Krithika or Krittika Nakshatra is the third of lunar constellations or stars in the Vedic astrology world. According to ancient and astrological believes, it is considered auspicious if you name your newborn as per her aligning star sign. If your little one is born under this star, this list of Krithika nakshatra baby names may be of help to you.

But what exactly are the names which fall under this constellation? How are they supposed to begin? Before we get into detailed Krittika nakshatra baby names, let us see what it is about and their characteristics of it.

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Krittika Nakshatra And Characteristics:

The Krithika Nakshatra ranges between degrees 26.40 in the Aries Sign and 10.00 in the Taurus sign. The star comes under the Aries zodiac sign within the first quarter pada and rests in the Taurus zodiac sign. Those born in the first quarter of Aries sign are known to be very strict with responsibilities and duties and are bound to certain rules and regulations. If the person is instead inclined to three-quarters in Taurus, their nature is filled with desire, wealth, and liberation.

Those born in Krittika star signs are known to be creative and innovative. They are sharp, protective, and always filled with ideas. The symbol of krithika nakshatra is a knife, razor, or axe, and the deity is the God of fire. The four quarters are ruled by Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn and Jupiter, respectively.

Name Starting Syllables Of Krittika Nakshatra:

If your baby is born under Krithika Nakshatra, then it is considered that the baby’s name should have a starting letter with Aa, Ae, E, Ee, Ai, A, I, Oo, and U.

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Krithika Nakshatra (Star) Baby Names For Boys, Girls, And Twins

Here we go, the top trending modern, meaningful, top, and latest names for those born under Krittika or karthigai nakshatra includes the following.

Krittika Nakshatra Baby Names For Boys:

1. Aabhat:

Aabhat means someone who is visible, shining, and brilliant. The name is new in India and a modern one, which originated from several languages such as Oriya, Bengali, and Hindi

2. Aadarsh:

The name Aadarsh is a literal translation of the Hindi word Adarsh. It means someone who has ideals or principles and believes. It is a unique and mesmerizing-sounding name with contemporary tones.

3. Aadesh:

Aadesh, again is, originated from the Hindi language, and it literally translates to command or message or order. It is a popular name already in Hindi speaking regions of India.

4. Aadish:

Aadish means intelligent and someone who is full of wisdom. The name is not very common or popular and hence is not muchly noticeable in many Indian parts.

5. Aadithya:

Also spelt as Aaditya, it means sun, God of fire, and Sun god. Aaditya is a very ancient yet modern-sounding name which is popular in India across regions. It is originated from both Hindi and Sanskrit.

6. Aadvik:

The name Aadvik from the Hindi language means unique or rarity. Like how we want our little one’s name unique and new, the name itself means so. Isn’t it cool?

7. Aahaan:

The word Aahaan in several Indian languages means dawn, sunrise time, a ray of light, and morning rays. The word can also be spelt as Ahan. This Krittika nakshatra 1st pada name is a short and cute name for baby boys.

8. Aakarsh:

The word Aakarsh in the Hindi language literally translates to attractive. It also symbolizes beauty and elegance. The sound and meaning of the name are quite beautiful, and we love how it sounds innovative too.

9. Aakash:

It has been quite a common and popular or famous language in India for a long back. Aakash means sky. Many also believe it symbolizes one’s open-mindedness. We love both meanings, though!

10. Aaryan:

Aaryan or even Aarya is again a very popular Indian name. It is originated from the Aryan race and also means ancient warrior. The other meanings and symbolisms include kind and benevolent.

11. Ekalavya:

Ekalavya is a popular name in Indian mythological stories and is renowned for his dedication to Guru, Dronacharya. The name is also known for its innovativeness and beautiful sounding.

12. Ekant:

Ekant in Hindi literally translates to solitary. It is popular in several North Indian belts and is a unique and creative Indian boy name for those born in Krittika nakshatra.

13. Ekayavan:

For many who did not hear this name before, it is a new and contemporary name for those who do not want popular wordings. Ekayavan means someone who is wise and is known for their intelligence. This is a nice krittika nakshatra 2nd pada names.

14. Elilarasu:

It is a popular name derived from several Indian languages such as Tamil, Kannada, and other western regions. Elilarasu means someone who is handsome and the king of beauty. Such an innovative and creative name isn’t it?

15. Eeshaan:

Eeshan or Eeshaan is a baby boy name which is popular across India for its beautiful meaning. Eeshan means lord Shiva. It also has meanings symbolizing desire and wishes. Aren’t both meanings beautiful? Other variations of this name for those born in the nakshatras include Ishan and Ishaan.

16. Ikshan:

Ikshan, from the Hindi and Sanskrit origins, means sight, eye, and look. The name, with its unique and new meaning, has quite caught our attention. It is also beautiful to sound and spell. What do you think?

