Benefits of Mustard Oil for Cholesterol Levels in Body

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The term Cholesterol comes from ancient Greek letter ‘cholesterol’. It is followed with stereos and an ‘ol’ from alcohol. It is a waxy substance found in cell of the body. It is used by our body to make hormones, vitamin D and juices to digest our food. Normally cholesterol is made by our body itself, but mostly we have to consume some amount to maintain the required level. Hence, we use oil, butter and ghee in our cooking.

mustard oil for cholesterol

Mustard oil has a long history. It was originally found in south Europe. It comes from the cabbage family. It produces tiny black seeds. The brown version of this seed is found in Asia. You may see it in a lot of dishes. It has a lot benefits to our health.

What is the Use of Mustard Oil for Cholesterol in Body:

Cholesterol in Mustard Oil:

Mustard oil is very much known for its healthy cholesterol. It has mono saturated omega-3 fatty acid. It is very good for heart and prevents from many heart diseases. It is known for lowering cholesterol levels.

Every 100 grams of mustard oil has 0.4 gram of fat in it. This is a very less level of fat for oil, thus enabling you to use it in your daily basis. You can cook and have it without worrying much about your heart or your cholesterol.

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Effects on Cholesterol:

Mustard oil is rich in both mono saturated and poly saturated fats. It is known to reduce the bad cholesterol in our body and increase the HDL cholesterol. It lowers body’s triglycerides, which is blood’s fat level, preventing from being obese, kidney diseases and hyperthyroidism.

Regular consumption of mustard oil shows many good effects on your body too. It improves fat and protein digestion. The levels of low density lipoprotein, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides go down. All this levels are mostly on lower side of any human being. But those who suffer from heart blocks, they need to lower them quick. And truly any number of medicines doesn’t lower them. But consumption of mustard oil on daily basis surely shows positive results.

cholesterol in mustard oil

Effect on RBC:

With elevated cholesterol, the Red Blood Cells membranes become weak. They are more fragile with high levels. Regular intake of mustard oil reduces the bad cholesterol, thus strengthening the RBC membranes. This obtained because mustard oil changes the fatty acid consumption to poly unsaturated form in the cells.

To maintain a good heart, we need to have high levels of HDL, and low level of LDL.  Poly unsaturated oils decrease both levels of LDL and HDL and saturated oil increases LDL levels. That is why mono saturated oil like mustard oil, olive oil and sesame oil is recommended.  A minimum of 3 tablespoon is recommended of mustard oil on daily basis. Also 6 tablespoon is maximum amount of oil to be consumed. Many chefs have written recipes to incorporate limited use of mustard oil in our daily cooking.

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Reduction of Cardio Vascular Diseases:

A recent study has shown the consumption of mustard oil reduces the chances of cardio vascular diseases by 70%.  It confirms that mustard oil cuts down the risk of heart problems when consumed in moderation by lowering down cholesterol levels within the body.

Many people stopped using mustard oil after the US lab showed it unfit for consumption. But if utilized, it can be very beneficial to your health. It is good to your heart. It is antifungal and antibacterial. It is good for skin and hair. It reduces inflammation and rejuvenates the body and skin. The cholesterol levels are effortlessly brought down with mustard oil.

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