Cinnamon Side Effects

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Cinnamon is one of the aromatic and beneficial spices that is used in cooking as well as to prepare some good tea to reap a lot of benefits. However, there might be a lot of advantages associated with cinnamon but as we all know the excessive of anything can go bad, the same is valid for cinnamon as well. It is one spice that has been in the knowledge of people for centuries now and has been used in a lot of ways and in a lot of products for the good health of body, skin and hair. However, as important as it is to know about the good side of cinnamon, it is also significant to understand the side or the ill effects associated with the natural product.


To know more, check this list below which will broaden your horizons in more than a perfect way:

Side Effects of Cinnamon:

1. Accumulates Toxins:

Over consumption of cinnamon leads to accumulation of toxins in the body as one of the side effects. This only means that there is a limit to which you should be including this spice in the daily diet after which it is not going to be beneficial for the body at all. According to professionals, 6 grams of this spice is more than enough for the daily dose.

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2. Leads to Premature Delivery:

In women who are pregnant, the consumption of cinnamon can lead to premature delivery. It causes stomach pains and contractions that can actually lead to delivery before time. it is one of the side effects to know about.

3. It Thins Down Blood:

Cinnamon has blood thinning properties which is not good for the body. This might be a benefit in rare cases but not for normal health. For this try and avoid cassia cinnamon and use Ceylon one. This will help control this side effect of the spice.

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4. Causes Skin Irritation:
Cinnamon oil is one of the liquids that in its undiluted form can actually cause irritation of the skin. It can also lead to a burning sensation. One needs to handle it properly and dilute with a cariier oil before using.

5. Negative Effects on Blood Sugar:

People having problems of diabetes definitely undergo medications. If cinnamon is taken along with such medicine, it lowers the blood sugar levels to an extreme level that can cause serious health hazards. Make sure you control this as much as possible especially during medications.

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6. Liver Failure Problems:

A serious side effect of cinnamon that cannot be avoided comes in the form of liver failure. Large doses of certain types of cinnamon can actually cause a liver failure and lead to even death in a lot of cases.

7. Increase and Imbalance in Heart Rate:

Excessive amounts of cinnamon are known to lead to increased heart rate and an imbalance too. This causes heart problems and can again be a serious threat to the overall health and functioning of the body.

8. Shortness of Breath:

Too much of cinnamon oil is something that causes shortness of breath and dizziness problems. Make sure cinnamon oil is diluted well before use to control this side effect in a proper manner. It is one of the ill effects you should know about.

9. Causes Kidney Diseases:

According to a lot of professionals, consuming large amounts of cinnamon is the root cause for a lot of kidney diseases. There might not be a direct link, but then this side effects needs to be mentioned here to ensure that you know about the possible ill effects it might have. Make sure you keep this in mind and control the amounts of cinnamon in the daily diet.