Top 9 Benefits of Cowpeas (Lobia) For Skin Hair and Health

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Cowpea which is also known as black eyed pea is one of the much known beans with loads of benefits. Just the fact, that cowpea belongs to the legumes and lentils categories will give you an idea about the advantages that it might bring along. This oval shaped bean with a black eye on top is something that you might have definitely seen, but the fact that only a handful of people are aware about the benefits it has it quite a discouraging factor. Along with a great taste and flavours, cowpea had loads of nutrients that are essential for the body. This means that there are some health benefits that will follow with the use of these beans in the daily diet.

To know more about this aspect, the list below has been created. It has some of the well deserving facts that need to be mentioned to help you know why cowpea is so perfect for the diet.


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Benefits of Cowpeas:

1. Balances the Cholesterol Levels:

The soluble fiber and the levels of proteins in cowpea make it a perfect way to lower the bad cholesterol or the LDL from the body. Phytosterols in them only helps to maintain the right standard when it comes to cholesterol. This keeps the heart healthy and fit.

2. Weight Loss Benefits:

The dietary fiber helps in flushing out the toxins, accumulated fat and cellulite from the body when it comes to cowpea. Apart from that, the beans are completely low in calories. They are even free from bad cholesterol that adds extra pounds to the body. This aids in weight loss.

3. Flushes Free Radicals:

There is huge amounts of antioxidants in cowpeas in the form of vitamin C and A. The consumption of these beans in the daily diet only means that these will help in flushing out the free radicals from the body that otherwise causes damage to the skin cells. This helps in keeping away cancerous cells as well.

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4. For Right Blood Sugar Levels:

The soluble fiber in cowpea makes it perfect for absorbing the extra sugar content in the blood and is a perfect choice to make when it comes to diabetic patients. Make sure you have a small portion every day for maximum results.

5. Freedom from Stomach Problems:

Cowpeas can deal with all the stomach problems as well as that of the pancreas and spleen. The idea is to tone the organs well and stimulate their functions in a way that all problems are treated as well as prevented in later stages. It also calms the aggravated bowel movements as extra benefit here.

6. Keeps Away Ageing:

Along with the levels of antioxidants and the fiber that helps in flushing out the free radicals causing skin damage, cowpea makes a perfect food for those who want to delay ageing signs. These antioxidants also repair the already damaged skin cells and ensure a firm, elastic and youthful skin. The skin is smooth and free form ugly signs like wrinkles and fine lines.

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7. Healthy Skin:

The protein levels in cowpea are perfect for good health of the skin. It helps in skin rwpair and keeps away all problems with regular intake.

8. Combats Hair Loss:

Intake of cowpeas on a regular basis provides you with good levels of proteins which are what the hair strands are made up of. This only means that you can have problem free hair strands and thus ensure proper control over hair loss. It will also make the strands healthy and enhance hair growth.

9. For Cardiovascular Problems:

There are some secondary metabolites flavanoids in this type of beans we know as cowpeas. This helps in treatment as well as prevention of all cardiovascular problems. You can stay away from the risks of heart diseases with consumption of cowpeas.