Coconut Oil Benefits And Uses For Skin, Hair & Health

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Coconut is a wonderful fruit and we like to have this during summers. This when dried and the flesh is made ground to become oil, has even more benefits than just the water. This oil has excellent conditioning, curing and anti-bacterial properties. Other than improving your normal digestion when you use this in cooking, Coconut oil can also be applied from outside to cure minor wounds and several other minor beauty problems. It is high in saturated fats which is why it was believed to be not a healthy option. Recent studies show otherwise.


According to conventional belief earlier, coconut oil was considered to be unhealthy for those suffering from cardiovascular ailments. But however, later on it was realized that this believe was not true, Coconut oil is certainly a friendly food for the heart which alongside aids in the smooth flowing of the body. Considers have demonstrate that admission of coconut oil can help our bodies mount imperviousness to both infections and microbes that can bring about sickness. Significantly more, it additionally can battle off yeast, growth and candida. The oil is utilized not pretty much as a part of tropical nations, where coconut ranches are bottomless, additionally in the US and the UK. Individuals are finding the miracles this coconut oil can make and it is again picking up fame all through the world.

Coconut oil executes the infections that cause flu, measles, hepatitis, SARS, and different genuine risks associated with infections of various kinds. It additionally eliminates microbes that cause ulcers, throat diseases, urinary tract contaminants, pneumonia, and gonorrhea. At last, coconut oil is additionally successful in the elimination of the microbes  and yeast that are responsible for  causing episodes of ringworm, thrush, along with diaper’s rash in infants.

Coconut oil do not increase your LDL and is a healthy thing to even include regularly replacing normal refined oils. However, this should be done under prescription and then you can know the proper dosage. Other than protecting the heart from strokes and other diseases, it can also boost immunity. It has known effects in making hair lustrous and you can use this on the scalp to cure any scalp problems. It is not just healthy but including this into regular beauty care routines for your hair, and even your skin can be a helpful thing to do.

Coconut oil is one the most common oil which is widely used for various purposes. It has a moisturizing effect on our skin and helpful for massaging the hair. Recently, it is mixed with other substances to increases the health benefits of coconut oil. It is being traditionally used for ages. It cut the heart attack risks and promote a good health to you.

Coconut Oil Benefits And Advantages:

In this article we have presented some of the curated coconut oil benefits which will make you go wow this summer. Below are the known benefits of coconut oil provides to your Skin, hair and health.

A. Skin Care Benefits Of Coconut Oil:

1. Removes Dry Skin:

If you have very dry skin, then this can be very good massage oil for you. Other than for use in dry weathers, you can use this with other lotions or creams and then mix these ingredients to create a natural lotion that will not only sooth you but also provide for a softer surface. This also reduces the dry flakes and any other skin problems like breakouts from acne if you normally are not sensitive to oil application.

2. Get Rid Of Wrinkles:

If you have sagging or aging epidermis then this oil can work in a helpful way to provide you with nourishment. It also removes dead cells, decaying cell tissues and any other dry flakes on the surface. It also enhances the complexion. This when massaged gently every day, can give you a wrinkle free surface. Therefore this is very beneficial for those having fine lines or other dry skin problems.

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3. Good For Feet:

This is also good for massaging on the feet. Warm up a cup of coconut oil and then use this to massage on a cleansed and scraped feet. You can previously dip the feet in warm soap water and scrub the dead cells off. This will allow for better absorption of the oil. Then massage the warm oil and wear socks. You will have softer feet with regular therapy.

4. Skin Scrubber:

This can also act as a very good scrub agent with other associated ingredients. If you are looking for a softer surface, then u can use some sugar granules which are very fine grained, or cinnamon powder, or those having acne problem can use dust of clove and walnut, or simple rice powder and then mix it with coconut oil to make a natural scrubber and then use on face to gently scrub the dead cells off with massaging movements for about 1 minutes and then wash off with your face wash.

5. Natural Makeup Remover:

This can be a good natural make up remover. Instead of using market products, try using this by taking a small amount on cotton balls and then removing makeup gently. This will rejuvenate skin and also remove the traces of makeup very easily with gentle motions.

6. Cures Psoriasis:

If you have other problems like eczema or psoriasis, then this oil can be used to treat the condition with regular usage, if you are not sensitive to it.

7. Reliefs From Insect Bites:

If you have suffered a bug bite or an insect bite which itches, immediate application of this oil can soothe the area. If a homemade natural balm can be made with this oil and you keep it handy, this can be a relief for frequent insect bites.

