Vrishchik or Scorpio is the eighth sign among the twelve Zodiac signs and is represented with the symbol of a Scorpion. According to the Indian Vedic astrology, people born in the following Nakshtras come under this Rashi – Vishaka (4th Pada), Anuradha (1,2,3,4) Padas and Jyestha (1,2,3,4) Padas. In this article, we have covered 60 Best Vruschika Rashi Baby names for boys, girls, unisex and twins born in these stars and Padams.

Let us now look into the starting letters of Vrishchik Rashi names:

To, Na, Nau, Nee, Ni, No, Ya, Yi, You, Ye, Yo *

*may vary with Panchanga referred to

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60 Unique Vruschika Rashi Baby Names for Boys and Girls with Meanings:

If you believe that naming your baby after their Rashi brings good luck and attracts positive traits, then you are in the right place. As per the Vedic Sashtras, children born in Vruschika Rashi tend to be extremely passionate about what they do, loyal and committed to their loved ones, goal-oriented and highly resourceful.

Read along to find out a handpicked collection of 60 best baby names of Scorpio Zodiac sign:

25 Best Vrishchik Rashi Baby Names for Boys:

If you want your child to attract the positive traits of Scorpio Rashi, then go ahead and choose from one of these modern yet meaningful names:

1. Nalin:

“Nalin” is a beautiful name for baby boys that is derived from the Sanskrit language. It means “lotus flower”. The name symbolises wisdom, hope, enlightenment and resurrection. Just like a lotus which comes out of dirty water, people with this name can acquire qualities of fighting the odds.

2. Naman:

Another meaningful name for boys is “Naman”. It comes from the Sanskrit language, which means “salutation”, “bow”, or “to pay homage”. The name is associated with qualities of humbleness, down to earth nature etc.

3. Natesh:

“Natesh” is a Sanskrit derived word that means “Lord of Natyas” or “Lord of Dance”, who is none other than Lord Shiva. So, if you are looking for a divine name, then go for this one.

4. Nabhay:

“Nabhay” is a perfect choice for parents to name their baby boys. The word means “one without fear”. Isn’t that the quality that every parent wants from their male offspring? Although we are used to the word “Abhay”, the “n” as a starting letter is a straight derivation from the Sanskrit language.

5. Nachiket:

“Nachiketa” is a Sanskrit word which means “sacred fire”. According to Hindu mythology, Nachiketha is the son of Sage Vajashravas, who became famous for attaining Moksha or Salvation with his determination.

6. Nadeesh:

The word “Nadi” in Sanskrit means “river”. So, “Nadeesh” means Lord of Rivers. The name is used as a symbolism for vastness, hope and boundlessness.

7. Nakul:

“Nakul” is one of the five Pandava princes from the great Indian epic, Mahabharata. The actual meaning of this Sanskrit derived word is “Mongoose”. Nakul is also considered to be one of the many names of Lord Shiva.

8. Nayak:

“Nayak” comes from the Sanskrit word “Nayaka”, which means leader or ruler. This name is associated with qualities of heroism, leadership and superiority. This 3 syllable name adheres to the naming rules of Anuradha Nakshatra.

9. Neehar:

“Neehar” is a Sanskrit derived word which means “mist”, “fog”, and “dew”. The alternate spellings are “Nihar”, “Neihar” etc.

10. Neelesh:

The name “Neelesh” is derived from the Sanskrit language in, which it means “The Blue God”. It can mean both Lord Vishnu, who is described as a God with blue skin and Lord Shiva, who has a blue throat after swallowing poison.

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11. Neerav:

“Neerav” is a popularly used name for boys from the Northern states like Gujarat, Bengal etc. The meaning of this word is “Quiet”. It is believed that boys with this name tend to be less aggressive and calm going.

12. Nibhish:

Many people believe that Nibhish is one of the many names of Lord Ganesha. Although not much information about its origins and history is known, the word has a stylish and modern feel to it.

13. Nidesh:

The word “Nidesh” comes from the Sanskrit language and has its roots in Indian mythology. The meaning of this name is “One who is a giver of wealth and riches”. As per Hinduism, it is Lord Kubera who is considered to the Lord of Riches. So, it is a perfect name for your would-be King!

14. Nigam:

“Nigam” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Nigama”, which has multiple meanings like path, determination, and treasure. In the Northern parts of India, this name is used more as a surname than as the first name of a person.

15. Nishanth:

“Nishanth” is a meaningful name for Vruschika Rashi baby boys, which comes from the Sanskrit language. The word “Nisha” means night, and “anth” means the end. So, the literal translation of this name is “End of Night or Darkness”.