17. Indivar:

Indivar is a beautiful Hindu name, which means blue lotus or Lord Vishnu. The name, with its modern connotation and beautiful meaning, is getting popular in just from the last two decades.

18. Indrajit:

Also spelt as Indrajeet, or Indrajith, the name means conqueror of Lord Indra or one who has won over Lord Indra. It is a traditional and classic name that has always been a trend for ages together. This is a popular krittika nakshatra names for a baby boy.

19. Indraneel:

Indraneel literally translates to Emerald. The name has its origins and meanings from several languages of the country and sounds traditional yet with such sleek and modern-new day meaning. It is a beautiful baby boy name for those born under krithika nakshatra.

20. Udant:

Udant or also spelt as Udanth means the correct message. This Krittika nakshatra male name is a unique and contemporary name, which is not common at all.

21. Uday:

It has connotations and meanings in several Indian languages, including ancient ones. Uday means mornings, to rise or dawn.

22. Udeep:

It is again a new and rare name which is not much found or spotted across India. Udeep means giving light or someone who provides light or rays. The krittika nakshatra vrishabha rasi boy names are popular in Hindi languages.

23. Udvansh:

Udvansh is famous for its origins in Hindi, which means someone who is of noble descent. The name is derived from two words, Udva and ansh. Ansh is related to vansh, which means descent or lineage.

24. Udyat:

The name Udyat is a lovely and charming name for the little rockstar. Udyat means a rising star or ascending. With its mesmerizing and graceful meaning, we quite love the name along with how it sounds.

25. Uttham:

Also spelt as Utham or Uttam, the name is originated from the Hindi language and means the best or the ideal one. This Krithika nakshatra baby boy names are a literal translation from the Hindi word.

Krithika Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Aabha:

Aabha is a modern Indian name which is a popular choice for the last decade or so. The name is derived from several Hindu languages, which means glow, shine and beauty. With short and cute wording, we quite love the name.

27. Aadarshini:

The name Aadarshini is literally translated from the Hindi word aadarsh, which means someone who is idealistic or believes in principles/ideals in life. It is a cute and lovely, meaningful baby girl name choice.

28. Aadhini:

Aadhini is not a very common Indian name. It is rare and means beginnings. With its innovative and creative sounding, it is one of the trending names right now for those born under krittika nakshatra female girls.

29. Aadhya:

We are quite in love with the name Aadhya. Aadhya is originated from Hindi and Sanskrit, which means first power, goddess Durga. The other meanings of the name also include perfect, unparalleled or ornament.

30. Aaditha:

Also spelt as Aadita, it is derived from the Sanskrit word aadi, which means beginning, the first, or also original. The feminine version and tone, when added to the word aadi, become Aaditha. This is a nice Krittika star girl names.

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31. Aadvika:

We quite love how this name sounds and pronounces too. Aadvika means world or earth. It is derived from the Sanskrit name Aadvi which means world or universe. This is a unique and beautiful baby girl name sounding cute.

32. Aahana:

It is a very popular Indian name for girls for a few decades, and it is still among the classic choice. Aahana means immortal, the first rise of the sun or someone who is born during the day.

33. Aakanksha:

We again love the name and wording, Aakanksha. Aakanksha means wish or desire. The name is derived from Sanskrit and from several Indian languages, which is an apt and meaningful name.

34. Aakriti:

Aakriti in several Indian languages, Hindi and Sanskrit, means shape. It also can be spelt as Aakruthi or Aakrithi, Aakruti. The other symbolisms also include structure.

35. Aamani:

Aamani word means good wish. However, in Sanskrit and other languages, Aamani is also the name of the spring season (which is Vasant Ritu). We quite love both meanings, though; the name sounds mesmerizing and pleasant.

36. Aanandhi:

Aanandhi in Hindi and Sanskrit origin languages means someone who is always happy or who is always smiling. The name is already popular in India. Other spelling variations to the name include Aanandi.

37. Aanya:

Aanya is another beautiful name for baby girls of this generation. This youthful name means someone who is limitless. It also means inexhaustible. We love both the meaning and how cute the name as well sounds.

38. Aaradhana:

Aaradhana literally translates into Hindi and Sanskrit language to worship or adoration. It is a popular and common Indian girl’s name and is a classic, timeless choice still.

39. Avani:

Also spelt as Avanee, it means the earth. It is originated from the Sanskrit language. Avani also means the first month of the Tamil calendar. It is a cute and trendy baby girl’s name.

40. Ekanksha:

Ekanksha is a unique and rare baby girl name. It means a complete one. Ekanksha is a new name for baby girls born in this gen and for parents searching for a new and modern name. It is a nice krittika nakshatra 4th pada names.

41. Ekta:

Ekta in the Hindi language literally translates to unity. It also symbolizes and means harmony. It is a popular north Indian name for a long back and is still a timeless and elegant option for babies born under krittika nakshatra.

