Kiwi Fruit Benefits For Skin, Hair And Health

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People are usually attracted to Kiwi fruit because of its lovely taste and green colour. It is originally known as Chinese Kiwi fruit and has originated in beautiful and prestigious country of China. It has been used several times to prepare healthy tonics and is quite popular these days because of its high nutritional value and benefits. Even though the Chinese claim to start the business of this fruit, it was New Zealand that discovered its beauty.

Kiwi fruit was cultivated for a commercial purpose and gained popularity pretty fast. The real uniqueness of kiwi fruit lies in its benefits and if you are interested in learning more about it, we would suggest you to read up this article that has been designed exclusively for you.

Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit For Health, Skin And Hair:

Kiwi fruit is a wonderful fruit having high nutritional profile containing several useful minerals, vitamins and rich in fiber. It is recommended to add this fruit in your diet as it is highly beneficial. Following are the most important kiwi fruit benefits and uses of that are helps to your skin, hair and health.

Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit For Skin:

1. Rejuvenates Your Skin:

Kiwis are good when it comes to taking care of your skin. It is definitely one of the best fruits you could use to improve the tone, colour and texture and has been consumed on a daily basis by several people all across the world. Because it is full of Vitamin C, Kiwis are what you really need to keep yourself gorgeous and fabulous all throughout the year. It will act as an antioxidant and take care of all skin problems effectively.

2. Keeps Your Skin Firm:

The second benefit you will derive from kiwis is that it will keep your skin firm and improve its elasticity over time. Since it contains Vitamin C, it will increase the production of collagen which is so much important for a good and healthy skin tone. It will also assist your skin during cuts and abrasions and hydrate it when you see your skin has become too oily, rough or dry. This is one of the top reasons why most beauticians advise us to have kiwi.

3. Gives Your Smooth And Supple Skin:

A lot of women have complained that their skin is too rough and unattractive. This is often because your skin routine is pretty bad. In order to combat this problem and make sure your skin is smooth, supple and beautiful all throughout the year, you should definitely make use of some healthy and tasty kiwis. Drink it down like a juice or just add them to your salad. You will surely reap benefits within a few months time.

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4. Fights Acne:

This goes out to all women who are tired of acne and breakouts. We know how annoying it is and how much it can spoil your mood. So prevent this major problem by using some kiwi in your diet. This will remove all acne and pimples on your skin and beautify it instantly. Your skin will look clear, healthy and radiant all the time because of the lovely magic of green and tasty Kiwis. The best way to use this for fighting acne is by preparing a facial mask which consists of mashed kiwi and yogurt. Keep on the face for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water. Do this twice a week.

5. Exfoliator:

All those women who are tired of going to the parlours, spending thousands of bucks and still getting no results, we have bought you a solution that will end this problem forever. Yes, you have guessed it right! It’s kiwi. They are natural exfoliator that will lighten, brighten and even your skin tone. All dead cells shall be removed and you will look prettier than ever. Just take the peels of the fruit and scrub it all over the skin. You will reap great results within a few weeks.

6. Fights Skin Problems:

One of the best benefits you shall ever derive from Kiwi fruit is that it will fight several kinds of skin infections and skin problems. Eczema is one of them. Your skin will not itch anymore and you will recover pretty soon with the help of this amazing and healthy fruit. You will surely see great changes. This is also one of the top reasons why most doctors and experts have advised us to have Kiwi.

Kiwi Fruit Benefits For Hair:

7. Hydrates Hair:

A lot of women have often complained that their hair is so dry and rough all the time. This is because your hair is not hydrated and it is very important to hydrate it as much as you need to hydrate your skin. But how will you do this? Some of you have understood by now. It is by using the goodness of Kiwi. Buy the kiwi seed fruit oil from the market and apply it on your hair thrice a week. Massage your scalp well and then shampoo after an hour. Your hair will be manageable and beautiful in no time.

