The scientific name of hibiscus herbal tea is Hibiscus Sabdariffa. The other name of hibiscus tea leaves is Agua de Jamaica. The history pertains to the ancient time of 800 BC when some people found hibiscus tea. Tropical hibiscus tea was found in South Africa; earlier, people did not know its effects. Later, some scientists discovered the usefulness of hibiscus tea, which is now one of the best teas for health. Hibiscus tea health is very beneficial nowadays, and people love it. So, one should surely try hibiscus tea at least once in a lifetime. In this article, we will provide some of the best hibiscus tea benefits for health and its side effects.

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What Is Hibiscus Tea?

Hibiscus herbal tea preparations are done by boiling different plant parts at a moderate temperature. It is generally ruby red or magenta in terms of colour. Also, it is a very beneficial tea which provides a number of health benefits for all people. Although the taste is sour, the flavour becomes sweeter if provided with the best remedies.

Is Hibiscus Tea Good For Health?

Yes, the tropical hibiscus tea is a very beneficial product as a liquid. It can prevent cancer, improves digestion, reduce blood sugar level, reduce high blood pressure, lose weight, reduce cholesterol level, etc. With several remedial solutions, it is one of the best teas in the world. So, one should try to include it in the daily diet to see its effect.

Importance Of Hibiscus Tea:

  • It has a number of productive carbohydrates which can help relieve certain pain. Such a nutritious value is very good to be present.
  • The main point lies in the presence of vitamins. Hibiscus tea is well-nourished with vitamins A, B, C, D, and K.
  • It is directly prepared by boiling up hibiscus leaves, which are present in pure form.
  • One only needs to drink sour tea and wait for the results. The importance lies in leaves, which are useful for health problems. Even some people can directly take the juice of hibiscus leaves.

Nutritional Value Of Hibiscus Tea:

The hibiscus tea nutrition facts per 100 ml of hibiscus tea are:

  • Total fat is 0.7 g, which includes saturated fat 0.3 g.
  • The cholesterol is turning out to be 0 mg.
  • Sodium is 3 mg.
  • Potassium is 9 mg.
  • The total carbohydrate is 7 g.
  • Sugar is 6 g.
  • Protein is 0.4 g
  • Iron is 47 %.
  • Vitamin A is 50 %, Vitamin C is 30 %.

All the measure provided above is for 100 ml of hibiscus tea. All the nutritional value provides a number of health benefits in terms of proteins, iron, and carbohydrates. One can get some extra intake of hibiscus tea without any side effects.

How To Make Hibiscus Tea At Home?

It is very easy to prepare hibiscus tea at home with proper procedures. All you need to have is hibiscus leaves at home. It can be a grind and boiled to make tea. So, look at the method to prepare hibiscus tea at home efficiently and with simple steps.


  • Cinnamon
  • Mint

How To Do:

  • Start preparing water to boil on a stove.
  • The dried hibiscus flowers can be put in an empty teapot.
  • Pour the boiled water into the teapot.
  • The leaves should be left to steam for at least 5 minutes.
  • Try to strain the tea.
  • You can also sweeten the tea.
  • Now add different ingredients to it.

How Often Should I Do This:

  • Hibiscus tea can be prepared in good amounts to be drunk daily.
  • Two times a day is the best option for having it.

How Much Hibiscus Tea Should I Drink a Day?

Dried hibiscus tea should be drunk at least once time in a day. The excess can be 3 times a day. Natural hibiscus tea benefits health; even people can look for the best brand. One can also enjoy hibiscus tea flavour with some extra ingredients. So, don’t take the tea in excess for a day.

Best Time To Drink Hibiscus Tea:

The hibiscus tea powder is also available, which can be drunk directly with water. The best time seems to be during breakfast and snacks. Some people can also take the same before going to sleep. But it is always recommended to take fresh hibiscus tea only. One can also try orange and yellow hibiscus tea with some extra milk.

Top Health Benefits Of Hibiscus Tea:

Here, we enlisted 15 of the best hibiscus tea benefits, which cure many health problems. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Hibiscus Tea For High Blood Pressure:

The hibiscus health benefits include major remedy to prevent high blood pressure. Most people suffer from the same problem, and hibiscus tea is best. It works on dead red blood cells and prevents their destruction. This would help the RBCs to grow and prevent their destruction. So, it will benefit a person with high blood pressure regularly.

