According to Hindu astrology, the time of birth, date, and place determine one’s birth star, sun, and moon sign. If you believe in astrology and prefer to name your kid according to birth nakshatra, this series will help you. Today, we will see the Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra baby names for those kids born under this star.

Be it you want to name your kid a modern name or a traditional name; we have compiled a list of meaningful, lovely, creative, and cute Uttara phalguni nakshatra names for baby boys and girls born under this star. This is twelfth in order, both in the order of stars as well as series discussing baby names according to nakshatras.

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Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra and Characteristics:

Uttara phalguni nakshatra is twelfth in the order of a total of 27-star signs, influenced by Surya (sun). The nakshatra ranges from 26.40 in the Leo zodiac to 10 in Virgo. The star is symbolized by four legs of the cot. If your little one is born under Uttara phalguni nakshatra, then it is said that they are very friendly in nature. The Uttara phalguni nakshatra borns are kind, generous, soft-spoken, helpful, and friendly. They are ambitious and have strong willpower, are determined and always aim to achieve their goals.

Not just it, the Uttara phalguni nakshatra borns are known to be always successful in their endeavours. Now let’s go ahead and explore the latest names for Uttara phalguni nakshatra borns below.

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra Starting Letter/Syllable for Baby Names:

The Uttara nakshatra names should begin with the following syllables.

Te, Ta, Taa, Pa, Paa, Pi, Pee, To

Names for Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra Borns:

Here we go; let us begin and explore the most lovely Uthiram natchathiram names for baby boys and girls.

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra Baby Boy Names:

1. Paarak:

Paarak means pleasant. The name also means saving and liberating. This is one of the rare and unique Uttara phalguni nakshatra baby names for boys.

2. Paaras:

Paaras is the modern-day name, which means healthy. The name is gaining significance these days and is quite a new choice for modern parents of today.

3. Paarth:

Paarth is another name of Arjun. The name also alternatively means king, prince. It is a traditional yet pretty-sounding baby boy name.

4. Paatav:

Paatav means cleaver. This is a very rare name and is meaningful as well as modern. Not many know of this Uttara phalguni nakshatra male names as yet.

5. Paavan:

Paavan or Paawan means fire, sacred and pure. This is a very common baby boy name in the last decade, yet very classic in its meaning.

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6. Padmanabh:

Padmanabh means one who has lotus. The name is also an alternative name for Lord Vishnu. Other variations in the same name include Padhmanabh, Padhmanabha and Padhmanabhan.

7. Pakshin:

Pakshin or Pakhshin means a winged beard. The Uttara phalguni nakshatra names for a boy is originally derived from the word pakhshi which means a bird in several Indian languages.

8. Palash:

Palash is a completely modern-day baby boy’s name. It means greenery. The other meaning of the same baby boy names for Uttara phalguni nakshatra is the horse.

9. Pallav:

Pallav is a unique and youthful baby boy name. pallav means young shoots and leaves. The name is also a word taken from the musical terminology.

10. Pankaj:

Pankaj is a very popular Indian name, yet with a lovely and beautiful meaning. It means lotus flower. The name is also another name for Lord Brahma.

11. Pankit:

Pankit means Line. This is a very unique and new modern baby boy name under Uttara phalguni nakshatra.

12. Panvith:

In case you want a traditional name meaning yet with lovely modern sounding, Panvith can be ideal. Panvith is Lord Siva.

13. Parag:

Parag is a popular North Indian baby boy name already. The name Parag means fame. It also means fragrant and good smell.

14. Paramesh:

The name Paramesh is literally derived from the names of Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu. The Uttara phalguni nakshatra names for a boy means God of the entire world.

15. Paranjay:

Paranjay translates to Varun, Lord of the Sea. It is a lovely and mesmerizing baby boy name for Uttara phalguni nakshatra.

16. Parijat:

The name parijat means a divine tree in Hindu mythological texts. It is a celestial flower.

17. Parish:

Parish means a searcher or someone who seeks something. This is a very modern and contemporary name for baby boys.

18. Parithosh:

Parithosh means satisfaction and delightment. This is a common and well-known baby boy name mostly in the Northern and Western Indian states.

19. Parteek:

Parteek means a symbol. This is a very unique and rare baby boy name derived from the Hindi language.

20. Parvan:

Parvan means a full moon. It is derived and originated from the Indian languages and also symbolizes glow and happiness.

21. Pasupathi:

Pasupathi is a very traditional baby boy name from generations together. Yet this is a classic name choice. Pasupathi means Lord of all the animals. It is also another name for Lord Shiva.

22. Pathik:

Pathik means a traveler or an adventurer. The name is a new and modern one with contemporary meanings and lovely connotations. It is originated from the Hindi language.

23. Piyush:

Piyush means nectar. This is again a very common baby boy name found mostly in Northern India.

24. Pavan:

Pavan or Pawan means breeze, wind, and air. This is a very common and mostly found name in several states of India, including south India.

25. Pavith:

If you want something with a cute meaning and lovely symbolism, this can be good to go. Pavith means love.

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra Girl Names:

26. Paarthvi:

Paarthvi is a very beautiful baby girl’s name. It is a common and newfound name that is gaining significance in North India. Parthvi is another name for Goddess Lakshmi and Sita Devi. It also means Daughter of the Earth.

27. Paavani:

Paavani or Paawani means someone who is true and holy. This is a very common baby girl name in several states of India, derived from the Indian languages.