8. Fights Hair Loss:

One of the biggest menace women faces these days is hair loss. And we understand how painful it might be for you to see bits of your hair come off every time you brush it. But don’t be so tensed because the remedy that we are about to tell you about will surely bring an end to this menace. Yes, it is the goodness of Kiwi. The oil of this fruit will promote blood circulation and stop hair fall only within a couple of months. You will be able to retain that lost shine and keep your hair strong and thick.

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Kiwi Fruit Health Benefits:

9. Helps You Maintain Weight:

With life becoming so hectic, it is so difficult for most of us to manage our weight. Bad eating habits tend to spoil our appetite and make us very lethargic. A great way to stay active, lose some weight and even maintain it is by having Kiwi. This will make you feel fresh all the time and never give you that bloated feeling. You will be able to manage that waist of yours and eventually drop down a couple of sizes. This is precisely because it is organic and lesser in calories.

10. Create Alkaline Balance:

Kiwi is an alkaline fruit which basically diminishes the acidic effect caused frequently in our body. In fact, we are used to acidity or related issues which make us feel uncomfortable. But Kiwi gives us relief from this acidic effect. This fruit has ample amount of minerals which replaces the acidic food which we basically consume. It provides a rich supply of minerals which helps to maintain the pH balance in our body. The acid and alkaline balance is one of the crucial issues that may lead to various serious problems if not maintained. Maintaining this balance would help in reduced osteoporosis, less arthritis, proper sleep, reduced common cold, abundant physical energy and many more.

11. Helps From Heart Disease:

The unique anti clotting property is mostly found in kiwi fruit. Those having two to three kiwis each day would certainly have reduced effect of blood clotting which is highly essential to get relief from any heart disease. Circulation of blood within our body is mainly important but if is get affected by clotting it would surely have serious problems. This fruit with this additional health benefit does not have any side effects. Though aspirin is preferred by many individuals for reducing the effect of blood clotting, have many side effects. It causes intestinal bleeding and inflammation. Kiwi fruit also reduces the triglycerides by having 2-3 kiwis each day. Thus kiwi fruit is the best solution from this problem to keep our heart healthy.

12. Manage Blood Pressure:

Kiwi is an excellent source of various minerals which is really very helpful for maintaining the accurate level of those particular ions in our body. With the high level of potassium content it helps our body to maintain the other ion level. It counteracts the effect of sodium and maintains the electrolyte balance. Doctors used to prefer medicines those who have these ions deficiency in their body but any natural food item won’t have any side effect. It is a good source of vitamin C, polyphenols and potassium which helps us to protect from any cardiovascular level. These property the blood vessel and the heart function well any also maintain the blood pressure to normal. As it reduces the blood clotting effect, hence it manages the blood pressure of a person.

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13. Protect Against Macular Degeneracy:

Kiwi fruit is associated with protection from muscular degeneracy and eye problems. Kiwi has high levels of zeaxanthin and lutein which of these chemicals are found in human eye. The effect of macular degeneration is leads to loss of vision to old aged adults. This effect was mainly found in fruits according to study. Though there are even some vegetables like carrot which is good for your eyes, but fruits are more powerful for your eye sight. Kiwi fruits protect us against many vision destroying diseases. It is an enriching source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidant and carotenoids which are still not found in many vegetables. Hence, to add this fruit in your diet you can have it during any time of your meal whether it breakfast or lunch.

14. Helps In Digestion:

Kiwis help us by improving the digestive health of our body. It prevents constipation problem or intestinal problem as it is a source of fiber. Also it contains a protein dissolving enzyme that helps us to digest the heavy meal. Bowel problem get reduced for patients suffering from it as it helps in digestion of the proteins within the body.

15. Controls Blood Sugar:

This high fiber content fruit is controls the blood sugar level. It keeps the sugar level under control for diabetic patients. The fibers also cut the high cholesterol level which would control the heart attack risk and other heart diseases.

This vitamin C and E content fruit boost our immune system. Kiwi fruits also reduce the death risk caused due to cancer, heart attacks or strokes. So we have come across with the benefits of kiwi fruit which is very essential in our diet. In order to add in your diet chart, it can be used to make salads, it can be sliced over yogurt, can be made smoothies or combining with other fruits to make fruit tarts.

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