The wood apple fruit belongs to the family of Rutaceae and to the genus of Aegle. The scientific name of this amazing fruit is popularly known as Aegle Marmelos. The Bael which is also known as Aegle Marmelos was native to India and Bangladesh and then spread to the entire world through the routes of South East Asia. It is sweet, aromatic and astringent in nature. In this article, you will get some best bael fruit benefits for skin, hair and health with nutrition facts, how to eat and how to include them in your diet.

Just like the popular scientific name, the bael fruit is also known by different names in different languages. Interested in knowing what this fruit or Aegle Marmelos is known in different languages? The various popular names that bael fruit has in different languages are as follows:

  • English Name: Wood apple
  • Arabic: Safarjale
  • Bengali: Belpatthar ka paid
  • Hindi: Bael
  • Marathi: Belaache zaad
  • Tamil: Vilvamaran
  • Gujarati: Billu
  • Kannada: Belladi Hannu
  • Malayalam: Koolam
  • Marathi: Bel
  • Urdu: Bael

What Is Bael Fruit?

There has always been a doubt about this. It is a vital tree, popular in the Indian culture, which is planted mainly near the temples. The tree is known for its various medicinal properties which benefit the overall health of the users. Almost all the parts of bael are beneficial and are used in one or the other form for getting their benefits.

Is Bael Fruit Good For Health?

If you are still in doubt about the bael fruit powder benefits and its significance for maintaining good health, then you can be sure that the fruit is one of the best things that you can provide for your health. Yes, bael is considered extremely important for good health as it only provides health benefits without compromising on the expected quality.

Wood apple nutrition provides a clear sign that the fruit is quite beneficial for empowering the overall health of the users. No matter what way you use the bael fruit, you can expect to get only the desired health benefits.

Importance of Bael Fruit:

If you are aware of what is bael fruit, then you will certainly be sure of its importance in the day-to-day routine. Thanks to the various amazing properties and nutrients that this fruit contains, it proves to be really amazing for the overall health improvement of its user.

The bael fruit not only helps in curing various health issues but also helps in preventing them by eliminating the root cause of the problem. You can use bael fruit for weight loss as well as can use bael fruit during pregnancy.

Bael Fruit Nutrition Value:

If you are wondering what makes bael fruit so amazing with the various benefits, then let us make you very clear that it is the various nutrients that the fruit has. Bael is a rich source of various vitamins and minerals which are essential for the body and thus it proves to be really beneficial for the overall growth and health improvement of the body. The accurate information about this ingredient would help in knowing the various wood apple fruit benefits that you can avail for your health.

The various antioxidant and inflammatory properties, as well as the laxative properties, are also because of the bael fruit nutrition. So, are you interested in knowing about the nutritional fact of bael fruit? Here are some of the nutrients that the fruit contains:

  • Carbohydrates: 31.8 mg
  • Fat: 0.3 mg
  • Proteins: 1.8 mg
  • Vitamin A: 55 mg
  • Vitamin C: 60 mg
  • Calcium: 85 mg
  • Potassium: 600 mg
  • Fibre: 2.9 mg
  • Energy: 137 kCal

Research-Based Bael Fruit Benefits for Skin, Hair and Health:

Wood apple fruit is one of the fruits that benefit the health of its users in all possible ways. Be it a small problem or some serious health issue, bael fruit would provide the necessary benefit. Health experts have recommended the various uses of bael for the needs of the users. The only thing that you should be careful about is how to eat bael fruit, in order to avoid the possible bael fruit side effects. Here are some of the bael health benefits that you shouldn’t avoid:

1. Bael Fruit Good for Diabetes:

Is bael fruit good for diabetes? Are you still unaware of its answer? If yes, then you are missing on to an essential benefit of the bael fruit. One of the major uses of bael fruit is that it can prove effective in controlling diabetes. Most people were quite a in doubt, for can diabetic patient eat bael fruit but with the recommendation of health experts, people are now using bael fruit.

