So, how much time have you wasted on simply thinking of a Hindu baby girl name? Well, it is time you can start looking for some best ideas and names to name your daughter. Wondering how? Take a look at some of the female baby names Hindu that you might want to consider. For your convenience, we have also listed out the meanings of the names.

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Top Indian Hindu Baby Girl Names:

1. Abha:

This is a very classic Hindu name baby girl that means ‘ glow’ or ‘splendour’. It also refers to her brilliance that will glow forever.

2. Aadhira:

Another common Hindu girl name. This is sure a good pick. The means ‘ moon’ that refers to how she will shine during dark times.

3. Aaditri:

If you are looking for a religious name or naming your child after the name of a God, it will be a good one. Aaditri refers to Goddess Lakshmi.

4. Aadhya:

Here is a unique Hindu baby girl name that means ‘ first power’.

5. Aahana:

Aahana is a new baby girl names Indian Hindu origin means that means ‘ inner light’ and ‘ and immortal’.

6. Aarohi:

Aarohi means ‘progressive’. It also refers to a tune of music.

7. Amrita:

Amrita means ‘ immortality’.

8. Bhavna:

Bhavna is a very popular Hindu name that means ‘ gift from God’. It also refers to Goddess Parvati.

9. Bhagya Shree:

Another classic traditional Hindu name, Bhagyashree means ‘ fortunate’. This indicates how fortunate you are to be blessed with a baby daughter.

10. Bhavani:

If you want to name your daughter after a God, Bhavani is a good choice. Bhavani refers to Goddess Parvati.

11. Brinda:

This is a beautiful Indian Hindu baby girl name that means ‘Tulsi’. Tulsi is a sacred plant of the Hindus.

12. Bina:

Another trendy Hindu baby girl name, Bina means ‘understanding’.

13. Chaya:

Chaya is a classic Hindu name. It means ‘life’.

14. Chaman:

Chaman means ‘Garden’.

15. Chameli:

Chameli is a creeper with fragrant flowers.

16. Chandni:

A very old Hindu name which still has not lost its sheen, Chandni means ‘moonlight or river’.

17. Chanchal:

Chanchal refers to Goddess Lakshmi. It also means ‘active’.

18. Chavi:

Don’t you just love this name? Chhavi means ‘reflection’. It also means ‘ image’ or ‘radiance’.

19. Divya:

Name for all times, Divya means ‘ light’ and ‘ divine’.

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20. Diya:

Diya means ‘light’.

21. Damini:

If you are looking for a classic Hindu baby girl name, Damini is sure one! Damini means ‘ lightning’.

22. Damayanti:

Damayanti means ‘soothing’.

23. Deepa:

Deepa means ‘a lamp’.

24. Darika:

Darika is a unique name that means ‘ maiden’.

25. Dayita:

For your beloved daughter, this is a very apt name. Dayita means ‘ beloved’.

26. Ekta:

Ekta means ‘Unity’.

27. Ekani:

Ekaani means ‘one’. The name will be very apt for the one and only lovely daughter of yours.

28. Ela:

Ela means ‘oak’. This signifies her strength.

29. Falguni:

Falguni means ‘ beautiful’. The name rose to popularity after the famous Indian album by a singer named Falguni.

30. Falak:

Falak is a modern Hindu name that means ‘Brave’ and ‘fearless’.

31. Gori:

This name has many spellings, but the meaning remains to be ‘ fair and white’.

32. Geetika:

Geetika means ‘ beauty’.

33. Ganga:

Ganga is the most famous Holy river in India. The river is worshipped by a lot of Hindus every year.

34. Garima:

Garima is a lovely name that means ‘one who is heaven sent’.

35. Gayatri:

Gayatri is a very popular female baby name Hindu that means ‘mother of Vedas’.

36. Gaurika:

Gaurika is a very rare Hindu name baby girl. It means Lord of Brahmins.

37. Gautami:

Gautami means ‘clouds’.

38. Harini:

Harini is a beautiful name that means the God of silence.

39. Hemangini:

Are you looking to name your child after a flower? Hemangini then will be a good choice. It means jasmine.

40. Haritha:

Haritha means ‘fast and progressive’.

41. Heena:

Heena is a beautiful woman.

42. Isha:

Isha is yet another popular new baby girl name Indian Hindu which means ‘ Lord’.

43. Ishani:

Ishani is the consort of Lord Shiva. It also means ‘ close to God’.

44. Ishanvi:

This name is a very cool one for your baby daughter. It refers to the goddess of knowledge.

45. Ishita:

Ishita is a name that means ‘ superior and wealthy’.

46. Janvi:

Another new baby girl name Indian Hindu, Janvi means ‘ Ganga’, the holy river of India.

47. Jagriti:

Jagriti means ‘ pleased by Gods.

48. Janaki:

Janaki is the name of the Hindu God. If you are planning to name your daughter after a Hindu goddess, you sure should think of this.

49. Kavya:

Kavya means ‘ poetry in motion’. It also refers to ‘ poem’.

50. Krishna:

The name is given to both baby girls and boys. It refers to Lord Krishna. It also means ‘attractive’.

51. Kyra:

Another short and sweet Hindu baby girl name that refers to the Sun.

52. Kamya:

The name means wish or desire.

53. Lakshmi:

One of the most classic names that you will come across in India among the Hindus is Lakshmi. The name refers to the Goddess Lakshmi herself.

54. Lekha:

Lekha means Goddess.

55. Mahika:

Mahika means ‘ the earth’. It also means ‘dew’.

56. Meghna:

Meghna means clouds.

57. Megha:

Megha is a variation of the name Meghna that also means clouds.

58. Mishika:

Mishika means the gift of love. This will be a wonderful name to express to your daughter that she is indeed a gift of love.

