The saying “too much of anything can be too bad”, applies very well in the case of Cinnamon! Cinnamon side effects (Dalchini side effects) can be quite dangerous and are not known to many people. With the internet going gaga over this aromatic spice, people are stocking up their pantries with Cinnamon like never before. Popular for its health benefits, Cinnamon has become a common ingredient in every household. Before you commit the mistake of overeating this spice, we shall help you understand some of the negative effects of Cinnamon.

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Recommended Dosage Of Cinnamon Per Day:

As per the dietary restrictions, a dosage of about 1 teaspoon (2gms) of Cassia Cinnamon powder and 2.5 teaspoons of Ceylon Cinnamon is considered safe for human consumption. As long as you stick to this limit, Cinnamon can be an elixir to your body. However, overdoing it can be lethal too!

Serious Cinnamon Side Effects:

Here we enlisted 12 cinnamon side effects on health. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Toxin Accumulation:

One of the side effects of too much Cinnamon is its role in the accumulation of toxins in the body as one of the side effects. This only means that there is a limit to which you should be including this spice in the daily diet after which it is not going to be beneficial for the body at all. According to professionals, 6 grams of this spice is more than enough for the daily dose.

2. Can Cause Premature Delivery:

In women who are pregnant, the consumption of cinnamon can lead to premature delivery. It causes stomach pains and contractions that can actually lead to delivery before time. This is why pregnant women are restricted from taking Cinnamon in all forms, including powder or oil!

3. Natural Blood Thinner:

Cinnamon is not advised for those who are on blood-thinning medications. This is because Cinnamon has blood-thinning properties which can aggravate the condition. This is one of the Cinnamon side effects on the body, which might be a benefit in rare cases but not for special medical conditions. For this try and avoid cassia cinnamon and use Ceylon one.

4. Causes Skin Irritation:

There are many side effects of Cinnamon powder on the skin. Cinnamon is a strong spice that can irritate sensitive skins when applied directly. It can lead to blisters, rashes and other skin eruptions when used on broken skin. Cinnamon oil is one of the liquids that in its undiluted form can actually cause irritation of the skin. It can also lead to a burning sensation. One needs to handle it properly and dilute with a carrier oil before using.

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5. Negative Effects on Blood Sugar:

People having problems with diabetes definitely undergo medications. If cinnamon is taken along with such medicine, it lowers the blood sugar levels to an extreme level that can cause serious health hazards. Make sure you control this as much as possible especially during medications.

6. Liver Failure Problems:

Cinnamon is known to have around 5% of Coumarin, which can severely damage your liver. And even lead to liver failure and ultimately death. Ceylon Cinnamon is relatively safe to use in this case, as it contains a very limited percentage of this agent. This is one of the dangerous Cinnamon tea side effects.

7. Increases Heart Rate:

Excessive amounts of cinnamon are known to lead to increased heart rate and an imbalance too. This causes heart problems and can again be a serious threat to the overall health and functioning of the body. If you are suffering from hypertension, it is advised to avoid Cinnamon in your diet!

8. Shortness of Breath:

Too much of cinnamon oil is something that causes shortness of breath and dizziness problems. Make sure cinnamon oil is diluted well before use to control this side effect in a proper manner. Also, taking Cinnamon sticks without drinking water can lead to choking and cause breathlessness.

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9. Causes Kidney Diseases:

According to a lot of professionals, consuming large amounts of cinnamon is the root cause for a lot of kidney diseases. There might not be a direct link, but then these side effects need to be mentioned here to ensure that you know about the possible ill effects it might have. Make sure you keep this in mind and control the amounts of cinnamon in the daily diet.

10. Increases Risk Of Cancer:

As per research, taking in too much of cassia cinnamon can cause the growth of cancer tumours in the body. It can severely damage the lungs, liver and kidney by making them susceptible to malignant cells. Over a period of time, Cinnamon overdose can replace healthy cells with tumour cells.

11. May Cause Allergies and Mouth Sores:

Although Cinnamon starts off with a sweet taste, in the beginning, it can leave a burning sensation in your mouth. Cinnamon contains a compound called Cinnamaldehyde, that can cause allergic reactions in your body, including mouth sores. You will notice white patches in your mouth that can cause extreme discomfort. This is one of the major disadvantages of Cinnamon.

12. Increases Body Heat:

One of the side effects of Cinnamon is its temperature raising properties. Cinnamon is one of the heat-causing products like garlic, cayenne pepper and ginger. Overheat in the body can lead to boils, blisters and even stomach disorders. This is one of the major side effects of Cinnamon water.

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Those are some of the serious and less serious Cinnamon side effects. If you are one of those who believe in the myth that Cinnamon can treat all your problems by consuming it large quantities, it’s time to change your opinion. Cinnamon, like other natural agents, takes time to show its healing properties. If you lose your patience and stuff your body with this spice, you are very likely to face these consequences!


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