We all desire to have a beautiful name for our kids. Children are among the most lovely beings for us, and the entire naming experience also becomes beautiful in the process. So, how about keeping our baby names that mean beautiful in themselves? Isn’t it charming? Today, we have something exciting for you. The beautiful names for babies directly mean or denote the word ‘beautiful/beauty. These are perfect, modern, meaningful and pretty names we all can give to our kids.

Are you fascinated more? Read along to hear all about the most beautiful name for your baby in the world!

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Best and Meaningful Names That Mean Beautiful for Babies in 2023

Here we go; we have worked along to compile the beautiful name list just for you! These names have gorgeous meanings and can fit in seamlessly for the new-age modern kids. Excited? Let’s check these beautiful-sounding names!

Beautiful Girls Names and Meanings:

Let us begin by exploring the beautiful and most famous lovely baby girl names that mean beautiful. These names stand out and are perfect for the modern contemporary era.

1. Alana:

Alana is a very rare name for girls. The name has Gaelic origin and means’ beauty’. The other variation of the name is Alanna.

2. Alika:

How about another popular name starting with A? This is famous and yet rarely used, from Hawaiian origins. It means the most beautiful child. Mesmerizing isn’t it?

3. Anwen:

Anwen is a poetic baby girl name that means fair and beautiful. It has a Welsh origin and is again another rare yet classic name for girls.

4. Astrid:

This is among the most famous name that has been getting popular in recent days. Astrid means someone divine and beautiful. It has origins in Norse.

5. Bella:

We all hear this name from several of our favourite movies and series. Bella means beautiful and has origins in Greek, Latin and Portuguese. The famous celebrity Bella Hadid also has this name!

6. Eavan:

Eavan means beautiful layer. The name has Irish origins and is yet another very rarely found baby girl name.

7. Hermosa:

Hermosa’s name has Spanish origins. The name simply means beautiful and is famous in European countries. We love this in the list of beautiful names!

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8. Ingrid:

Ingrid also means beauty as per Norse origins. It is a relatively famous name for girls these days.

9. Jacinta:

If you are looking for a good traditional name blended with modernity, this is the choice you can try out. Jacinta means beautiful in Greek origins.

10. Keva:

Keva is a short and cute stunning baby girl name. It has Irish origins and means precious and beautiful lady.

11. Linda:

Linda also means beautiful and is among the old and classic baby girl beautiful names. It also has Spanish origins.

12. Lydia:

This is among our top favourite and classic forever name choices. Lydia means precious girl and beautiful and is a very common Greek originated name idea.

13. Mabel:

Mabel is a classic, versatile name idea for girls. It has Latin origins and means lovely beautiful lady. This is among the most beautiful feminine names idea.

14. Miyuki:

Miyuki is a Japanese name that means beautiful snow. The name also denotes happiness. It is indeed a chirpy name, isn’t it!

15. Naava:

We have yet another traditional baby girl name from Hebrew origins. It means delightful and beautiful. How do you like this one?

16. Norabel:

Norabel has origins from English itself and means beautiful light. This is among the top female names that mean beautiful!

17. Omorose:

Omorose means beautiful in Egyptian origins. It is a rare and yet stunning lovely name idea for baby girls. Do you think so too?

18. Rachel:

Rachel may be a widespread name but is still among the prettiest and most classic girl name ideas. It means beautiful in Biblical origins.

19. Ratih:

Ratih is the Goddess of Beauty of Indonesian origin and is a lovely name idea for contemporary girls with traditional meaning.

20. Shaina:

Shaina has Hebrew origins. It also means beautiful and is a lesser common name idea. How do you like this beautiful lady name?

21. Tasanee:

Tasanee has Thai origins. The name means beautiful view. It is rarely found the name, is meaningful and yet also stunning.

22. Takako:

Takako means beautiful in Japanese origins. It is a common name in Japan and is now spreading its charm across other countries.

23. Tove:

Tove has Swedish origins. It means beautiful and is a lovely baby girl name idea too.

24. Tuva:

We love this another short and sweet cute name for girls. Tuva means beautiful in Scandinavian and Norwegian origins.

25. Vashti:

Vashti means a lovely and beautiful person of Persian origins. It has a poetic resemblance, and we love its literary thought and idea too.

26. Venus:

We all have heard of this most common name. Venus is the Goddess of Beauty and Love in Roman origins.

27. Venussa:

Venussa, otherwise called as Venusa, is the Goddess of beauty in Latin origins. This is a forever classic and beautiful name idea.

28. Xin:

Xin is elegant and beautiful in Chinese origins. This is a very common yet famous and lovely baby girl name in China.

29. Yamilet:

Yamilet means an elegant and beautiful person of Spanish origins. The gorgeous name is lesser found too!

30. Zaina:

Zaina is beautiful in Arabic origins. The name itself erupts of love, charm and grace. Do you like this name too? We absolutely love it!

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Beautiful Female Names That Mean Pretty:

Beautiful names are also pretty. There are some exciting names that mean both– beautiful person and pretty! Isn’t it lovely and cool? We have also compiled a few such name ideas for your little one.

31. Aashi:

Aashi has Indian origins and means a person with a pretty smile. It is a lesser-known and yet lovely name idea.

