Water chestnut is also known as Singhara, in India and its flour is very commonly used during fasting due to it’s filling and cooling effects on the body. It is an aquatic vegetable that has a thick dark green to purple coloured peel. The vegetable itself is creamish to white. In this article, we will explore some best water chestnut benefits for health, hair and skin. Let’s have a look into them.

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Water chestnut is popularly known by various names in different parts. It is highly rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, copper with other minerals in a small percentage. Also, contain vitamins B6 which is a very important component and others are vitamin B and E. The water content in water chestnut is really very beneficial. It is available in India in various colours like red, dark green and mixture of these colours. This crunchy highly nutritious food item is fat-free, thus low in calories.

Water Chestnut Benefits and Uses:

Here is how Water chestnuts are beneficial to consume, Read on to know more about this the water chestnut benefits and advantages for health and beauty.

  • Water chestnuts act as a coolant for the body. So, work well for those suffering from upset stomach and loose motions. It is also helpful in indigestion and nausea.
  • It is great for those on a diet plan as they are high in nutrients and almost fat-free while being low on calories. So, you can munch on as many of these, as you like. These are very mildly sweet in taste and very crunchy so, a true delicacy.
  • Those suffering from jaundice should eat water chestnuts as this vegetable helps the body in detoxification.
  • Those suffering from thyroid issues would also benefit from it as it is rich in Iodine and Manganese.
  • Water Chestnuts are packed with lots of antioxidants like flavonoids and polyphenols. As a result, they boost the body’s free radical fighting potential and thus have anti ageing and anti-cancer properties.
  • Dried water chestnuts can be powdered. This powder should be taken with plain water or any fruit or vegetable juice, for that matter. You would notice relief from cough within a few days of regular consumption.
  • If your kid does not eat properly, chestnuts can be used as a natural remedy to improve appetite.

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  • The flour made out of water chestnut is very beneficial for pregnant women and even post pregnancy. They are healthy during pregnancy and control bleeding after delivery. Also, it affects milk secretion positively.
  • Water chestnuts or singhara clears out toxins from the blood, hence purifying it. This naturally improves, skin texture and complexion and also keep acne in check.
  • If you feel low on energy and tired, you may try water chestnuts as they are refreshing to eat while being low in carbohydrates. They keep your metabolism kicking.
  • They are known to keep blood pressure under control by preventing water retention and regulating sodium levels in the body.
  • Water chestnuts are rich in the mineral Potassium which is essential for a proper muscular and neural functioning.
  • Boil some water chestnuts in water and set off the water to cool down. Consuming this water during the acute phase of illness during Measles helps in providing relief from symptoms.
  • The water chestnuts can be sun-dried and powdered. This powder is then mixed with lemon juice and applied on eczematous skin. This home remedy, when used regularly, can provide a good amount of relief to inflammation and redness on the skin.
  • Similarly, powdered peels of water chestnuts can also be mixed with rose water to provide aid in case of skin inflammations.
  • Consuming chestnuts regularly, itself can give you healthy and lustrous hair. This is because this veggie is rich in a variety of minerals like potassium, zinc, vitamin E and B.
  • Due to the presence of the mineral Zinc, it acts as a natural promoter and accelerator of wound healing.
  • Due to the presence of vitamin E, water chestnuts help in improving fertility.
  • Consumption of water chestnuts during pregnancy helps in improving Fetal growth.
  • The fruits of water chest are helpful in anaemic individuals. Also, it helps in better and quicker healing of bone fractures.
  • Water chestnut is rich in flavonoid antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds that help to reduce the infections caused by microorganisms. Water chestnut has various properties like anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial properties that protect us from various diseases. Cancer cells get inactivated by consuming this special fruit and also inhibit further growth of cancer-causing cells.
  • It helps to reduce fatigues by providing sufficient energy to keep us activated.
  • It reduces the symptoms that cause insomnia and bad taste.
  • As it fights against microbes, hence it
  • helps to give relief from common cold and flues.

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Water Chestnut Benefits For Hair:

  • Water chestnut also has hair benefits which are rich in several nutrients in order to maintain proper health condition. It is rich in nutrients like vitamin B and E and contains minerals like zinc and potassium. It helps to maintain the healthy condition of hair and in addition, makes it damage free and lustrous. Healthy hair condition enhances your beauty by making you look beautiful. Antioxidants provide protection from the free radicals and also help to remove the toxic substances.

Water Chestnut Benefits For Skin:

  • This is also beneficial for our skin. It keeps our body and skin hydrated due to the presence of a high amount of water in this fruit. Hydrating effect is really very crucial to protect the skin from anti-ageing and hence provide a youthful skin. It can be utilized in making face packs using the powdered skin of the water chestnuts. The paste is applied on the affected swollen areas to provide relief. Also, the seed of this is quite helpful which can be used in powdered form with lemon for eczema remedy. People suffering from measles should regularly have water chestnut which is boiled in water to provide an effective solution.

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Water Chestnut Benefits For Pregnant Women:

Water chestnut is also helpful for pregnant women and also for babies. It helps in proper secretion of milk by the mammary glands. Miscarriage risk in pregnant women is treated by water chestnut. Bleeding mainly stopped or reduced by the dried seeds. Hypertension is the main criteria during pregnancy and that would affect the health of the baby. Hence, water chestnut improves the growth of fetus by providing proper nutrients. In order to protect pregnant women from haemorrhage, water chestnut is consumed in the form of porridge. Water chestnut controls us from anaemia and blood loss. Proper flow of blood is necessary for proving energy to our body in order to keep us tiresome.

Water Chestnut Benefits For Body Temperature:

Water chestnut helps to remove internal heat from our body. Thus maintaining the proper body temperature is highly essential for our body function. Digestion problem is at par due to proper body temperature. The powdered form of water chestnut is really very beneficial for stomach and intestine. This natural fruit has a great advantage in our body. Also, the nausea problem is kept away by using the extract from water chestnut. It keeps us relieve from common cold and cough. Consuming water chestnut regularly with juice or water is highly beneficial for our health.

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This natural food item has a lot of benefits. This seasonal food obtained from the plant is very common in India and China. It can be eaten by cooking and it does not lose its nutritional power. Here, we have discussed 25 water chestnut benefits which are highly essential for our health. I hope, after reading this article, you must be aware of the large list of health and beauty benefits of water chestnut.


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