Lord Hanuman, baby names! However, whether we agree or not, the world is evolving and moving towards the modern direction in all tastes and preferences; the traditional still has the same value, meaning, inspiration, and edge. The same applies to baby names, too. The Lord Hanuman baby names are timeless and forever inspirations for all of us. If you have a newborn baby and are wondering how to go about naming with traditional etiquette, these can give you a good idea.

Today, let us explore several ideas and options for naming your newborn based on the inspiration of Hanuman names. These names are unique, meaningful, intense, and traditional, too.

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69 Inspired Lord Hanuman Child Names for Boys and Girls:

Let us now go ahead and know all about the ideas of the baby names related to Lord Hanuman. These perfectly blend traditional and old-school variants and modern names with traditional meanings. All the baby names ultimately mean Lord Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman Baby Boy Names:

We often come across boy names when discussing baby names under Lord Hanuman’s inspiration and meaning. We have meaningful names matching the same gender. First, look into these popular, meaningful, and unique Lord Hanuman names for baby boys with meaning.

1. Aanjaneya:

Also spelt as Anjaneya, the name itself means Lord Hanuman. It is another meaning or term for God and is among the most famous traditional names here.

2. Abhyant:

Abhyant means fearless. It is both the names of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman too.

3. Adilesh:

Adilesh means God Hanuman and is a rarely-found name in India. This modern Lord Hanuman name for a baby boy is a must-try for new-gen kids.

4. Ananjay:

Ananjay is a new-day name that means infinity or no limit.

5. Anil:

Anil is another name for Lord Hanuman. It means breeze, wind, or God of the wind. This Anjaneya name for baby boy is very frequently found, familiar, yet a timeless variant for boys.

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6. Ajesh:

Ajesh is the modern-day symbol of our God, Hanuman. It also means humour and someone who stays strong.

7. Amiraj:

Amiraj means someone who is immortal and stays forever. It is another name in modern symbolism and uniquely defines Lord Hanuman.

8. Anjaiah:

Anjaiah means someone who is unbeatable regarding courage, strength, and bravery. It is a common Hanuman baby boy name.

9. Athulith:

Athulith means incomparable. It is another name for God, Hanuman.

10. Bajrangi:

This is the most common name in India’s northern part, which signifies and means Lord Hanuman himself.

11. Balvant:

Balvant is a commonly found name in India’s northern part, which means powerful and strong like Lord Hanuman.

12. Bhavishya:

Bhavishya means the future. The name is a modern-day symbolic one for Anjaneya.

13. Chaturbahave:

This means someone who has four arms, just like our Lord Hanuman. This is a very famous Sanskrit name for our favourite God.

14. Chiranjeevi:

The name Chiranjeevi technically means and symbolizes someone immortal. Lord Hanuman here is considered immortal, and it represents his name. This is a timeless and classic Lord Hanuman name for a baby boy in Sanskrit.

15. Dheera:

Dheera means someone who has unflinching courage. It is another name to call our lord Anjaneya

16. Hanumant:

Hanumant is just another name for our Lord Anjaneya or Bhajrangi and is a prevalent traditional name across India.

17. Harvin:

Harvin is another name for Lord Hanuman, which has come up recently. It means winner. We love this modern, short and cute Lord Anjaneya name for baby boy.

18. Hetvik:

Hetvik is another name for God Hanuman himself. This concise and cute new-gen name is perfect for babies born in this generation and era.

19. Kalanabha:

Kalanabha means someone who is the controller of the time itself.

20. Kapish:

Kapish is a short, unique, meaningful name devoted to our God and an uncommonly found choice.

21. Kapeeshwar:

Kapeeshwar or Kapeeswar means lord of all the monkeys. This can be a good deal for parents who want a traditional and meaningful name.

22. Maanvish:

Maanvish is a very rarely found name choice. It symbolizes our favourite God himself. This one is famous in Northern India and is among the popular yet unique Lord Hanuman names for baby boys in Hindi.

23. Mahabir:

It means illustrious hero, symbolising and dedicated to Lord Hanuman himself. It is already a very famous name idea and choice in Mythologies. Did you hear about it?

24. Mahavit:

Mahavit or Mahavith means God Anjaneya himself. We love this inspirational name from God, Hanuman.

25. Mahadhyuta:

Mahadyuta means someone with a lot of strength, courage, and appearance. This is another name for Lord Hanuman.

26. Mahathejas:

This rarely-found name also symbolizes God Hanuman, which means shining and the most radiant.

27. Maruthi:

Maruthi or Maruti is the son of the Wind God, who is none other than our Lord Anjaneya or Hanuman himself.

28. Pawanesh:

Pawanesh is a traditional and ancient name choice that is timeless, meaning Lord Hanuman.

29. Ramanjan:

Ramanjan means both Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman. This is a very popular Lord Hanuman name starting with R.

30. Ramdutya:

Ramdutya is the messenger of Lord Ram. This is a very traditional yet rarely uncommon name for our God.

31. Rameshtha:

Rameshtha means someone who is very devoted to God Ram and is none other than our Lord Hanuman.

32. Ramsevak:

The name Ramsevak translates itself to Ram’s worshipper, a Hanuman God.

33. Sameertanuj:

It means son of the wind god. This is a modern and less popular meaningful name for God Hanuman.