8. As Night Creams:

A similar balm can also be used or this oil mixed with some night cream can be used to enhance the benefits that you can get from a normal night cream.

9. Dark Circles Under Eyes:

This oil mixed with almond oil or walnut oil can be used in the ratio of 2:2 for using under eye for any dark circle problem. This is a very good skin soothing agent.

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B. Hair Benefits Of Coconut Oil:

1. For Fizzy Hair:

Coconut oil is a very good conditioner. Warm this measuring about half a cup and massage your head. Mix it with some other essential oils like jojoba or eucalyptus and then massage for about 5 minutes after shampooing if you have the problem of frizzy hair. Keep it like this for about 10 more minutes and then wash off. Do not shampoo again. This will leave the hair soft and easily manageable after your hair has dried. You can comb it thoroughly. For proper results for extreme dry hair, you should do this therapy every day and then reduce to 4 times or 5 times a week and then lower it depending on requirement. If you have normal hair, then doing this 3 times a month can be helpful.

2. Dandruff Controller:

You can make wonderful hot oil massage with this and almond oil. Use both in equal ratios and you can add some lemon juice about 2 tbsp to this to cure dandruff if you have it. This oil in itself will have dandruff curing properties which is in its anti-bacterial properties. You can then use indirect heat to warm the mixture up. Then when it is slightly warm but not hot, massage it on the scalp for about 10 minutes and wrap a warm towel around the head. This will deep condition your strand and leave them feeling very soft. You can then sit like this for about 20 more minutes and then wash off by shampooing. Repeat the procedure once a week or as per your need.

3. Hair Nourishing:

Using this oil regularly on the head will keep your roots nourished and you will have less hair fall. It has proven effects to reduce hair fall.

4. Removes Lice From Scalp:

Do you have lice problem? This oil can be helpful for you in that case or a lice problem that frequently occurs. You can use this oil at normal room temperature, in more than needed quantity to make the hair very well dampened with this and then leave it overnight on the scalp. The next morning you can comb off head with lice comb and your lice will mostly get treated properly.

5. For Dry Hair And Itchy Hair:

If you have to make a pack which deep conditions and cures the hair of dandruff, you can try using this oil with neem paste or a paste of neem powder. This can get you rid of dandruff. Both works excellently to cure itchiness, bacteria which cause bumps or acne the head and also gets you rid of dry flakes. You can also make a deep conditioning pack with banana and this oil as per as much is required. You can use avocado in place of banana. Making another henna pack with overnight soaked henna in coconut oil and then next day grind and use this. You can add methi, amla, neem powder and even lemon juice to this. This deep cleanses scalp and moisturizes the strands.

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C. Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil:

1. Weight Loss Remedy:

This is very beneficial for preventing abnormal digestion. Therefore this can stabilize your rate of abnormal stomach acidity and provide for good absorption and a better improved rate of digestion. You can also benefit from the stress that it reduces on your pancreas. It enhances the metabolic rate and your food gets properly digested. Your pancreas can work properly and the bile pigments stay in proper controlled secretion rate. This enhances your food absorption rate and therefore you stay less overweight. It is not an uncommon sight to see that people who uses regularly this oil in their food, they tend to be less over weight, if they follow a healthy lifestyle unlike those who use other oils in spite of being in a healthy lifestyle routine.

2. Prevention Of Heart Diseases:

This coconut oil is very helpful in preventing any form of atherosclerosis. It does contain a high level of saturated fats but these are not harmful as people commonly know about it. It is actually rich in 50% to 60% lauric acid which again is helpful in making the arteries healthy. It does not increase the LDL rather it contains anti-microbial properties which apart from making your immune system stronger, it also leads to proper blood circulation through the arteries. This therefore can prevent several forms of heart diseases.

This is not like other types of saturated fat containing vegetable oils and therefore you can seek the dosage from a reputed dietician or doctor to know if this natural thing can be a healthy solution to having a healthier heart only by including this oil and replacing other cooking oils, or by simple consumption of it like half a teaspoon or so. The dosage can be fixed by a good Ayurvedic doctor and you can benefit from this.

3. Improves Immunity Of The Body:

Coconut oil is an excellent oil which when consumed in small quantities can improve your immunity from within. It cleanses the system and helps improve the proper circulation of blood in your body. It purifies it and acts as a blood purifying agent. It can help you stay away from normal cold and cough. coconut oil can also make you resistant to normal seasonal changes when the bacteria and virus are very prominent in the air. For elderly people, this can also prove to be quite beneficial.