  • Ingredients: Hibiscus flowers and water.
  • How To Use: Hibiscus tea can be drunk with the appropriate amount of milk and biscuits.
  • How Often Should I Do This: Two times a day would be a good option.

2. Hibiscus Tea For Anxiety:

A health benefit of hibiscus tea is also good for preventing anxiety. Such a level is often to be seen in youngsters. The herbal hibiscus tea benefits make it good to work over sensitive brain parts and provide regular relief. The benefits are numerous with a wonderful effect. This can be done with the major effect of tea. A good level of relief is expected in such a case.

  • Ingredients: Dried flowers, milk.
  • How To Use: Simple regular tea can be taken when feeling anxious.
  • How Often Should I Do This: 1 time a day should provide relief.

3. Hibiscus Tea For Cold:

The tea for cold comes under the health benefits of hibiscus flower tea. The nature of herbs is such that they prevent any cold in both summers and winters. The warm nature with proper ingredients is enough to prevent cold. The uses of hibiscus tea are good for kids and adults. So, one can add the same tea regularly when suffering from a cold.

  • Ingredients: Honey, hibiscus flower.
  • How To Use: Simple regular tea can be taken when feeling cold.
  • How Often Should I Do This: 2 times a day and regularly.

4. Hibiscus Tea For Constipation:

Constipation is one of the most common problems to be seen. The hibiscus leaf tea benefits are going to prevent such constipation. The leaves of the tea work over dead cells in the body and provide protein to different parts of the body. The advantages of hibiscus tea are very good for health problems. So, if you are suffering from constipation, this will be the best choice.

  • Ingredients: Hibiscus leaves, water.
  • How To Use: Prepare the hibiscus tea without milk and drink it with biscuits.
  • How Often Should I Do This: Two times a day until proper relief.

5. Hibiscus Tea Benefits For Weight Loss:

The hibiscus tea for weight loss is the most appropriate choice for youngsters and seniors. Most people are overweight and try many irrelevant remedies, but hibiscus health benefits weight loss is going to provide the best solution. A regular drink can break down the extra fat in the body easily. So, the choice for the same tea can be made by a person of any age.

  • Ingredients: Lime juice, hibiscus flowers, milk.
  • How To Use: Drink hibiscus tea with some extra milk every time.
  • How Often Should I Do This: Three times a day should be the mark for weight loss.

6. Hibiscus Tea Benefits For Liver:

The benefits of hibiscus tea for diabetes are to be seen here, and one of the most relevant problems is also. The proper functioning of the liver is required regularly; for the same, hibiscus tea is very beneficial. It works over sensitive liver parts and prevents any disease from evolving. Thus, this will be a good option for a person with liver problems.

  • Ingredients: Hibiscus leaves, lime juice.
  • How To Use: Drink hibiscus tea while having your breakfast.
  • How Often Should I Do This: One time a day would be good for breakfast.

7. Hibiscus Tea Benefits For Cancer:

The hibiscus tea benefits for cancer are the major call for relief and beneficial product, and today, most people suffer from the same. The cancer cells try to reproduce themselves, and hibiscus tea tries to melt them down again. This can prevent a person from suffering from cancer to a great level. This is one of the best health benefits of hibiscus tea. So, drinking hibiscus tea every day can provide relief for daily.

  • Ingredients: Milk, water, hibiscus leaves.
  • How To Use: One can use hibiscus tea with extra milk and during breakfast.
  • How Often Should I Do This: One time a day

8. Hibiscus Tea Can Control Cholesterol Level:

The hibiscus tea cholesterol is again a major remedy. Cholesterol level is seen to be very high on an average basis. Hibiscus tea is the best option to cut down the cholesterol level and prevent any other disease. This would work over fats and cholesterol and provide protein as the major ingredient. So, one can prevent getting extra cholesterol levels.

  • Ingredients: Water, hibiscus leaves.
  • How To Use: The tea can be prepared without milk or water. This would be extra effective.
  • How Often Should I Do This: Two times a day

9. Hibiscus Tea Benefits For Sleep:

The tea is going to prevent the person from suffering from the problem of insomnia. The hibiscus tea for sleep is an extra added benefit due to the presence of certain carbohydrates that work on the cellular part of the brain. Such work would initiate proper sleeping without any side effects. Insomnia is dangerous when in excess, so it is good to prevent it. Such advantages and benefits are really good and effective for health problems.