34. Sanju:

Sanju is a short and cute modern-day name for God Hanuman. It is a similar name to the most popular name, Sanjay. Lord Hanuman’s name starts with S.

35. Sarvamantra:

Sarvamantra means someone who knows and possesses all the hymns and mantras. It is a beautiful, traditional, meaningful, unique name for our God. It is a famous Lord Hanuman name for baby boy in Marathi.

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36. Shantaya:

Shantaya means someone calm and very composed, just like our favourite lord.

37. Shaurya:

Shaurya means a mighty and brave person. It symbolizes several of our Gods, including Lord Hanuman himself.

38. Shreeansh:

Shreeansh means part of God Ram, which is Lord Hanuman himself. We love this one under Lord Hanuman’s name, starting with S.

39. Shritik:

Shritik’s name symbolizes and means both Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman and is a contemporary name choice. It originated from the Sanskrit language.

40. Shrihaun:

It is a rare, unique name choice, which means our favourite God, Hanuman.

41. Sripad:

Sripad means Lord Hanuman himself. It is a very popular name choice in India. This is one of the famous names of baby boys in Kannada, Lord Hanuman.

42. Suchaye:

Suchaye is a very rare and unique name. It means pure, innocent, and chaste.

43. Tejas:

Thejas or Tejas means the radiant, out of all, our favourite God, Anjayneya. This is a popular name for a baby boy in Telugu, Lord Hanuman.

44. Vajrakay:

Vajrakay is God Hanuman, which means sturdy and mighty in power and strength.

45. Vatatmaj:

Vatatmaj again means Son of the God Wind, who is Lord Anjaneya. This is a popular Lord Hanuman name for a baby boy in Tamil.

46. Vayunandan:

Vayunandan means something similar: the Son of God Wind. It is a very traditional and commonly found name for God, Hanuman.

47. Vayujat:

It is another name famous for God Hanuman or God Anjaneya.

48. Vikram:

Vikram means bravery. It also symbolizes the son of valour.

49. Vritik:

Vritik is another modern-day contemporary name choice to symbolize our favourite Lord Hanuman.

50. Yunay:

Yunay means energetic and a very powerful person. It originated from the Sanskrit language itself.

Lord Hanuman Names for Baby Girl:

We even have quite a set of baby girl names inspired by Lord Hanuman. Did you ever hear about them? If not, let us go ahead and explore them in detail. Here are the popular baby girl names that mean Lord Hanuman.

51. Ania:

Ania means gracious, brave, and mighty. This is a short and cute Lord Hanuman name starting with A.

52. Anjana:

Anjana is none other than the mother of the god Hanuman. It is a popular and classic name for several women and has a traditional meaning.

53. Anjani:

Another name with a similar variant is Anjani, the mother of our God, Hanuman.

54. Hanu:

Hanu is a nickname and short form for the God Hanuman, ideal for girls and women.

55. Hanusha:

Hanusha is another new-day and modern name that means and symbolizes God Hanuman.

56. Iri:

Iri is a short and cute name for girls, symbolizing God Hanuman. It is a charming and short name with a meaningful connotation. What do you think?

57. Pavani:

Pavani is the most common name for girls, which symbolizes the God of Wind and Lord Hanuman, too

58. Prabhava:

Prabhava means the mighty and famous God. It is one of the unique and rarely found name choices for God Anjaneya.

59. Pragnya:

Pragnya means both scholars and God Hanuman Ji. This is a rarely found yet lovely Lord Hanuman name starting with P

60. Shanta:

Shanta means peace and calm. It is a prevalent and traditional name in India, symbolising God Hanuman. It is a very popular name choice for women in India.

Lord Hanuman Names for Twins:

Here, we go about the most ideal and suitable baby names with Lord Hanuman for twins, boys, and girls.

61. Ajesh-Anij:

Both the names are perfect twin baby boy names which mean and symbolize God Hanuman himself. They are modern and contemporary, yet rarely found names, too.

62. Mahatma – Mahavira:

Although not directly connected to God Hanuman, both the names imply strong beings and brave Gods.

63. Ritam-Rudraya:

Again, Both names are ideal traditional baby boy twin names for Lord Hanuman.

64. Sarvarogahara – Sarvatantra:

Both names are timeless yet traditional and intensely meaningful for God Hanuman, ideal for baby boy twins.

65. Suchaye-Sucharita:

These are twin baby boy and girl ideas for name choices, respectively. Suchaye means pure and innocent; Sucharita implies someone worshipped by heavenly bodies.

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Lord Hanuman Names – Unisex:

These names are suitable to name for both boys and girls. Isn’t it amazing? Here are a few creative and meaningful names.

66. Shoora:

Shoora means courageous, brave, and mighty, making it an ideal name for both boys and girls.

67. Neeya:

Neeya means purpose, bright and powerful. This name is the perfect unique new-day name for boys and girls, symbolizing Hanuman Ji.

68. Phalgun Sakha:

This is a very rare and traditional name choice originating from Mythological stories. In Mahabharatha, it means Friend of Arjun, which symbolizes God Hanuman.

69. Vagmine:

Vagmine means a great leader. It is a traditional and very popular timeless name that suits both boys and girls.


We hope you have enjoyed exploring these meaningful Lord Hanuman baby names for boys and girls. These include traditional and modern new-day names with meaningful and timeless choices. Which is your favourite one out of all? Let us know your thoughts, too! We would love to hear back from you!


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