We all have memories of days when our grandmother made us yellow-coloured milk for any minor illness. But, have you ever wondered what gave the milk that golden yellow colour? You guessed it right, Turmeric. Yes! Turmeric milk is quickly gaining popularity globally because of its therapeutic properties and excellent health benefits. From promoting good sleep to boosting the immune system, Turmeric milk benefits make it a perfect addition to your diet. Read on to know more about this healthy drink.

What is Turmeric Milk (Golden Milk)?:

As the name suggests, a milk beverage prepared with the addition of turmeric is called Turmeric milk (Haldi Doodh), also known as Golden Milk. Likewise, the drink’s name, golden milk, is given because of its golden yellow colour. In addition, this beverage is often laced with other ingredients like ginger powder, pepper powder, and cardamom to improve taste and add health benefits.

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Turmeric Milk Nutritional Facts:

Here is the nutritional profile of turmeric milk as per one glass serving (Buffalo milk with sweetner). All the DV% values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

  • 255 calories – Total energy.
  • 15.8 gm – Total carbohydrates.
  • 8.6 gm – Protein.
  • 0 gm – Fiber.
  • 13 gm – Fat.
  • 32 gm – Cholesterol.
  • 7% DV of Vitamin A.
  • 10% DV of Thiamine.
  • 18% DV of Riboflavin.
  • 2% DV of Niacin.
  • 5% DV of Vitamin C.
  • 6% DV of Folic acid.
  • 70% DV of Calcium.
  • 2% DV of Iron.
  • 11% DV of Magnesium.
  • 43% DV of Phosphorous.
  • 2% DV of Sodium.
  • 4% DV of Potassium.
  • 4% DV of Zinc.

How to Make Turmeric Milk (Haldi Doodh) at Home:

From adding a pinch of turmeric to a glass of boiled milk, there are different recipes you can prepare in the comfort of your home. But here is a recipe you can try if you want to enjoy the full benefits of turmeric milk for health.


  • ¼ Spoon of Turmeric Powder.
  • ¼ teaspoon of Ground Cardamom Powder.
  • One pinch of Black Pepper Powder.
  • One pinch of dry ginger powder.
  • One pinch of All-spice mix powder (optional).
  • One Cup of Boiled, Warm Milk.
  • One spoon of Honey or Sugar (Optional)


  • Take a small bowl and mix turmeric powder, cardamom powder, dry ginger powder, black pepper powder and spice mix powder.
  • Combine the ingredients after adding some sugar or honey.
  • Now pour the warm milk into the mixture.
  • Whisk the mixture thoroughly.
  • Serve the mixture warm.

Serving Suggestion:

  • To infuse more flavour into the turmeric milk, you can add a strand of saffron.

Benefits of Turmeric Milk (Golden Milk) for Health, Hair and Skin:

Turmeric milk or haldi doodh has turmeric as one of the main ingredients that give the drink its colour and provide several health benefits. According to Ayurveda, it is also considered an elixir because it balances the doshas in the body. Let us go through all the benefits associated with turmeric milk.

1. Turmeric Milk Helps in Blood Purification:

The health benefits of turmeric milk include increased blood flow. In fact, since ancient times, both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine have used turmeric to improve blood circulation and open blood vessels (1). In addition, according to research, a compound called Curcumin in turmeric decreases inflammation and oxidative stress and increases nitric oxide production.

According to a study conducted on 39 people, there is an increase of 36% blood flow in the upper arm and 37% blood flow in the forearm by taking 2,000 mg of Curcumin daily for 12 weeks (2). Turmeric is a blood purifier and an excellent antiseptic that boosts blood and organ health by regulating blood flow and eliminating toxins from our bodies.

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2. Haldi Doodh is Very Good for Brain Health:

Turmeric has a compound called Curcumin that might help improve mood and memory in older adults and its golden yellow colour. The haldi doodh benefits include increasing the Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BNDF). This growth hormone in the brain helps the neurons increase by multiplication (3). But unfortunately, there is an association of depression and Alzheimer’s with low levels of BNDF (4).