How To Consume:

  • A glass of bael fruit juice in the morning can prove to be really beneficial for the prevention of diabetes.
  • Bael contains laxatives which help in keeping blood sugar levels in control.

2. Cure Diarrhea and Cholera:

If you understand the wood apple nutrition facts from ancient times, you would be sure that this fruit can prove extremely beneficial for treating the issues of diarrhoea and cholera. An interesting fact that supports the use of bael for these problems is that it cures these health problems without fever. This means that bael fruit will only benefit the health of the user and will minimize all its symptoms and causes.

How To Consume:

  • You can either take bael fruit in any of the preferred forms or can mix it with jaggery or sugar for getting the best results.
  • Consume some amount of this mixture regularly and witness the desired significant results.

3. Prevent Constipation:

If constipation is something that haunts you regularly, then you are in need of Bael. Along with constipation, this fruit is also beneficial for several stomach issues. You won’t believe the beneficial results that this fruit provides to the users. The bael fruit contains laxative properties which help in cleaning the intestine for controlling constipation.

How To Consume:

  • With the regular consumption of bael fruit for 2 to 3 months, you can get this one of the crucial bael fruit juice benefits against constipation.
  • You can also add some salt and black pepper to the juice for enhancing the benefits against the problem.
  • So you can comfortably use bael fruit for constipation.

4. Prevent Scurvy:

For all those people who are not aware of the disease called scurvy, it is caused due to a deficiency of vitamin C. The deficiency causes many harmful effects on the blood vessels of the body and as a result, creates long-term problems for people. One of the important uses of bael is to prevent and cure this disease.

As the fruit is rich in various vitamins including vitamin C, it can prove to be extremely beneficial for scurvy. It can enrich the body with the desired requirement of vitamin C and thus can prevent the disease within no time.

How To Consume:

  • Consume stone apple fruit daily and see the desired result against scurvy.

5. Cure Earaches:

Wood apple nutrition holds its importance for providing desired benefits against earaches. This is one of the most unknown yet most important bael fruit benefits that help in the desired prevention of earaches. Thanks to the laxative properties of bael fruit powder it removes the toxins from the ear and thus provides the desired benefits. Apart from this, it also reduces infections in the ears if any.

How To Use:

  • Mix some of the bael fruit extracts with mustard oil and then use this mixture for the ear.
  • Pour this mixture into the ear in the morning as well as in the evening for getting the best results.

6. Aid In Digestion:

Thanks to the good amount of nutrients and fibre present in this fruit it can help its users to improve their digestion easily. If you love eating fatty food, even then wood apple juice benefits the process of digestion.

How To Consume:

  • Just like constipation, you can also get the wood apple health benefits for digestion.
  • It has been observed that with the regular consumption of bael fruit, you can improve your digestion in the best possible manner.
  • You don’t really have to do anything special other than consuming this fruit in your daily routine.
  • Just imagine how easy it is to improve your digestive power with the bael fruit benefits.

7. Treat Heart Diseases:

Are you aware of the fact that you can take the bael fruit benefits for preventing various heart diseases? Yes, there have been many recent types of research that signify the fact that bael fruit benefits in the treatment and prevention of heart diseases. Other than using bael fruit for diabetes, you can also use bael fruit for treating heart diseases without any risk.

How To Consume:

  • For getting the maximum benefit of this fruit, you can mix the extract of Wood Apple with some ghee and then use it in your meals.
  • Many health experts have found that it can reduce heart problems by 54%.
  • You just need to be regular with the consumption of the bael fruit and then there is nothing that can come your way for preventing the health problems.

8. Treat Respiratory Problems:

The Indian bael also has an amazing benefit that helps in improving the health of the person against respiratory problems. Most of the time, we don’t consider respiratory problems very crucial and this is where we promote them to get bigger. If ignored, respiratory problems can become serious health issues like asthma and cold. As a result, you should not avoid the bael fruit tea benefits for preventing respiratory problems. Along with the prevention of these problems, it also acts as a resistance to the cold.

