Is your baby born in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra? Do you prefer to name your little one based on the lunar constellations and astrology? We are here to help you out with these lovely Purva phalguni nakshatra baby names. This list of baby names has both traditional and modern choice names, those which are meaningful, cute, lovely, and are just beautiful.

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Why wait, explore, and see your favorite baby names for Purva phalguni nakshatra for the little one, as per your preferences. We have covered it all!

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra and Its Characteristics:

Before we get into the names for Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, let’s see what this star is all about and the characteristics features in this one. The Purva phalguni nakshatra is the eleventh-star sign in astrology. The symbol of Purva phalguni nakshatra is two legs of a cot, and it is under the Venus influence, which is Shukra.

The Purva phalguni star ranges between 13.20 degrees to 26.40 and falls under the Leo zodiac sign. The meaning of Purva phalguni nakshatra is redone. If your little star is born when the moon is near the Purva phalguni nakshatra constellation, he belongs to this sign. Those born here are generally very happy beings, who are always positive and affectionate, caring towards others. They are close to family and friends. Further, those born here are also well-mannered, creative, and artistic in nature.

Now, let’s go ahead and explore more about Pubba nakshatra names for boys and girls in here.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra Names Starting Letter/Syllable:

If your baby boy or girl is born under Purva phalguni nakshatra, it is auspicious if their names begin with letters and syllables Mo, Ta, Taa, Ti, Tee, Tu. In case you want to see the name syllables or starting letter as per padas,

Pubba nakshatra 1st pada names can begin with Mo

Poorva phalguni nakshatra2nd pada names with Ta

Pubba nakshatra 3rd pada names with Tee

Pubba nakshatra 4th pada names with Too.

Now let’s go ahead and see Simha rasi Purva phalguni nakshatra names for baby girls and boys.

Meaningful Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra Names for Girl and Boy:

We have compiled the most lovely and latest baby name choices for those born under Purva phalguni nakshatra. Let’s see more in here.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra Boy Names:

1. Mohak:

Mohak is a lovely modern-day name choice for the parents these days. It means a person who is attractive and handsome. It is derived from the Hindi language.

2. Mohan:

Mohan is a common Indian household name by now, yet it is a classic choice for many. It means fascinating or charming. This is also another Purva phalguni nakshatra names for a boy for Lord Krishna.

3. Mohanan:

Mohanan means delightful and cheerful. This is a unique and refreshing name to try out presently.

4. Modith:

Modith translates to protection. The name origins aren’t well known yet, but this definitely makes a fine choice for parents looking for a new and contemporary name for a baby boy.

5. Mohith:

Mohith is again a common name; however, it is very meaningful. Mohith means attracted or admiring the beauty. It is originated from Sanskrit and Hindi Indian languages.

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6. Mokshit:

Mokshit or Moksh are several name variants which mean liberation. The other spelling for the same name is Mokshith. It is again derived from Sanskrit and Hindi languages.

7. Monik:

Monik is a short and cute baby boy name choice. It means advice or suggestion. This Purva phalguni nakshatra male name is a simple and yet admirable name.

8. Moorthi:

Moorthi or Moorti may again be a common conventional name, but the name meaning is intense and wonderful. It means an idol or God’s statues. It also alternatively means Lord Vishnu, derived from the Hindu mythology.

9. Mourya:

Mourya name is originated from Hindu royal stories, and it means leader or the king/emperor of a dynasty.

10. Taanish:

Taanish means ambition. This is completely a new and unique modern baby boy name choice for modern parents of today.

11. Taksh:

Taksh means eyes like a pigeon. The pubba nakshatra boy names are unique and new, rarely found yet, and is a small beautiful pronunciation baby boy name choice.

12. Tanav:

Tanav is again a new baby boy’s name choice. The name Tanav means flute. It also alternatively on the others and means slender.

13. Tanmay:

Tanmay is a lovely and beautiful baby boy name. Although it is gaining prominence these days, it is a classic choice with lovely meaning. Tanmay means engrossed. It is derived from the Hindi Indian language.

