Top 9 Dried Oregano Benefits

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Oregano, the most flavour filled herb extensively used in Italian dishes is most people’s favourite ingredient or top up.It is available as fresh leaves and in dried form usually used as a herb. The herb is called as Origanum Vulgare which belongs to mint family named Lamiaceae.

Initially originated from warm places like western and southwestern Eurasia and the Mediterranean region, the perennial plant has leaves that are round in shape. It is an annual crop and usually grows in moderate climates preferably little inclined towards colder weather.

The herb was first grown in Greece as Greeks accepted the herb as a gift from Goddess Aphrodite as she termed the herb as a symbol of happiness. Named after the Greek words Orosgano’s which mean mountains and joy, the herb was identified as the “joy of mountains”

The Oregano leaves are very aromatic and you will be pleasantly surprised to know that along with adding great flavour and aroma to the dishes, oregano also has loads of other benefits in store for the human body. Italian cuisine uses dried oregano as one of the herbs; however, it is also used in medicinal purposes. So is dried oregano food for you? Let’s find out some of the benefits.

1. Helps in Enhancing Immunity:

Oregano contains vitamin A and iron and manganese which are perfect for the body and regular consumption of the oregano dried leaves benefits your body. It helps in achieving good health and boosts immunity. It strengthens the immune system and keeps away a number of health problems.

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2. For Treating Menstrual Cramps:

Pain relieving properties of oregano make it perfect for women who are having issues of menstrual cramps. Some dried oregano leaves can be chewed 3-4 times in a day to get the outcomes. This should be done during the time of the cycle.

3. Aids Digestion:

Thymol and carvcol helps in treating all the disorders of the stomach. One can include dried oregano leaves in the dishes or else add some oregano oil drops in a glass of water and consume it each day for maximum benefits on the digestion.

4. Anti Bacterial Properties:

Oregano is known to have antibacterial properties. The oil from dried oregano leaves can be used on the skin for treating various infections and skin diseases. It is one of the best benefits of this herb.

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5. To Flavour the Dishes:

One of the well known and most common benefits of dried oregano comes in the form of flavouring the food items. You must have definitely used oregano herb on pizzas and pastas. In Italian cuisines it is one of the popular herbs that is used.

6. Herbal Medicine:

Dried oregano is also an herbal medicine that is used for digestion along with treating vomiting diarrhea, morning sickness and even nausea. Dried oregano can be used to prepare the tea and make use in an ideal way.

7. For Fever:

Oregano oil extracted from dried oregano is one of the ways to bring down the body temperature and treat fever. One can also use the dried herb for the purpose. As for the oregano oil, 4-5 drops can be mixed in water and taken each day for the next 4-5 days till the problem subsides completely. Dried oregano can also be added to the soups to get the benefits along with improving the taste.

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8. Provides Vitamin C:

Along with fresh oregano, even dried oregano provides good levels of vitamin C to the body. This helps as anti inflammatory agents for the health as well as ensures proper resistance to various infections and diseases. Vitamin C is very much an important nutrient required by the body in good amounts.

9. For Heart Health:

The good levels of minerals in dried oregano along with potassium help in regulating the heart functions especially blood pressure and heart rate. Iron again on the other hand helps in increasing the levels of red blood cells and not only treats the signs of anaemia but also helps in preventing such issues in the later stages of life. It is one of the best benefits to use.

Dried Oregano leaves are readily available in sealed packages in stores but if you wish to make them yourself, here are the steps on how to make them and how to use them:

  1. You may harvest your home-grown Oregano or pick some leaves from the vegetable market.
  2. Most people grow Oregano at home as it is an easy to grow herb that doesn’t really demand any extra care except for timely water and sunlight like other plants.
  3. Pluck some tiny Oregano leaves from the plant or pull out a stem. Dry it well in sunlight and make sure you don’t leave them free as they may catch dust. So, cover the leaves with a perforated paper bag to keep dust off.
  4. In case you don’t wish to take the pain of drying the leaves in sunlight, just grab a food dehydrator tray and leave the leaves for a few days. While they dry slowly, keep turning them at frequent intervals.
  5. Expose the leaves to warm air or light and let them dry fully.
  6. Once the leaves a completely dry, just crumble them to make tiny pieces. You can also use the dried stem as it too holds good flavour and can transfer aromas to meat while it cooks.
  7. Transfer the dried Oregano leaves to an airtight container and use them whenever you want.

Side Effects:

Although Oregano carries great benefits, it also carries certain side effects when taken in larger quantity. Flavour filled herbs are all meant for small applications. When used in larger amounts, herbs like Oregano may give you an upset stomach. In some people who are allergic to certain plans from the mint family may experience allergic reaction.

Pregnant women are generally asked not to consume Oregano as certain studies have shown that Oregano reduces the absorption of Iron into the body. Apart from these mild side effects, Oregano usually isn’t a harmful herb.

If you are someone who loves to munch on snacks or dishes topped with flavoured herbs especially those that are like mint, just try the Oregano and enjoy the savoury taste.

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