A healthy diet is incomplete without the inclusion of Green tea. This tea, as the name suggests is made from unoxidized green tea leaves. The general rule to prepare this drink is by adding just hot water, along with lemon or honey. Unlike the regular tea, milk is not added in the recipe. Ever wondered why? Here is the answer! Green tea and milk don’t compliment each other well! Green tea with milk, although fit for consumption, is not a desirable way to prepare it. Clear green tea outweighs milk-based green tea in all aspects. Let’s understand more about this concept in detail and get our facts right!

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Can We Drink Green Tea With Milk?

The basic rule to follow for preparing Green tea is to do it with just water. Adding Milk to green tea is believed to take away all the goodness of green tea and reduce health benefits. Milk consists of a protein called Casein, which does not fit into the structure of Green tea molecules. It reacts with the Catechins present in green tea and reduces their potency. Although it is not dangerous, adding milk can reduce the health benefits of green tea.

Does the Addition Of Milk To Green Tea – Reduce The Health Benefits?

When milk is added to green tea, its health benefits are significantly brought down. Here are the top 3 reasons why milk-based green tea is not a great idea:

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1. Reduced Anti-Oxidants:

The main reason why Green tea is preferred over other teas is the high amount of anti-oxidants. When milk is added, the proteins in it bind the polyphenols of the tea. Thus, the anti-oxidant power is reduced by almost 18%. However, adding Soy milk can reduce this percentage of anti-oxidant loss to an extent.

2. Weight Gain:

Green tea plus Milk separately offer numerous health benefits. However, when they both are combined, the calories in milk gets added to the green tea, leading to weight gain. Also, green tea with milk can reduce your metabolic rate and lead to poor digestion.

3. Reduced Nutrition:

Green tea is rich in many nutrients like EGCC, 1-Theanine, Amino Acids, Vitamin K, Vitamin C etc., Milk, on the other hand, is rich in Calcium and Protein. When both the ingredients are combined, these nutrients will be lost and no more be available to the body.

Green tea and milk are undoubtedly superfoods that are indispensable to good health. However, they just don’t work together! If you enjoy drinking green tea with milk, you may do so, but keep in mind that you will not be able to take back the benefits of either ingredient. Try to adjust your palate to clear tea by adding some honey and lemon juice! Although it may not be as creamy and frothy as your milk tea, it certainly does offer the cream of good health to you!

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