How To Consume:

  • Consume a bael fruit drink in the morning, preferably empty stomach for getting its benefits against respiratory diseases.

9. Cure Gastric Ulcer:

The high level of mucosa levels in the body and the oxidative stress in the body can cause a gastric ulcer. In recent times, this problem has become quite common to many people and therefore, there have been many types of research for finding its desired solution. You can use the wood apple benefits for treating gastric ulcers in the easiest way possible. Thanks to the bael fruit nutrition and the phenolic compounds which are rich in antioxidants, you can get the desired benefits for gastric ulcers.

How To Consume:

  • You can include the consumption of bael fruit tea in your diet and can get noticeable results against the gastric ulcer along with the proper precaution for its re-occurrence.

10. Lowers Cholesterol Levels:

The various uses of wood apples suggest that they can be used for keeping the cholesterol level in control. Thus, people who are suffering from high cholesterol levels can include this magical ingredient in their diet which can limit the rise of cholesterol levels along with controlling the sugar levels in the blood.

How To Consume:

  • Consume the dried bael fruit for continuously a month or two for bringing your cholesterol level under the desired limit.
  • Also, as bael fruit is good for diabetes, it also benefits in controlling cholesterol levels.
  • Lowering the cholesterol level adds to the list of many bael benefits.

11. Protect Liver Health:

As wood apple benefits weight loss, it also has significant results for improving the health of the liver. This is one of the uses of wood apples which has come in the highlight in recent times. In spite, it has been seen that the bael fruit calories are good for the working of the liver. You can also use bael fruit during pregnancy and reap the benefits of bael fruit during pregnancy for improving the liver health of both the mother as well as of the child.

How To Consume:

  • The regular consumption of bael fruit helps in removing unnecessary and harmful toxins from the body and thus clears the way for the liver for performing its functions.

12. Purify The Blood and Removes Toxins:

One of the most popular bael health benefits is its ability to purify the blood and remove toxins from the body. This is because bael fruit contains laxative properties which help in removing all the toxins from the body and thus help in enhancing inner health. As a result of this ability of bael fruit, you can positively use bael fruit for constipation, bael fruit for weight loss and bael fruit during pregnancy.

How To Consume:

  • Make sure that you are consuming bael fruit, along with warm water and honey, in any of the forms in your diet mostly in the morning empty stomach for getting the best results.

13. Good For the Kidney:

Not many people are aware of the fact that the bael fruit tree is also good for the kidney. Improving the health of the kidney and helping it to perform all its functions properly and efficiently is one of the major bael benefits that most health experts are now using for many medicinal uses.

How To Consume:

  • You can go all-natural for improving your kidney functioning by being regular in the consumption of bael fruit.
  • After the realization of these benefits, the entire picture of bael fruit has changed for many people and for many reasons.
  • You will get the desired benefits within 2 months of the proper dosage of bael fruit.

14. Boost Energy Levels:

Are you feeling down due to your low energy level and want something that can boost your energy levels? You can get rid of this tiredness by either trying a number of vitamins and nutrients or you can either try the various wood apple used against this problem. The various vitamins and minerals available in the bael fruit help instantly boost energy levels.

As it was found that the regular consumption of bael fruit can boost energy levels, it is now suggested by many health experts to consume bael fruit during pregnancy as well. This will help the expecting mother to feel charged and energetic during pregnancy time.

15. Control Blood Pressure:

Indians mostly suffer from the problem of high blood pressure and thus are always looking for an effective remedy against the problem. Well, to treat this common Indian problem, you can use your very own Indian bael fruit. As soon as this benefit became to the world, it helped in changing the bael fruit images in front of the world. This is one of the popular wood apples uses that the entire world is now using.

How To Consume:

  • Choose the option of regular consumption of bael fruit and find the best solution for controlling your blood pressure with no hassles.