16. Nikhil:

Another boy name that starts with the letter “N” is “Nikhil”. It is of Sanskrit origin and comes with the meaning “complete” or “whole”. The closest related name is “Akhil”, which means Universal or wholeness.

17. Nomit:

“Nomit” is a modern name that has no direct meaning. However, it can be interpreted as “one who is nominated to do important work”. So, the name is associated with worthiness, leadership qualities and commitment.

18. Yashwanth:

“Yashwanth” is one of the most popular Indian names for baby boys. It is of Sanskrit origin, where the word “Yash” means fame. So, the meaning of this word is “one who attains a lot of fame”.

19. Yathin:

“Yathin” is a new-style name that has multiple interpretations, like one who is sympathetic, protective, compassionate etc. There is not much information about the history and origins of this name.

20. Yuvraj:

“Yuvraj” is another popular name that means “Young King” or a “Prince”. This name has a regal feel to it and is associated with royalty, blue-blood etc. It is a perfect name for parents who treat their children as royal personalities.

21. Yajnesh:

The name “Yajnesh” is considered to be another name of Lord Vishnu. It has its origins in the Sanskrit language and comes with the meaning “Lord of Sacrifice or Worship”.

22. Yaksh:

“Yaksh” is the name of a mythical demi-God called Yaksha. According to Hindu mythology, Yaksha is the protector of forests and is described as an agile, intelligent and swift creature.

23. Yashas:

“Yashas” is a Sanskrit derived word which means glory, fame, reputation etc. The short form of this name can be “Yash”, which also means fame. It is believed that a person with this name earns success in all his endeavours.

24. Yuvan:

The word “Yuvan” comes from the Sanskrit language, which means “Youthful”. It is also considered to be one of the many names of Lord Shiva. The name is associated with good health, vigour and full of life.

25. Yugandhar:

“Yugandhar” is a nice name that means “everlasting”. This name indicates eternity, boundlessness. According to Hindu mythology, there is a powerful warrior called Yugandhara who fought the great battle on the side of Pandavas.

25 Best Vrischikha Rashi Baby Girl Names:

Here is a list of detailed information about 25 trending baby girl names for Scorpio Zodiac sign. Along with having a sweet and gentle sound, their powerful meanings are sure to impress you:

26. Nabha:

“Nabha” is a short and stylish name for baby girls, which means “sky”. It is derived from the Hindi language, where the word is interpreted as “noble soul”.

27. Nainika:

“Nainika” is a lovely name for baby girls who have strikingly beautiful eyes. The word comes with the meaning “one who has attractive and sparkling eyes”. The short form of this name can be ‘Naina”, meaning eyes.

28. Naisha:

If you are looking for a modern name that has an anglicized feel to it, try “Naisha”. The meaning of this word is “Special flower”. This is a suitable name for your sweet little child.

29. Nakshatra:

“Nakshatra” is a perfect name for your little star! It is a Sanskrit word which means “star”. The word is associated with divinity and heavenliness. It also has a certain exclusive feel to it that no other name can match with!

30. Namitha:

“Namitha” is of Sanskrit word which means “humble” and “bowing”. The closest alternative to this name in terms of spelling and meaning is “Namratha”.

31. Naimisha:

The word “Naimisha” is derived from the sacred Hindu temple “Naimisharanya” in Uttar Pradesh. This place is of high importance to Hindus as it is believed that the penance for the birth of Lord Vishnu was performed here. So, pick this name for your daughter as it full of divinity.

32. Nandana:

The word “Nandana” is considered to be another name of Goddess Durga. Other interpretations of this name are happiness, daughter and one who has achieved success etc. You can use the nickname “Nandu” to fondly address your little baby.

33. Naomika:

The word “Naomi” might remind you of the American supermodel Noami Campbell. But, did you know that Naomi is of the many names for Goddess Durga, who is referred to as “Naomika” in the ancient texts? You now have another reason to love this name!

34. Nashika:

The name “Nashika” means forgiver or one who forgives. It is believed that people with this name tend to forgive their menace makers and move on quickly instead of becoming vengeful about matters.

35. Navya:

The word “Navya” comes from Sanskrit and has two interpretations. It can mean young or one who is worthy of praise. Either way, it is an ideal pick for naming your daughter!

36. Niharika:

“Niharika” is one of the most popular Indian baby girl names. It has multiple meanings like “dew drops”, “misty”, “group of stars”, etc. The name is associated with attractive physical and mental traits.

37. Neelam:

The word “Neelam represents royalty, rarity and exclusivity. It is a Sanskrit word which means “blue sapphire”, which is one of the most rarely found and very expensive precious gems found on earth.

38. Netra:

The word “Netra” in Sanskrit means “eye”. It is also interpreted as “one with a vision”. So, if you want to groom a future visioner, pick this one!