However, for people who have high cholesterol, you need to consult the opinion of a doctor to know if this is suitable for you or not. If they suggest that this is okay for you to consume, you can try adding the said quantity to your regular meals and have a healthy meal. This will slowly improve not just your digestion but also your immune system. It contains acidic substances which are commonly known as lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid and these are proven to have excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and also germicidal properties.

When small quantities of coconut oil is consumed regularly, the lauric acid is broken down and made into monolaurin which is very helpful in resisting the body against diseases like influenza, normal cold, cough, flue, bacterial infections, hepatitis, herpes, cytomegalovirus and HIV. It also can fight back harmful dangerous bacteria like listeria and also other protozoa which can be very dangerous to the human body like giardia lamblia.

4. Helps In Proper Digestion:

Are you someone who suffers from improper digestion or irregular or irritable bowel disorders? Then this wonderful and easily available oil can help you improve your body’s functioning. This can help in proper mucous movement inside your stomach. It helps to relieve you of any improper bowel problems which mostly adults face. If you have irritation or very high constipation problems, then this can be a helpful way out of that problem. Instead of consuming medicines regularly, having this oil in your regular diet can be a relief to you. This also helps in proper absorption of food and the nutrients from it. It contains high levels of saturated fats which contains good anti-microbial properties and therefore helps in killing bacteria inside the stomach. This also kills stomach worms to a certain extent.

5. Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease:

Alzheimer’s ailment  is the most widely recognized reason for dementia around the globe and happens fundamentally in elderly people. In Alzheimer’s patients, there gives off an impression of being a lessened capacity to utilize glucose for vitality in specific parts of the cerebrum. The significant health benefit of coconut oil is that taking coconut oil and utilization of medium chain triglycerides in coconut prompted quick change in cerebrum capacity in patients with milder types of Alzheimer’ and relieved the symptoms of dementia.

6. Gum Health:

Coconut oil has been utilized for oil pulling since long as an approach to rinse the mouth of microbes and recuperate periodontal malady. It is without a doubt a champion amongst the best oils for oil pulling in view of it’s high gathering of antibacterial MCFA’s. By washing the oil in your mouth the oil denatures the microorganisms and sticks to it. Evacuating oral microbes incredibly decreases your danger of periodontal illness. In the event that you have to patch your gums and repair your teeth & recommend coconut oil  pulling 3x a week for 20 minutes a day.

7. Prevents Infections:  

There are amazing health benefits of coconut oil when it comes to treat infections. Coconut oil shapes a compound layer that shields the contaminated body part from outer dust, air, growths, microbes and infections. Coconut oil is exceptionally compelling on wounds since it speeds up the recuperating procedure of harmed tissues.

8. Stress Relief :

Coconut oil is exceptionally relieving and henceforth it helps in expelling stress. Applying it to the head, trailed by a tender back rub, wipes out mental exhaustion. As indicated by exploration virgin coconut oil gives alleviation from anxiety and tension headaches caused by extreme stress.

9. Prevents Kidney Infections:

Another most important benefits of coconut oil is it aids in managing the infections of kidneys as well as bladder. The MCFA’s in the oil fill in as a characteristic anti-microbial by hampering with the lipid covering on microscopic organisms and slaughtering them. Likewise there is a study demonstrating that this power oil straight forwardly shielded the liver from various sorts of damage caused by toxins.

10. Bone Health :

There are extraordinary health benefits of coconut oil when it dealing with the management of your bone health. Being a hub of essential minerals like calcium and magnesium which are extremely important for managing healthy bones and preventing episodes of bone issues. Women over the age of 40 are likely to be in a danger of a serious bone disease called osteoporosis. By incorporation of coconut oil such issues can be prevented to a great extent.

11. Lower The Risk Of Cancer:

Coconut oil contains special components that cut the risk of cancer. Compounds of ketone mainly fight against cancer and help us to prevent from this deadly disease. Coconut oil can be used in cancer treatment. Free radicals that are able to produce cancer cells get inhibited by using coconut oil. On the other hand, coconut oil also consists of medium chain fatty acids that fight against stomach cancer by killing different bacteria. The ketones that are produced after digestion of coconut oil do not energize the tumor cells.

