How to Make Cinnamon Oil

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Cinnamon oil is widely used to treat a number of diseases, as it helps to destroy various kinds of fungus and bacteria. This oil also helps in building up ones immunity and developing the activities of the brain, and the overall health of a person.

This oil is mainly prepared with the help of the bark of cinnamon tree. The cinnamon tree is found in parts of India, Sri Lanka and some other tropical countries around the globe. This is why, cinnamon oil may be more expensive in some places than the others.

Cinnamon oil, however, is easily available in markets now, and in fact can also be prepared easily at home. You will need to follow some simple steps, and you will have your inexpensive home-made cinnamon oil.


Here we have two methods to make cinnamon oil at home, with just a little bit of difference between the two methods. One method does not involve any heat and uses cinnamon sticks as its ingredient. The other method involves heat, and uses ground cinnamon, or cinnamon powder, as its ingredient.

Method 1:-

The first method involves no heat or other preparations, and takes about 2-3 weeks of time to complete.

Step 1–Get a Jar:

Get a wide mouthed jar, with straight sides. Fit some cinnamon sticks inside the jar, filling in as much space in the jar as possible with the sticks.

Step 2–Olive Oil:

Pour olive oil over the cinnamon sticks inside the jar. The oil must be enough to cover up all the cinnamon sticks completely.

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Step 3–Put in sunlight:

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Find a warm area in your house, preferably a window that has direct sunlight, and place the jar there for around two to three weeks.

Step 4–Shake The Jar:

Give the jar a shake every day. By doing this, the base oil will release the cinnamon oil.

Step 5–Strain and Squeeze:

At the end of the three week time duration, strain the cinnamon oil from the jar. Strain the oil with the help of a cheese cloth, or anything of that sort. Squeeze out the oil from the cinnamon sticks using your fingers.

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Step 6–Store The Oil:

Store the strained cinnamon oil in a fresh jar, and place it in a cool and dry place.

bottle of cinnamon aromatherapy oil - beauty treatment

Method 2:-

The second method is also pretty inexpensive, but involves a little bit of heating process.

Take a pan and heat the desired quantity of olive oil in it. Once the oil is heated enough, add some ground cinnamon to the oil and mix it well. The ratio of the oil with the cinnamon should be four parts of olive oil for a part of cinnamon powder.

Let this simmer for around 3-5 minutes while stirring continuously. Once you are able to smell the aroma of the cinnamon, turn off the heat. Do not heat the oil after this point, as this could compromisewith the properties and the aroma of the oil. Keep the oil aside to bring it down to room temperature. Once the oil is completely cooled off, strain the resultant cinnamon oil using a fine-mesh strainer along with a coffee filter into a container. Store this cinnamon oil in an air tight jar, and keep it in a cool and dry place.

This home made cinnamon oil required minimum investment of money, and is absolutely fresh and hygienic. You can store the oil without any worries in dry place and in an air tight container, without it getting bad. The cinnamon oil stays good to use for months, with its benefits and aroma intact.

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