39. Niveditha:

“Niveditha” is a Sanskrit word which means “offering to God”. It indicates dedicating yourself to the service of God. Many parents who wish for their daughter to acquire these traits choose this name.

40. Nischita:

“Nischita” is a Sanskrit origin name which means determined, committed etc. People with this name become strong decision-makers who are never in a dilemma!

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41. Niveda:

The word “Niveda” comes from the Sanskrit term “Nivedana”, meaning “sacred offering”. It has 3 syllables and adheres to the rules of Anuradha Nakshatram.

42. Niyathi:

“Niyathi” means restriction or necessity. It is of Sanskrit origin and is an excellent pick for your daughter, who likes to set her own rules in her own little world!

43. Yashaswini:

“Yashaswini” is a Sanskrit origin name which means successful, glorious or victorious. It is the female variant of “Yashaswi”. This popular name is believed to invite tons of good luck, fame and fortune.

44. Yashika:

The name “Yashika” is formed with the root word “Yash”, meaning fame. The extended meaning of Yashika is a brave girl who is also intelligent. Aren’t they the two main characteristics you wish for your daughter to acquire?

45. Yasmita:

The word “Yasmita” means famous or glorious. Pick this one for your daughter if you want her to hog the limelight wherever she goes and whatever she does!

46. Yojana:

Do you want your little girl to grow up into a meticulous planner? Then go for this Sanskrit word “Yojana”, which means planning. Yojana is originally used as a metric to measure long distances!

47. Yogitha:

“Yogitha” is a Sanskrit word which means “one who can concentrate”. People with this name have high levels of focus and close to a meditative mindset.

48. Yukthika:

The term “Yuktha” means Wisdom. From this word comes the name “Yukthika” means one who has wisdom or sharp intellectual capacity.

49. Yukthi:

“Yukthi” is a female word which means one with high logical reasoning, wisdom and intelligence. The closest alternate name is Yuktha.

50. Yathika:

Yathika is believed to be one of the many names of Goddess Durga. Not much information is known about its origin and history.

5 Vruschika Rashi Unisex Baby Names:

If you are unsure about the gender of your unborn baby, you can get ready to name them using these gender-neutral words. Take a look at the details below:

51. Nandha:

The word “Nanda” means one who is full of joy! This can be a great naming choice for both girls and boys due to its positive meaning.

52. Navneet:

“Navneet” is a popular Punjabi name suitable for girls and boys. The meaning of this word is freshly churned butter, which indicates newness, youthfulness, etc.

53. Neel:

Another lovely unisex name for Scorpio born kids can be Neel. This means “Blue”, a color associated with royalty, calmness, serenity and wisdom.

54. Navin:

Navin is a unisex name which means “new”. It is a Sanskrit word, and “Navina” can be used as a gender-specific name. The spelling alternate is “Naveen”.

55. Yaksh:

Yaksh is the name of a Hindu mythological spirit which can be both male or female. So, you can try this for the genders.

5 Vruschika Rashi Twin Baby Names:

Blessed with twin babies? Congratulations! Here are 5 sets of Vruschika Rashi  twin baby names for your little ones:

56. Nadeep – Navdeep:

Here is a set of rhyming names for twin baby boys – Nadeep and Navdeep. “Nadeep” means Lord of Wealth, and “Navdeep” means new light. Both are names that are very similar in terms of spelling and pronounciation.

57. Nabhith – Nabhya:

Nabith and Nabhya are two rhyming words to name your twin boy and girl. “Nabith” means one who is fearless, and “Nabhya” means Central or focal point.

58. Nahul – Natasha:

Another modern set of names for twin boys and girl is Nahul and Natasha. “Nahul” means one who is powerful, and “Natasha” means one who is born on the birthday of the Lord (Jesus).

59. Nandini – Nalini:

If you are looking for an identical set of names for your twin baby girls, they try Nandini and Nalini. “Nandini” means delightful, joyful etc. and “Nalini” means lotus or lilly flower in Sanskrit.

60. Yuva – Yuvika:

Last but not the least, we have a pair of nice names for twin girl and boy – Yuvraj and Yuvika. Both start with the phonic “Yu”. “Yuva” means Young, and “Yuvika” means young girl.

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We hope this list of Vruschika Rashi baby names has sorted out your difficulties in naming your new-born child. Not only do these names have a modern appeal, but their rich meanings and symbolism make them very impressive. So, which ones have you shortlisted for your little one?


It is important to note that these names might have different meanings in different countries, cultures and languages. So, make sure to fully understand the symbolism of a name in your local culture before choosing it for your baby. You should not rely upon the material provided in this article as the information is not backed with extensive research or expert opinion.


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