32. Belinda:

Like Bella, Belinda is another common yet lovely name idea. It also means beautiful and pretty girl.

33. Bonita:

Bonita is a common Spanish word that means a pretty person. It is a lovely and classic name idea.

34. Bonnie:

Bonnie means attractive and pretty women. It has origins in the Irish language. Cool, isn’t it!

35. Caily:

Caily means pretty and is a lesser known yet enchanting and gorgeous baby name idea. This is among the famous top names with meaning denoting to pretty.

36. Callista:

Callista means bright-eyed girl or pretty lady. It has Greek origins and is a lovely name idea too.

37. Caoimhe:

If you are looking for a distinct name idea, isn’t this an inspiring choice? Caoimhe has Irish and Scottish origins. It is spelt as kee-va, which means pretty and beautiful.

38. Jaunie:

How about a rare and lesser-known name? Jaunie means Pretty in Arabic.

39. Jolie:

We all know this name, Jolie, as the last name from a famous celebrity, Angelina Jolie. But do you know, Jolie is itself a name! It means pretty.

40. Linda:

Linda name has origins in Spanish and Latin language, and it means a pretty girl.

41. Lynn:

Lynn, otherwise also called Lin or Lyn, means pretty too! It has origins in the Spanish language.

42. Maisie:

Maisie technically means pearl. However, it also denotes the beauty and prettiness in it!

43. Rosalind:

Rosalind is a common yet mesmerizing name idea for baby girls. It means a pretty rose in Latin origins.

44. Sapphire:

We all know what Sapphire is! It is among the most precious and pretty gems.

45. Shakila:

Shakila is a traditional yet rarely found name for girls. It means pretty and has Arabic origins.

46. Teagan:

Teagan is a classic and lesser-known baby girl name and means pretty and poetic.

47. Quinn:

Quinn means a girl who is pretty. This is a rare yet short and cute lovely baby name idea. It is among our top favourites and has origins in Latin.

48. Ulanni:

Ulanni is a lesser known and traditional name that means beautiful and pretty girl.

49. Yafa:

Yafa means both beautiful and pretty. It is a short and sweet cute baby girl name idea with Hebrew origins.

50. Zahra:

The name Zahra might not directly imply pretty, but it indirectly reveals so. Zahra, in Arabic, means a pretty flower.

baby names that mean beautiful.

Beautiful Male Names for Boys:

There are some baby boys and male names as well that mean beautiful. They are perfect for modern little children and give a soothing, lovely feel. Check them out too!

51. Adonis:

Adonis means handsome and beautiful boy. It is a name from Greek mythology and is a lovely choice. This is among the top beautiful guy names!

52. Amare:

Amare means handsome in Ethiopian origin. It is a lesser-known name idea.

53. Bello:

Bello means handsome and beautiful boys in the Italian language.

54. Calixto:

Calixto means most beautiful. It has Greek origins and is a conventional yet lovely name idea.

55. Hassan:

This is a known name, especially if you have an eye for literature and poems. It means handsome in Arabic origins.

56. Irvin:

Irvin means fair and handsome boy. It has Scottish origins and is a wonderful baby boy name idea.

57. Kavanaugh:

This has Irish origins. The name means a person who is born beautiful and is handsome!

58. Nohea:

Nohea means handsome and has Hawaiian origins. This is a unique and meaningful baby boy name idea.

59. Usain:

This is a famous celebrity name, after athlete Usain Bolt. It means beautiful in Arabic origins.

60. Zayn:

Zayn means beauty and grace. The songwriter, Zayn Malik, has this name. It has Arabic origins too!

Unisex Baby Names That Mean Beautiful:

There are also some lovely genderneutral and unisex names for babies that mean beautiful. If you are looking for unique yet meaningful and pleasant baby names, these are perfect, both for boys and girls!

61. Beau:

Beau means handsome and someone beautiful. The name has French origins and is a perfect gender neutral baby name.

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62. Kazumi:

Kazumi also means beautiful. It has Japanese origins and is a lesser-known name.

63. Keeva:

Keeva is a lovely name that means precious and gentle. It has Irish origins and is unique, mesmerizing and meaningful.

64. Memphis:

Memphis is the name of the city in Tennessee. It means beautiful!

65. Mika:

Mika in Russian means beautiful fragrance. It has a lovely name meaning and is a short and cute baby name for boys and girls.

66. McKenna:

The name has Scottish origins and means child of a handsome person! Unique, isn’t it!

67. Mio:

Mio in Japanese means cherry blossoms. It also symbolizes pretty looks and beauty! It is a perfect name for both genders.

68. Rumi:

Rumi’s name is quite common these days and has both Indian and Japanese origins. It is associated with a new-age poet with a similar name. The name also means beauty. It is among the top beautiful Indian names!

69. Zain:

Zain means grace. It has Arabic origins and is a gender-neutral name idea.

70. Zuri:

If you can guess, Zuri name has African origins yet is famous across the globe. It means beautiful person or soul.

So, how did you enjoy reading and exploring these gorgeous baby names that mean beautiful? Do you find them charming and modern? We love how versatile we can name our kids with such meaningful baby names. So, let us know your thoughts; we love to hear from you!


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