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59. Myra:

The name means ‘honey or beloved’.

60. Navya:

Navya means one who is young and praiseworthy.

61. Nayanthara:

This is a very modern unique Hindu baby girl name that means ‘ star of the eyes’. Your daughter is indeed one. Isn’t it?

62. Nisha:

Nisha means night.

63. Nithara:

The name means ‘having deep roots’.

64. Nidra:

Nidra means ‘love’.

65. Nikita:

This is one popular Hindu baby girl name. The name is also an English version of the Irish Aodan that means ‘fire’.

66. Ojaswi:

Ojaswi means ‘brave and fearless’.

67. Pratyusha:

Pratyusha is a very beautiful Hindu name that means ‘ bright’.

68. Palak:

Palak means ‘guardian’.

69. Pavani:

Pavani means ‘full moon’.

70. Riddhi:

Riddhi means ‘prosperity and good fortune’.

71. Saanvi:

Saanvi refers to Goddess Laskhmi.

72. Sahana:

Sahana refers to a raga and is a very popular one of Indian classical music.

73. Sai:

Sai means ‘a female friend’. It also means ‘lover’.

74. Shravya:

Shravya is a very popular Hindu girl name that means ‘worthy of being heard’.

75. Sneha:

An old name that is still famous, Sneha means ‘love’.

76. Suhana:

Suhana means ‘beautiful’.

77. Trisha:

Trisha means ‘thirst’.

78. Tanuja:

Tanuja means ‘woman’.

79. Tripti:

Tripti has been an age-old popular Hindu name for girls. It means ‘winner of the world’.

80. Triya:

Triya means ‘young woman’.

81. Udyati:

A very rare name to come across, Udyati means ‘elevated’.

82. Urmi:

Urmi means ‘wave’ and the name is slowly being chosen by a lot of parents.

83. Upsana:

Upasana is another classic name that means ‘coming together’.

84. Vaishnavi:

Vaishnavi means ‘worshipper of Vishnu’.

85. Vanya:

The name means ‘van ki Devi’, which means ‘deity of forests’.

86. Vedhika:

Vedhika means ‘full of knowledge’.

87. Vamika:

Vamika refers to Goddess Durga.

88. Vasudha:

Vasudha is a very traditional name for your young baby girl. It is another name for Lord Shiva.

89. Yashawini:

Yashawini means ‘reputed’.

90. Yashoda:

Yashoda is the mother of Lord Krishna. The name also means ‘successful’.

91. Yashodhara:

Yashodhara is the one who has achieved fame.

92. Yauvani:

This is another rare Hindu baby girl name that means ‘mother of Vedas’.

Hindu Goddess Baby Names for Your Daughter:

93. Arya:

Is a very powerful name and it refers to Goddess Durga.

94. Bhavani:

Bhavani refers to Goddess Parvati. This is a very popular name in Hindu culture.

95. Ditya:

Ditya refers to Goddess Durga.

96. Gowri:

Gowri refers to Goddess Parvati. This name is very popular in Hindu culture.

97. Hamsini:

Hamsini is a popular choice for a lot of parents looking for a Hindu name. It means ‘one who rides a swan’ and refers to Goddess Saraswati.

98. Jaya:

Jaya is a name that has a lot of positivity. It means ‘ victory’ and refers to Goddess Durga.

99. Kamakshi:

Yet another beautiful Hindu goddess, Kamakshi refers to Goddess Parvati, and it means ‘one with loving eyes’.

100. Lakshmi:

The most commonly heard Hindu name Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. She stands as a symbol of good luck too.

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101. Padma:

The Padma means lotus another name for Goddess Lakshmi.

102. Savitri:

A very old and classical Hindu name, Savitri means ‘ relating to the sun’ and refers to Goddess Durga.

103. Shiva Priya:

This is a very traditional name that means ‘the beloved of Lord Shiva’. It thus refers to Goddess Parvati.

104. Shyla:

The name refers to the Goddess of a mountain which is Parvati.

105. Toshani:

Toshani is a very modern Hindu name that means Goddess Durga.

106. Vallari:

Vallari is a beautiful Hindu name that refers to Sita, the wife of Rama.

107. Vaishnavi:

Vaishnavi is a worshipper of Lord Vishnu, and it also refers to Goddess Saraswati.

108. Vani:

Vani means ‘speech’. It also refers to Goddess Saraswati.

109. Vamika:

A very unique Hindu baby girl name, it refers to Goddess Durga.

110. Vishalakshi:

A very traditional name, it refers to Goddess Parvati. It also means ‘large eyes’.

111. Yadavi:

If you are looking for something really rare, this is a good choice. It refers to ‘Goddess Durga’.

112. Yogeshwari:

The name means ‘object of worship’ and refers to Goddess Durga.

Best Hindu Twin Girl Names:

1. Aadhaya- Aakarsha: Both these names mean powerful.

2. Anshika- Anwika: They mean ‘a part’.

3. Aasha- Aashita: These beautiful names mean ‘hope’.

4. Mohini- Menaka: A beautiful name for your beautiful daughters that also means ‘beautiful’.

5. Amisha- Ananya: Another Hindu twin baby name that means ‘beautiful’.

6. Charu- Charvi: The names mean ‘beautiful’.

7. Deepa – Deepika: The names mean ‘light’.

8. Sampada-Sampatti: Sampada and Sampattimeans ‘wealth’.

9. Aaarzo- Aakanksha: The names mean ‘desire’.

10. Garima – Anita: This name means ‘graceful’ and will be an apt name for your graceful daughters.

The Hindu baby girl names are really beautiful! Most of them are a classic combination of modernity and tradition. Some names are unique, while others are very popular. We are sure this list will come in handy for you just when you are looking out for an ideal name for your daughters.


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