According to a study, there is a reduction of age-related cognitive decline with the help of Curcumin in turmeric (5).

3. Help Improve Mood:

Turmeric, more specifically Curcumin, an active compound in turmeric, helps boost the levels of BDNF, thereby potentially reducing the symptoms of depression and improving mood (6).

A study conducted on 60 individuals with major depressive disorders took either Curcumin, an anti-depressant or a combination for 6 weeks.

There were similar improvements in people who have taken anti-depressants and Curcumin. However, people who benefited the most took a combination of both (7).

4. Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease:

Many people add cinnamon and ginger to their turmeric milk, positively affecting heart health. This is because turmeric has a compound called Curcumin that inhibits the compounds involved in inflammation called cytokines, which are associated mainly with cardiovascular disease (8). Curcumin is also shown to improve the endothelial cells which form the blood vessel linings. To boost heart health, it is necessary to have optimum functioning of the endothelial cells (9). There is also a reduced risk of coronary artery disease with Curcumin consumption (10).

5. Help in Keeping Hypertension at Bay:

Keeping hypertension at bay is yet another benefit of turmeric milk because it has an antioxidant called Curcumin. It helps regulate blood pressure in the body with the help of its antioxidant properties (11). In addition, Curcumin also helps protect against your body’s vascular dysfunction.

You will improve the interaction with insulin in your body, checking oxidative stress and reducing blood pressure. In addition, turmeric has Curcumin that helps keep your heart healthy by lowering triglyceride levels.

6. Heal Wounds:

Healing wounds is another widespread benefit of drinking turmeric milk apart from reducing inflammation and pain. Curcumin in turmeric stimulates the wound-healing process and speeds up the process further. Turmeric is also known for its antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties that help eliminate the bacteria near the wound, thereby healing it quickly.

7. Prevent Inflammatory Diseases:

Inflammation in the blood cells is one of the prominent reasons for diseases like gout, arthritis or even cancers. The recipe for inflammation mentioned in the above section deals with it efficiently. The anti-inflammatory properties of Curcumin in turmeric play a vital role in reducing symptoms of cough and cold when taken in the right amount of turmeric.

According to a study, people who have Rheumatoid arthritis experienced lesser joint pains and inflammation after taking regular drugs in a combination of 500 mg of Curcumin (12).

8. Strengthens Immune System:

Turmeric has Curcumin that can keep many infections at bay by strengthening your immune system (13). Curcumin helps fight free radicles and disease-causing microbes by acting as an antioxidant and anti-microbial agent. The ability of turmeric milk helps strengthen your immune system, thereby preventing several diseases.

9. Treats Respiratory Problems:

Turmeric milk’s role in preventing breath-related problems is prominent among the many health benefits it offers. Curcumin in Turmeric reduces inflammation in the capillaries caused by environmental factors and smoking. As a result, it strengthens the lungs, according to a study (14). You can also reduce the symptoms of respiratory problems by adding ingredients like cardamom, Pepper and ginger.

10. Reduces Risk of Cancers:

Inflammation is one of the prominent reasons for the growth of cancers in our bodies. Turmeric has Curcumin which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are potent enough to prevent the formation of these cancer cells. According to a study, Curcumin limits the spread of tumour growth in the body, thereby effectively controlling different types of cancers like lymphoma, lung cancer, leukaemia, etc. (15).

11. Improves Digestion:

The advantages of turmeric milk increase with spices like Pepper, cardamom, ginger powder and spices. These ingredients make you feel at ease by speeding up the digestion process. Turmeric also increases the bile production in the body for the faster breakdown of fatty acids, thereby reducing digestive disorders like constipation and bloating (16). In addition, combining ginger with turmeric milk can stimulate better bowel movements to eliminate your body’s unwanted wastes.