16. Cure Snack Bites:

You would never hear about the wood apple benefits against snack bites. This is because of the fact that most people are not aware of this benefit of the fruit and thus don’t have these bael fruit images. But as a surprise to many people, bael fruit can prove to be very beneficial against snack bites.

If you are aware of the details of the bael fruit tree, you would know that it contains laxative properties and thus helps in removing toxins from the body. Along with this, the anti-inflammatory properties of bael fruit reduce the inflammation symptoms of snack bites. Overall, this is one of the most important wood apple health benefits.

17. Bael Fruit Benefits For Hair:

Have you tried the bael fruit benefits for hair? Still, haven’t you? Bael fruit is rich in various nutrients and vitamins which are needed for the healthy growth of the hair. Out of the various stone apple fruit benefits improving the quality and texture of the hair is one of the most popular benefits. Bael fruit not only benefits the hair but also benefits in treating scalp problems.

How To Apply:

  • Mix some of the bael fruit extracts with coconut oil and almond oil and then apply this mixture on your hair and scalp.
  • Massage the mixture for some time and then wash off your hair.
  • Repeat doing the same thing for twice a week for 2 months and see the bael fruit benefits for hair.

18. Bael Fruit Benefits For Skin:

Who doesn’t like to have smooth and gorgeous skin that can enhance their personality? If you too want the same result for yourself, then you should try getting the wood apple fruit benefits for the skin. The bael fruit benefits for the skin are even proved in many types of research by medical science. The ingredient and its properties work like magic against various skin problems.

How To Apply:

  • To get the bael fruit benefits for the skin, mix some of its extracts with rose water, honey, aloe vera gel, and sandalwood powder and then apply it on the face.
  • Try applying this mixture during the night, before going to sleep, as it will help in getting the maximum wood apple benefits for the skin.

How To Include Bael Fruit Into Your Diet?

It is certainly important to include the benefits of bael fruit in your diet so as to reap its benefits. But for doing so, the main concern is the way in which you include fruit in your regular diet. Just like the other ingredients, there are many ways in which you can add this amazing Bengal quince to your diet for getting only its benefits and not the side effects.

The possible ways for adding this fruit to your diet are as follows:

  • Add in your salad.
  • Take up bael fruit juice.
  • Eat them in ripe form.
  • Make any dessert with them.

How To Eat Bael Fruit?

For getting the desired and mentioned benefits of bael fruit, it is important to be sure about how to eat bael fruit. Even if you take a minimum amount of this fruit, you will get the desired benefits but it is advised to consume this ingredient in the proper quantity so that you can avoid the bael fruit side effects.

You can either consume the fruit in the ripe form or in the juice form. For taking the juice, you can squeeze the pulp of the fruit and then can take the fresh fruit from the fruit.

Bael Fruit Side Effects:

Apart from the various wood apple fruit benefits, health experts have suggested that the over-consumption of this fruit can cause some side effects. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with health experts and doctors about the adequate quantity of bael fruit.

Are you interested in knowing the possible bael fruit side effects? Here are some of them that are quite common:

  • Bael fruit can cause low blood sugar.
  • They can upset the stomach.
  • Bael fruit can cause severe liver injury which can even cause death.
  • Over-consumption can also cause constipation.
  • They can also be the reason for skin allergies.

With the consumption of a proper amount of bael fruit, you can minimize these side effects and thus can use bael fruit for weight loss, bael fruit during pregnancy and bael fruit for diabetes.

The Indian Bael fruit is one of the best ingredients that can help you out with almost all the issues and problems that you may face with the normal functioning of your body. The following benefits of this fruit are enough to attract anyone towards it. Are you impressed with the offered benefits of bael fruit? When are you starting to include it in your diet?

If you still have any doubts or concerns regarding the wood apple benefits, then please do comment below. We would get back to you with the best possible information to help you be sure of the use of this fruit in your diet.


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