How to Make Ginger Tea

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Ginger tea is actually a ginger decoction, that is prepared by primarily infusing ginger and consuming it mainly for digestion .Many simply enjoy drinking it. Winter or summer, whatever season it is, ginger tea is very much in demand, provided it is prepared with perfection. Preparation of Ginger tea is not a very daunting task. If you can follow the recipe and use the appropriate amount of correct ingredients then rest assured, making ginger tea will not be difficult at all. What is amazing is that there are several types ginger tea available. Recipes for making the varieties of ginger tea are well mentioned in this article, the benefits of making ginger tea at home are discussed too.

Various Recipes for Making Ginger Tea:

Regular Ginger Tea


Fresh ginger root- about 2inches, four cups of water, honey and a slice of lemon.


Take the ginger root and make thin slices of it after peeling it. Boil the water for a few seconds and then add the ginger slices. Cover the sauce pan and keep boiling it under simmered flame for about 20 minutes. The water content obviously lessens as the ginger gets infused. Thereafter strain it and add lemon and honey. While using ginger tea for getting rid of the flu or cold, care should be taken to avoid the honey and lemon.

Preparation Time:

20 minutes is more than enough for preparing a good ginger tea

Ginger Tea with lemon Grass:


For 6 people, you will need a 2inched fresh ginger root (chopped), 4 teabags (mild), 1/4 cups of chopped stalk of lemon grass, 1/2 a cup of sugar, 7cups of water, and ice if served cold.


Add all the ingredients (excepting the tea bags) to 3cups of water and boil for a few minutes. Steep this preparation for at least half an hour to prepare syrup. For a sharper flavour it can be cooled in the refrigerator.

Next, boil the reaming 4 cups of water and add the tea bags. Steep it for about 5 minutes and then remove the tea bags and let this preparation cool down. Now strain the prepared syrup and add it to steeped tea .Lemon grass ginger tea is ready .This preparation tastes best when served chilled.

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Korean Ginger Tea:

This preparation is an invigorating drink that does not require tea bags.


Sliced ginger (approximately ¼ cup) 1 orange, Asian pear 2peices, 1 tablespoon of orange zest, 4cups of water, sugar about ½ a cup. Pine nuts and sliced strawberries (for garnishing)


First of all, take sliced ginger and orange zest and boil in water for at least 15 minutes. Add the pear, sugar and oranges and keep mixing it till the sugar dissolves completely and ensure that this procedure is done off flame. Keep it aside for at least an hour and then strain. You can either reheat it or serve hot but it tastes excellent when served cold with ice cubes. Garnishing it with strawberry slices and pine nuts makes it more appealing. If you want to prepare it for treating cold and flu, it would be advisable to replace the oranges with cinnamon and honey.

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Benefits of Ginger Tea :

Ginger tea is excellent for clearing sore throats and getting rid of the flu. When prepared at home it is highly beneficial clearing indigestion and preventing nausea. It refreshes a person and has soothing properties.

Ginger tea has a strong and spicy taste and can be had in all seasons and the key to making it is by using fresh ginger roots. So the next time you get troubled with a bad flu or impending cold do try making ginger tea and sip it at leisure for optimum results.

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