensive research before to understand the several interpretations attached to the name.


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