12. May Lower Blood Sugar Levels:

Drinking turmeric milk may be beneficial in lowering blood sugar levels, as per experts. This is because the beverage slows down glucose absorption and regulates blood glucose levels with the help of additional ingredients like ginger and Black Pepper (17)(18). In addition, Curcumin supports better digestion and stabilizes glucose in the body, which helps manage diabetes, according to another study (19).

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13. Can Increase Bone Density:

You can get a good amount of Calcium and Vitamin D because Turmeric is either made with plant or animal-derived milk. Calcium and Vitamin D play an essential role in preventing bone-related diseases like Osteoporosis, Osteopenia and in building strong bones, according to studies (20). This is why drinking turmeric milk every day can be beneficial for women during pregnancy and menopause elderly too.

14. Promotes Healthy Hair Growth:

Among the several health benefits, drinking turmeric milk is beneficial for hair growth. In addition, turmeric can help protect your scalp cells from inflammation and free radicle damage with the help of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You can also promote better circulation of scalp cells and strengthen them with other ingredients like Pepper and ginger. Finally, milk has vitamins and minerals that reduce the chances of hair fall by nourishing your hair strands.

15. Helps You Sleep Better:

If you are struggling with Insomnia, drinking golden milk before bed can be beneficial. According to a study, turmeric has Curcumin that works as an anti-depressant and calming effect on the body (21). In addition, it helps you enjoy a night of undisturbed sleep by lowering your body’s stress levels. Therefore, to wake up with a fresh and positive mindset, have a glass of warm turmeric milk before bed.

16. Eases Pain During Your Periods:

Drinking turmeric milk benefits women who have painful cramps every month. According to a study, the antispasmodic effects of Turmeric on the muscles help reduce cramps’ pain and intensity. However, it is recommended to drink golden milk a few days before the onset of periods if you wish to have better results.

17. Makes Your Skin Glow:

If you want to have glowing skin every day, drinking turmeric milk in your daily routine can be beneficial for your skin. Treatment of acne, pimples, eczema, psoriasis, Lichen planus, etc., are some of the Turmeric milk benefits for the skin (22). But on the other hand, milk provides your body with essential nutrition, hydrating and nourishing it in the process. You can also attain a natural glow by applying turmeric milk to the skin along with drinking it.

18. Golden Milk Benefits for Weight Loss:

As per recent studies, Turmeric has Curcumin that might help you deal with weight management and obesity. According to research, the consumption of Curcumin has shown a significant reduction in BMI, the circumference of the hip and waist and reduction of body weight when administered in a particular dosage (23).

It is recommended to add Pepper to turmeric milk for weight loss because it helps increase Curcumin’s absorption. It is possible because of an element called Piperine present in Black Pepper. Also, go for skim milk or vegan milk instead of full-fat milk, especially for weight loss.

Turmeric Milk Side Effects:

Although Turmeric milk is very beneficial for your health, overconsumption might cause issues. Here are some of the side effects of drinking turmeric milk in excess:

  • Abdominal cramps and pain.
  • Digestive issues.
  • Diarrhoea.
  • Bloating.
  • Nausea.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Increased cholesterol if you use fatty milk.

We cannot help but agree that Turmeric milk is pure gold after learning all the impressive benefits for health, hair and skin. Moreover, the milk tastes very good, making you want to drink it all day long if you prepare it the right way. In short, golden milk or turmeric milk is an irresistible combination of good health and excellent taste.


1. When is the right time to drink turmeric milk?

Ans: Drinking warm milk before going to bed promotes sleep. This is because milk has tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes sleep. It might also keep flu away by clogging the microbes in the respiratory tract by increasing mucus production.

2. Is it okay to drink turmeric milk every day?

Ans: Yes! Unless you have any preexisting medical condition that prohibits you, you can drink turmeric milk every day. Consult a doctor before adding it to your diet if you are unsure.

3. Can Turmeric milk benefit your hair?

Ans: Golden milk has antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help cleanse your scalp, beneficial for your hair. However, there is no concrete evidence to prove the same.


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