  • Ingredients: Lime juice, hibiscus leaves, milk.
  • How To Use: Regular drink of tea with milk and biscuits.
  • How Often Should I Do This: One time a day and before sleeping.

10. Hibiscus Tea Can Prevent Blood Sugar Levels:

Hibiscus tea blood sugar is good for preventing diabetes. Such a problem can be solved by drinking hibiscus or directly the juice form of hibiscus leaves. The high blood sugar level results in severe problems, and hibiscus tea cuts the extra sugar level by initiating proper vitamins and proteins throughout the body. So, one can prevent the extra growth of sugar levels in the body by hibiscus tea.

  • Ingredients: Honey, hibiscus leaves.
  • How To Use: Regular intake of well-made hibiscus tea regularly.
  • How Often Should I Do This: Two times is sufficient

11. Hibiscus Tea For Kidney Stones:

Most of the dangerous problems are found in the kidney, like stones. Hibiscus tea is a relatively better option to prevent the extra damage of the disease from evolving from it. In the real sense, it cuts down the stone and lets it come out during urination. This problem is to be seen very commonly in youngsters. So, hibiscus tea is the best solution for such stones in the kidney.

  • Ingredients: Honey, lime, hibiscus leaves.
  • How To Use: Regularly drink hibiscus tea with biscuits or snacks.
  • How Often Should I Do This: Three times a day

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12. Hibiscus Tea During Pregnancy:

Now, hibiscus tea during pregnancy has turned out to be very effective. Women generally suffer from many problems during such a stage, and hibiscus tea is the better solution for providing relief. It contains extra addictive carbohydrates and proteins which work in the whole body and keep it nourished. So, hibiscus tea pregnancy can be tried by women apart from taking medicines.

  • Ingredients: Hibiscus leaves and milk.
  • How To Use: Well-prepared hibiscus tea with some extra milk. This can be taken during breakfast or snacks.
  • How Often Should I Do This: Two times a day

13. Anti-Ageing:

Ageing is also one of the major or severe problems generally seen in old-aged people. But what when hibiscus tea is itself acting as an anti-ageing agent? Yes, such a beautiful benefit prevents the body from any ageing problem. It directly works from ageing cells and cuts them down for reproduction. So, this is a very good and mature benefit of hibiscus tea for old people.

  • Ingredients: Hibiscus leaves and water.
  • How To Use: Simple intake of hibiscus tea with or without milk.
  • How Often Should I Do This: Two times a day during breakfast and snacks.

14. Reliefs Menstrual Pain:

The menstrual pain is generally to be observed during the menstrual cycle. The hibiscus tea will provide complete relief from such pain and is a better option than taking medicines. The proteins and carbohydrates work over the sensitive area during the menstrual cycle and try to cut down the reproducing cells. So, this is again one of the best benefits to be seen at this.

  • Ingredients: Hibiscus leaves and honey.
  • How To Use: Regular hibiscus tea with some biscuits during the menstrual cycle.
  • How Often Should I Do This: Two times a day should be the mark for the same.

15. Improves Digestion:

As we know, improper digestion can cause many serious problems. So, a proper digestive body can only yield good results. Hibiscus tea is very productive in providing relief from improper digestion in the body, which is generally seen in kids. In the stomach, hibiscus tea has a major benefit in improving digestion and providing proteins to different body parts. So, one should start joining hibiscus tea for proper digestion.

  • Ingredients: Lime juice, honey, and hibiscus leaves.
  • How To Use: Simple intake of milked hibiscus tea with the appropriate measure.
  • How Often Should I Do This: One time a day

Hibiscus Tea Side Effects:

Besides the benefits and advantages of drinking red hibiscus tea, there are also some side effects.

  • It can affect estrogen, which can lead to problems in the stomach and liver.
  • The second effect can occur during pregnancy and fertility.
  • The third can be during the management of blood pressure. Not always, it helps in maintaining blood pressure.
  • The fourth can be cancer complications that might occur during excessive hibiscus tea.
  • The fifth can be a hallucinatory effect, damaging the brain system.

So, one should also be protected from such unwanted intake of hibiscus tea, which can lead to side effects.

Most people drink without knowing its benefits. Hibiscus tea is one of them, as it provides major health and hair benefits. The tea can be drunk directly with sugar and some more addictive material. The effects can be seen in the solutions for health-related diseases. It benefits pregnant women who generally have problems during the menstrual cycle. The tea can be converted into oil and applied over skin and hair to get nourished daily.


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