28. Padmaja:

Padmaja is again a traditional and old name popular from generations, yet it is a beautiful and classic name. It means Goddess Lakshmi, someone who is born from the Lotus.

29. Pankhuri:

Pankhuri is a very lovely north Indian baby girl’s name. It means petals of the flowers. This is lovely Uttara phalguni nakshatra female names.

30. Panvi:

Panvi means a goddess. This is a very rare and unique baby girl name, yet with lovely and intense meaning. What do you think?

31. Parameshwari:

Parameshwari or Parameswari means Goddess Durga. The name implies the supreme ruler of the earth. This is a very traditional baby girl name.

32. Paravana:

Paravana is a very new and unique, refreshing choice for a baby girl in Uttara phalguni nakshatra. It means light. It also symbolizes hope and glows.

33. Pari:

Pari is a classic and forever cute name, which means fairy or angel. It is derived from the Hindi word, Pari. This four-letter baby girl names for Uttara phalguni nakshatra is quite beautiful with lovely meaning.

34. Parimala:

Parimala in several languages, including Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, and others, means fragrance. This is a lovely choice in names for Uttara phalguni nakshatra baby girl.

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35. Parineetha:

Parineetha means an expert. It also means a complete being, knowledgable and wise. This is a classic and beautiful baby girl’s name.

36. Parni:

Parni means leafy. This is a modern and new baby name under Uttara phalguni nakshatra. This is one of the unique Uttara phalguni nakshatra names for baby girl.

37. Parul:

Parul means a beautiful person. It also means practical, kind. Alternatively, there is also a flower named after Parul. This one is a lovely yet common baby girl name in many parts of India.

38. Parvathi:

Parvathi is none other than Goddess Parvathi Devi. This is a traditional baby girl name choice under Uttara phalguni nakshatra.

39. Pavishka:

Pavishika or Pavishka means nature. The name is new and modern with a unique meaning. It is a rare name, ideal for modern parents who are in search of a cute new name.

40. Padma Priya:

Padma Priya is a lovely and classic baby girl name. The name Padma Priya is a lover of the lotus.

41. Pavithra:

Pavithra is a very commonly found name in several states, derived from the word Pavithra itself. It means pure.

42. Payal:

Payal in the Hindi language means an anklet. This is a short and cute baby girl name Uttara phalguni nakshatra.

43. Pihu:

If you want another very short and lovely girl name, Pihu can be ideal. Pihu means a sweet and excellent person.

44. Piramila:

Piramila means queen of the whole world. This is a very new and innovative Uttara phalguni nakshatra name.

45. Piya:

Piya is beloved. This is a very common yet classic name choice for parents from the last two decades. The name is also very artistic and poetic.

46. Piyushi:

Piyushi means holy water. The name is the quite traditional yet modern and unique rare name for baby girls in Uttara phalguni nakshatra.

47. Pavana:

Pavana means freshness and purity. It also, on the other hand, means sacred.

48. Parveen:

Parveen means a star. This is a common baby girl name in several states of North India.

49. Piyali:

Piyali is a lovely and cute sounding baby girl name. Piyaali or Piyali means a tree. This is a lovely Uttara phalguni nakshatra Kanya rasi names choice for girls.

50. Partha:

Parmitha or Parmita means wisdom. This is a unique and new name choice under the list of baby girl names for Uttara phalguni nakshatra.

Unisex Names for Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra:

51. Parsha:

Parsha means pious. This also means holy in the Persian language. This is a rare and lovely baby girl and boy name for Uttara phalguni nakshatra.

52. Pavi:

Pavi means pure. This can be named for both baby girls and boys under Uttara phalguni nakshatra.

53. Pavni:

Pavni can be a unisex name, ideal for baby boys and girls. Tha name Pavni means honey, true, and Lord.

54. Padma:

The Padma is a very famous and well-known name, ideal for both baby boys and girls. This can also be used as a prefix for a name as a first name. The Padma means lotus. It also means Goddess Lakshmi.

55. Pahal:

Pahal means a beginning. It also symbolizes initiative and facet. This is a lovely modern-day baby girl and boy choice unisex name.

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Twins Baby Names Choices for Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra:

56. Piyasha – Piyusha:

Piyasha means love. Piyusha means Amrit, a drink that can make a person immortal. Both are sweet and meaningful twin baby girl name choices

57. Pival- Pivari:

Pival means a tree. Pivari means the wife of Sukha. If you want a rhyming twin baby name choices, these can be good to go for baby girls.

58. Paanik – paaraj:

Paanik means hand. Paarl, on the other hand, means gold. It also symbolizes a precious, gem-like person. These are short and cute baby boy twin name choices.

59. Padmadhar – Padmajai:

Padmadhar means one who holds a lotus flower. Padmajai is Goddess Lakshmi, one who is born from Lotus. These are traditional baby twin girl name choices for Uttara phalguni nakshatra.

60. Pakhi – Paksha:

Pakhi means a bird. Paksha means phases of the moon. These are a lovely and cute baby girl and boy name choices for twins.

We hope you have found these Uttara phalguni nakshatra baby names list helpful. They are the perfect balance of meaningful, lovely, traditional, and modern baby names for boys and girls. Let us know which name you liked for the little one; we love to hear from you!


All the names given above have their meanings as per context and time. These meanings and symbols may alter according to different cultures, countries, regions, and languages. We advise conducting your extensive research before to understand the several interpretations attached to the name.


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