12. Reduces Arthritis And Inflammation:

Different types of coconut oil are available in the market with addition of special substances to give better protection. Medicines have other side effects, so it is preferable to use a natural component that helps to reduce the effect of arthritis. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory property which helps to suppress the inflammatory cells. Coconut oil with minimum heat reduces further risks and are quite helpful is applied to the affected area.

13. Protect The Liver:

The medium chain fatty acids include lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid that are present in coconut oil. These three fatty acids are very healthy and most of it is saturated fat. It helps to clean up our body and protect from infections. Coconut oil helps to detoxify our body from harmful substances. Infections in urinary track are avoided by using coconut oil. Coconut oil also protects our body from further liver damage and helps to cure gradually. Any bacterial effect causes infection in kidney which get minimized by the medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) and hence by killing the microbes.

14. Increases The Brain Function:

The special medium-chain fatty acids that are found in the coconut oil helps in increasing the brain function and sharpen our memory. Memory related problem is an age related issue that can be prevented beforehand. Coconut oil provides natural treatment for Alzheimer patients and also helpful for Parkinson diseases for which loss of memory is the main characteristic feature. The ketone compounds provide the extra energy that is needed for proper functioning of brain. Hence, it basically acts an alternative source of energy. Studies have shown that MCFA are absorbed more easily in our body that fuels the cells of brain.

15. Improves Energy And Endurance:

Consuming a mixture of honey, coconut oil and chia seeds before exercise would surely provide you with instant energy to do works out or any strenuous jobs. It provides stamina to with stand high pressure during workouts.  Coconut oil easily get digested, thus helps in better digestion of our food. Natural or unprocessed coconut oil contains most of the components that basically helps to provide energy.

16. Prevents Tooth Decay And Gum Diseases:

Coconut oil helps to reduce tooth decay due to microbial or rather bacterial effect. It is one of the effective oil that helps to clean the mouth from microbial conditions. It is being used for many centuries for its useful conditions. Not only reduces tooth decay, but also helps to prevent gum diseases. Pulling coconut oil about 3 to 4 times a week will solve your gum problems. This oil kills the bacteria that sticks inside the mouth and gradually removes the oral bacteria.

17. Prevents From Osteoporosis:

Coconut oil has a unique and most important feature that increases the calcium absorption power of our body. It is highly essential in improving the bone condition and increases the bone density those who are having weak bones. Decrease in bone loss leads to osteoporosis but it can be prevented by coconut oil. Also coconut oil is rich in antioxidants that fight against the free radical for further body damage. Coconut oil provides a natural treatment for this condition. Osteoporosis is mainly caused by free radicals and oxidative stress which can be reduced and helps to prevent from this disease.

18. Reduces Pancreatitis And Gall Bladder Diseases:

Coconut oil improves our body from various diseases, out of these the commonly occurring diseases like gall bladder and pancreatitis get reduced. The fatty acids are easy to digest and do not put pressure to this glands and organs. Thus, gall bladder and pancreatic diseases are lowered. This improves the health condition of our body which impacts the overall health of our body.

19. Reduces Stomach Ulcer:

It helps to reduce ulcerative colitis and stomach ulcer. Digestive health of our body gets improving by consuming coconut oil in food items. The mineral like calcium and magnesium get absorbed in our body those are helpful for digestion. Any imbalance in diet leads to poor digestion and inflammation which further causes stomach ulcer. Hence, this readily available oil improves our digestive condition.

20. Helps In Hormonal Balance:

As this natural oil is a great source of fatty acid, it helps to maintain the hormonal level of our body. Research works on coconut oil has shown that consuming it would increase the estrogen level in the body and also helpful during menopause. The saturated fats are helpful in maintaining a perfect balance in hormones.

To Clean The Floor:

Hence it is often said that mixing small quantity of coconut oil at place which are infested with insects like ants or flies, can also help them stay away. It adds anti-fungal properties to cleaning water and you can use this like 2 tbsp into a bucket of phenol water to clean the floor. Other than providing a sweet fragrance, it will also keep the floors anti-fungal which can be very helpful especially during monsoons when the bacteria and virus is very prominent in the air.

There are principally assortments of coconut oil  immaculate, refined, virgin, natural, fractionated  and additionally an extra virgin version . When you need to purchase coconut oil, most importantly, you have to choose why you require it and where you are going to utilize it. Your decision ought to be founded on your need, as whether you need it for palatable purposes or as a transporter oil to be utilized as a part of fragrance based treatment, for kneading, for weight reduction, or for restorative purposes.

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