Are you interested in the unique names associated with magic that are captivating and fictional? If so, the witch names may interest you. Whether you have a costume or Halloween party or are just interested in funny and enchanting names, these famous witch names will resonate with you. Keep in mind; that all the witch names do not imply bad. Some witch characters are also good! However, all of them are mystical and mythical.

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Today, let us go through some of the most famous witch names and meanings. Read along if you are interested!

Best and Famous Witch Name Ideas

Here we compiled some famous names that mean witch. They are all-powerful, unique, and popular witch inspired names to check out. Here we go with a list of witch related baby names!

Witch Baby Girl Names:

Now let us also explore some of the famous and beautiful female witch names. They are utterly enchanting and mysterious; we can’t wait to share them with you!

1. Agnes:

Agnes is a very famous girl name. It means holy or pure.

2. Alcina:

Alcina means a Greek sorceress. It is a very famous witch girl name idea.

3. Alizon:

Alizon name is inspired by healer women. It is a very old and ancient name.

4. Althea:

Althea is another world-famous female witch name. It actually means a healer.

5. Amethyst:

Amethyst is the name of a purple stone. Many believe that the stone brings protection and wisdom to travelers. The name is also associated with witches.

6. Aradia:

Aradia is the name of an Italian witch!

7. Aurelia:

Aurelia also spelled as Aura, just means an energy field. The name has witch associations.

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8. Beatrix:

Beatrix means voyager in Latin origins. It is derived from the word, Viatrix.

9. Cassandra:

Cassandra means soothsayer. It is a very famous name already.

10. Cerridwen:

Cerridwen means a welsh enchantress name. It is a rarely found and yet an ancient name.

11. Circe:

Circe means a bird that is an enchantress according to Greek mythological origins.

12. Erzulie:

Erzulie means the name of the vodou spirit that is symbolized with love and health.

13. Evanora:

Evanora has Greek origins. It means a gift from God.

14. Fiona:

Fiona is a beautiful girl name. It means white or fair. It has Scottish origins.

15. Hecate:

Hecate is the Goddess of Witchcraft. The name actually means ‘far-reaching power.’

16. Helena:

Helena, too, has Greek origins and means bright and shining light.

17. Marisole:

Marisole is a unique name that implies both sea and sun!

18. Minerva:

Minerva actually is the name of the Roman Goddess of wisdom. The name in Latin roots means ‘the mind.’

19. Ophelia:

Ophelia means ‘a helper in Greek origins. So it is an ancient and old name idea.

20. Rhiannon:

Rhiannon is the name of the Welsh Goddess. It is an ancient and rarely found name too.

21. Selene:

Selene means the Greek Goddess of the moon. It is a beautiful and famous name.

22. Strega:

Strega means witch in Italian.

23. Nissa:

Nissa has Scandinavian origins. It means a friendly elf. The name is originated after a supernatural being that helps people in distress.

24. Titania:

Titania, in Shakespeare’s A midsummer night’s dream, is a character who is the queen of the fairies.

25. Vesta:

Vesta is the lovely name of the Roman Goddess. She is the Goddess of the hearth.

Witch Themed Baby Boy Names:

Let us begin with going through male witch names. These are unique, fascinating, and interesting. So, if you are wandering for something new to get started, here is the source. Let’s check them out together!

26. Bran:

Bran symbolizes ‘raven’ in several of the Celtic languages. We also know Bran’s popular name from the acclaimed TV series and book, Game of Thrones. The name here as well is connected to a raven. Ravens are directly related to magic, making it a short and perfect witch name idea.

27. Bruxo:

Bruxo means ‘a wizard’ in portugese. It is a perfect boy witch name idea.

28. Cedar:

Cedar is the name of a tree. The tree is ancient and is famous for its wisdom.

29. Charon:

Charon is the name of a boatman on the river Styx and is connected to witches.

30. Corvus:

Corvus again implies and symbolizes the raven. It is an ancient and rarely found witch names.

31. Drake:

Drake in Old Norse origins and language means a dragon. The name also symbolizes a snake monster.

32. Foster:

Foster is a very famous name already. But the name actually symbolizes a forest guardian. Cool, isn’t it!

33. Giles:

Giles name actually is the name of a male witch hung at Salem.

