How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar at Home

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Organic apple cider vinegar is the best that one can have. If it is unfiltered and also unpasteurized then it’s the best. Some places don’t have apple cider vinegar while some may just hike up the prices just for its organic properties. Either ways it is actually better to make it by yourself. This is actually a easy and inexpensive way of enjoying the full bounty of benefits this provides. The only things we need are apples and a lot of patience.

How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar at Home

Apple cider vinegar can be used in many different ways and is not just limited to the kitchen domains.

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Fresh Pressed Apple Cider Method :

Using fresh pressed apple cider to make apple cider vinegar is probably the easiest of all the methods because you barely have to do anything at all.


• A large jar with a wide opening
• Air trap for top of jar to close off the mouth without restricting airflow to help fermentation
• Vinegar (if needed)
• Apple cider


Pour vinegar over apple cider into the wide-mouthed jar. The process will start in a week but for better and speedier outcome use vinegar. Leave it to sit for roughly 4-6 weeks. Post that taste and see if the flavor is as per your liking so that it’s ready to be bottled.

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Cores and Apple Peels- Scrap Method:

To eat the apples and make the vinegary people opt for this variant. It is also a faster alternative and one gets their first batch in two months time.


• A large jar with a wide opening
• Apple scraps
• 3 parts water
• 1 part sugar/ honey
• Air trap/ cheesecloth for top of jar to close off the mouth.

Leave the scraps under the sun to dry till they start turning brown. Now put them into the jar and fill up with water. The level of water depends upon how much scrap you are willing to put into it in the course of the process. If you wish to add more don’t put so much as to overflow the jug. Once the desired level is achieved cover its mouth and store in a dark and warm place. Once there is a grayish layer on top you will know that the fermentation has started. Once it passes the taste test pour them into bottles after straining them.

Whole Fruit Method:

This is the longest procedure and uses the whole apple. It takes approximately seven months to complete the procedure.


• 12 whole organic apples
• A glass bowl
• A larger glass bowl
• A piece of cheesecloth to cover.


Thoroughly wash the apples and then cut them into quarters. No need to core or peel the apples in this method. Dry them till they turn brown. Now transfer them to the small bowl. Add water to cover the apples and cover with cheesecloth. Store it in a dark and warm place for roughly 6 months. When a grey scum appears on top you’ll know that the fermentation has started. Now sieve it out to the larger bowl and cover it again. Leave this for almost 4-6 weeks. Your vinegar is ready.

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Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar:

Of the Many uses the Most Popular are:

  •  It helps relieve sinus and allergies
  •  Regulates scalp pH balance and fights dandruff
  •  Soothes sun burnt skin
  •  Excellent after shave
  •  Gives shiny lustrous hair
  •  Removes teeth stain
  •  Adds flavor to food
  •  A dieter’s boon

So pick your reason and make some at home right away.

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