14. Tansh:

Tansh is a modern and rare baby name not much found as yet. The name Tansh means a person who is beautiful in and out.

15. Tanuj:

The word Tanuj in several Indian languages literally translates to a son. This is lovely pubba nakshatra male names to check out.

16. Tanush:

Tanush, or even spelled as Tanus, is Lord Siva and Lord Ganesh’s alternative name. This is a modern baby boy name choice with traditional and auspicious meaning.

17. Tapas:

Tapas is a wonderful and lovely five letter baby boy name. It means heart, worth and penance. The name also means austerity and meditation. It is derived from the Sanskrit language.

18. Tapat:

Tapat means a person who is born of the sun. It also symbolizes a warm and soft person. The name is a unique modern baby name choice.

19. Tapur:

Tapur means a person who is like Gold. The name again is rare and not commonly found as yet.

20. Tarak:

Tarak is a lovely name that is getting popular these days. The name Tarak means star. In other words, Tarak again also means the protector or pupil of an eye. We love both meanings!

21. Tilak:

Tilak is a popular Indian baby boy name, originated from the Hindu traditions. The name Tilak means an auspicious ritual mark applied on the forehead.

22. Tivaan:

Tivaan means God’s gift. If you want a short and cute lovely sounding baby boy name, which is again rare and not commonly found, this can be an ideal choice.

23. Tirth:

Tirth means sacred water or place of pilgrimage. It is derived from the word Tirth in religious beliefs.

24. Timeer:

Timir or Timeer means darkness. It is a rare and lovely name, which is a new invention in the list of baby boy names.

25. Tarun:

Tarun is a lovely and classic Indian name, which is in trend for the last two decades. Tharun or Tarun means connection. It also means youthful, youth, young, and ageless. This is a common Telugu and Tamil baby name under Purva phalguni nakshatra.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra Girl Names:

26. Mohana:

Mohana is a female variant baby name of Mohan. It means a charming and attractive, beautiful girl. This is one of the cutest Purva phalguni nakshatra female names.

27. Mohanapriya:

Mohanapriya is a common Indian name yet is lovely and still in trend. The name MohanaPriya means lovely and charming girl.

28. Mohitha:

Mohitha means attracted and bewildered person. It is a rare and uncommon baby name choice for modern parents to try out.

29. Moksha:

Moksha in Sanskrit and local Indian languages means salvation. This pubba nakshatra baby girl names is a deep, intense, and meaningful baby girl’s name.

30. Mona:

If you want a very short and sweet lovely baby girl name, Mona can be a good choice. Mona means solitary, wish, and a little one.

31. Monisha:

Monisha, which can also be spelled as Moneesha, means intelligent girl. It is also another name for Lord Krishna.

32. Mothika:

The name Mothika is originated from the word Mothi, which means a pearl. Mothika means pearl-like precious person. Isn’t this pubba nakshatra names for girl unique and lovely?

33. Moulika:

Moulika is an uncommon and beautiful south Indian baby girl name. moulika means the original. It also alternatively means love.

34. Mounica:

Mounica or Mounika is a very common Indian household name. It is a pretty common name in both north and south Indian states. Mounika means silence. The nickname here often is Mouni and Mona.

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35. Taanaya:

Taanaya or Tanaya is a daughter. It is a unique and new modern baby girl name choice

36. Taani:

In case you prefer a cute and beautiful sounding baby girl name with short few letters, Taani is a pretty name. Taani means faith and encouragement.

37. Taarika:

Taarika means a star. It also means starlet, divine, and beautiful. It is a rare and refreshing new baby girl choice derived from Indian languages.

38. Takshvi:

In case you prefer a traditional name meaning yet with lovely modern sounding, Takshvi can be good to go. Takshvi is none other than Goddess Lakshmi.

39. Tamira:

Tamira means magic. The name is truly lit and magical with the lovely pronunciation, uniqueness and meaning too. What do you think?