42. Idha:

The name Idha is a modern new day name for baby girls born under krithika nakshatra. Idha means intelligence. It also means insight and great perception—we quite this intense, meaningful name. This is a cute krittika nakshatra vrishabha rashi names for a female baby.

43. Ikshitha:

Ikshitha, also which can be spelt as Iksitha or Ikshita, means someone who is beheld or visible. This is a contemporary new and unique name for baby girls which is not commonly known in India.

44. Ilika:

Ilika again is a new name, which means earth. The name is derived from the Sanskrit language and is an uncommon name that isn’t much spotted in several regions of India.

45. Imaani:

Imaani literally translates to trustworthy or someone who is faithful and honest in Indian languages. It is a short and yet cute sounding baby girl’s name.

46. Indhu:

Indhu, which is a variant of the name Indu means the moon. It also symbolizes someone who is bright. The name is derived from the Sanskrit language and is a common yet very lovely and beautiful toned name.

47. Indraja:

Indraja is again a commonly spotted south Indian name, which means daughter of Lord Indra. It is derived and established from Hindu mythological stories and is quite a popular yet timeless classic name. This is a popular krithika nakshatra baby names in Telugu.

48. Indrakshi:

Indrakshi translates to someone with beautiful and gorgeous eyes. It is originated from the Sanskrit language and is among the lovely krithika baby girl name we have heard of in recent times.

49. Induja:

The name Induja in Hindi and Indian languages means born of the moon. Indu means Moon, and Induja means someone who is charming and born out of the moon. While we already love this meaning, do you know Induja also is another name for the Narmada river?

50. Usharvi:

Usharvi means a raga in the morning. The name sounds unique and beautiful, which has such a lovely meaning. It is also a rare name found in India and can be an ideal choice for your little one. This is also a nice Krittika Nakshatra 3rd pada names.

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Krithika Nakshatra Unisex Baby Names:

51. Aakshya:

The name Aakshya is an unpopular and uncommon baby name that can be used for both boys and girls. Aakshya means immortal or someone eternal. The name is also used for Goddess Parvathi. It is hence a lovely, meaningful name.

52. Aaloka:

It is another lovely and beautiful unisex name we have ever come across. Aaloka is derived from Sanskrit wordings, which means view or look. It is again ideal for both boys and girls.

53. Udgita:

It is a beautiful name that many of us do not know or have heard of. Udgita is another name for Lord Shiva. It is also a hymn. This can be a cool and modern unisex name for both baby girls and boys under krittika nakshatra.

54. Isad:

Isad is a new and contemporary name. This short and cute sounding name means someone who is prosperous or always happy. With its intense and beautiful meaning and short name, we quite love it. What do you think?

55. Aahi:

Aahi is another unknown and rare name. The name has several meaningful symbolism associated with it, such as cloud, water and heaven. It is such a happy and beautiful name, isn’t it?!

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Twin Baby Names For Boys And Girls:

56. Ikrut – Iksha:

Both Ikrut and Iksha are such beautiful names with meaningful words. Ikrut is a baby boy name, which means one season. Iksha, on the other hand, means working senses or meaningful sight. This twin baby boy and girl name starts with ‘ik’ and rhymes well too.

57. Ipsit – Ipsita:

Both the names start with “Ipsit”, which is lovely! Ipsit is a baby boy’s name, which means desire. Ipsita, on the other hand, is a baby girl name and has the same meaning. However, the name also denotes Goddess Lakshmi.

58. Aadhav – Aadhavan:

Both are the twin baby boy name choices. Aadhav means a ruler or leader. Aadhavan, on the other hand, means sun or morning rays. Both the twin names begin with ‘aadhav,’ which is very cool and beautiful. They can be perfect twin baby boy names under krithika nakshatra. What do you think?

59. Aanika – Aaniya:

Both are beautiful baby girl names. Aanika means Goddess Durga. While Aaniya means Son of Anjani, that is Lord Hanuman. Both the names have mythological meanings behind them, which is auspicious. And they both begin with ‘’aani’ making them perfect for a twin baby girl name under Krithika nakshatra.

60. Aarathi – Aaratrika:

Both names are quite popular and common ones in India. However, they are charming too. Aarathi means worship or also hymns which are sung in praise of the divine power. Aaratrika, on the other hand, means a lamp that is behind the tulsi plant. They both make amazing twin baby girl name choices.

With these KrithikaNakshatra names for baby boys, girls, and twins, we hope you have found good choices to end your search. These are all meaningful and modern, and contemporary name choices for your little star and are beautiful too. What do you think of them, and which are your favorite?


All the names and meanings mentioned above are contextual and may alter as per different languages, regions, and countries. We advise conducting your own in-depth research to understand several meanings and symbolism attached to the same name.


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