34. Gwydion:

Gwydion is the name of a Welsh trickster. He is a magician, and he inspires the name. Now, this is a wicked witch names idea!

35. Herne:

According to mythical origins, Herne means a horned God. It is a unique and rare name idea!

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36. Jareth:

Jareth is the name of the Gobling king.

37. Lumin:

Lumin means light. The name, although it directly does not relate to the witch, it does mean as a symbol.

38. Leo:

If you wonder why the name Leo is famous across the world present here, well, here it is. Leo, in Greek mythology, also is a Nemean lion killed by Hercules. So it does have witch connections.

39. Mage:

The mage means magician. It is a short and unknown name idea globally.

40. Magnus:

The name Magnus is a term we often hear. Magnus means something related to powerhouse or powerful. It also means excellent. The name has origins in Old Norse.

41. Morpheus:

Morpheus means God of dreams and sleep.

42. Nelwyn:

Nelwyn is the name that originated from willow, which has the main character after this name.

43. Orion:

Orion is an archer, according to Greek mythology. The name has some connections with a witch.

44. Puck:

If you read books and have an idea about A Midsummer night’s dream, you might have heard this name. It means mischievous forest sprite.

45. Qiang:

Qiang has Chinese origins. It means a powerful person.

46. Radagast:

Radagast is the name of Brown Wizard and is a very ancient name.

47. Rowan:

Rowan is a mystical tree name. It has come from Celtic origins

48. Talon:

Talon has French origins. It means ‘claw of a bird that preys.’ It is popular in the mythologies of the French.

49. Velho:

Velho, in the Finnish language, means a wizard.

50. Woden:

Woden means chief God in Anglo-Saxon. It is another popular ancient and age old baby name idea.

Funny Witch Nicknames or Pet Names:

How about some funny witch names? These can be used as nicknames or pet names and are perfect for calling out friends or home names. How about checking these witchy pet names?

51. Jinx:

Jinx means ‘bad luck.’ The term is trendy already!

52. Hecate:

Hecate symbolizes a far-reaching power.

53. Phoenix:

It is a famous mythical bird that reincarnates and rebirths from the ashes.

54. Rita:

Rita means a powerful witch that rules the world.

55. Broom:

A broom is a flying tool used by witches and is a magical weapon.

56. Elfin:

Elfin is the name from the term elf. It is a supernatural being in several fictional movies and books.

57. Genie:

Genie is the name we all know from Aladin’s world characters!

58. Tricksey:

Tricksey name is inspired by the term trick! It is the specialty of every magician and witch.

59. Wandy:

Wandy is derived from a magical wand. It is another magic tool used by witches and wizards. We love this witch and wizard names!

60. Trixie:

Trixie is another cute and funny witch inspired name idea!

Famous Fictional Witch Names from Books, Movies, and TV

You might have come across some witch names in television shows, movies, or books several times. Most fictional stories have witches as characters, and if you are ardently interested in fiction, these witch names might interest you too. Check out these fantasy and historical witch names!

61. Bonnie:

The name Bonnie got immensely popular from the TV show The Vampire Diaries!

62. Maleficient:

You all may have heard the name Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. It is another lovely witch name inspiration.

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63. Ursula:

Ursula is the name of The Little Mermaid. It is a beautiful name too.

64. Ravenna:

Ravenna is a famous name from The Snow White. Lovely isn’t it!

65. Endora:

How about Endora from Bewitched?

66. Jadis:

Jadis is the name from The Chronicles of Narnia. It is an immensely famous name too!

67. Bellatrix:

Potterheads, we hear you! The name Bellatrix is inspired by Harry Potter.

68. Narcissa:

We have just the other from Harry Potter too! How do you like Narcissa?

69. Phoebe:

Phoebe is from Charmed. It is a rare witch name.

70. Zelena:

Zelena is from Once Upon a Time and is a famous and enchanting witch name inspiration.

We hope you enjoyed going through the different witch names popular globally. Let us know what do you think?! How do you like them, and are they entertaining!


This is exclusively a guide to learning about witch names. These are for informative purposes only. Please remember that several names may coincide with different cultures, regions, and languages. The content provided in this article is from research through various sources across the web. The author does not guarantee or promise any accuracy of the facts provided in this article.


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