40. Tanashvi:

Tanshvi or Tanashvi means blessing for wealth and richness. The name is not commonly found, making it ideal for parents who want a new name.

41. Tanisha:

Tanisha is not a new name, which is found in North Indian states. The name Tanisha means fairy queen. It also, on the other hand, implies an attractive lady.

42. Taniska:

Taniska, or Tanishka, is a newfound love name for many in South Indian states. It is gaining prominence these days, given its lovely meaning and sounding. Tanishka means Goddess of Gold.

43. Tanmayi:

Tanmayi is a female name version of Tanmay. The names are gorgeous meaning, which implies ecstasy in Sanskrit and Telugu languages.

44. Tansi:

Tansi means a beautiful princess. This is again, a new and cute lovely baby girl name choice.

45. Tanvi:

Tanvi means slender. It also implies a delicate and beautiful soul.

46. Tapasya:

Tapasya means meditation. The name is originated from the Sanskrit language with intense and deep meaning, yet with lovely pronunciation too.

47. Tara:

Tara is a common name in North India already. The four letters’ short word name and lovely meaning make it a classic choice for many years. Tara means star. It also symbolizes light, glow and radiance.

48. Taruni:

Taruni means a young girl. It also symbolizes youthful and young women. This is a cute and lovely baby girl name choice under Purva phalguni nakshatra.

49. Tasya:

Tisya or Tishya means a star. It also alternatively means fire and auspicious. The name is originated from the Sanskrit lanauge and is a rare name.

50. Timita:

Timita or Timitha means calm. The name is not much known as yet and is a great choice for parents who want a unique and classic name for their little one.

Unisex Names for Purva Phalguni Nakshatra:

51. Tanishk:

Tanishk is a lovely unisex name, which can be ideal for modern-day babies, both girls, and boys. The name Tanishk means a loved one and the one who came out from the heart.

52. Tanu:

Tanu is a short and four-lettered baby name that is ideal for baby boys and girls. The name Tanu means body. It also implies slender, soft, and delicate. Another spelling for the same name is Tannu.

53. Monil:

Monil means a bird. The name is unique and a rare choice as yet, ideal for baby girls and boys too.

54. Tam:

Tam means a palm tree. This is a very new name and not at all found as yet, making it a very cute and sweet baby name choice for girls and boys.

55. Monty:

Monty is actually a nickname, yet these days we can find modern parents naming their kid Monty. This is suitable for both baby boys and girls, which means a mountain.

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Twins Baby Names for Purva Phalguni Nakshatra:

56. Mohal – Modini:

Mohal means love. Modini, on the other hand, implies a happy and cheerful soul. These are twin baby boy and girl name choices under Purva phalguni nakshatra.

57. Mohanish – Mohanraj:

Mohanish means Lord Krishna. It also implies attractive and lovable. Mohanraj, on the other hand, means charming. It is also another name for Lord Krishna. Both are perfect twin baby boy name choices.

58. Mouna – Mounesh:

Mouna means silent. Mounesh also means silence. It also implies a salient god. These are twin baby girl and boy choices under Purva phalguni nakshatra.

59. Taarika – Taarini:

Taarika and Taarini are cute rhyming twin baby girl names under Purva phalguni nakshatra. It means a star. Taarini, on the other hand, implies savior and also another name for Goddess Durga and Goddess Parvathi.

60. Tamanna – Tamalika:

Tamanna is a lovely baby girl name which means desire, ambition, and a wish. Tamika is a baby girl name too, implying river. These are cute and pretty twin baby girl name choices.

We hope you enjoyed reading these lovely and meaningful Purva phalguni nakshatra baby names. They are a blend of traditional, modern, mesmerizing and unique, rare names. Tell us which is the favorite choice of yours! We love to hear from you!


All the names given above have their meanings as per context and time. These meanings and symbols may alter according to different cultures, countries, regions and languages. We advise conducting your extensive research before to understand the several interpretations attached to the name.


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