Top 9 Turnip Greens Benefits

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Among the starchy vegetables that grow under the ground, turnip greens is one of the very good examples. In fact, it belongs to the same family as cabbage, Brussels sprouts and kale. Along with turnips, the greens of the vegetable are highly nutritional and beneficial as well. One has to actually understand what is in store for their health in this vegetable to actually include it in the daily diet. The greens as usually used in soups and stews whereas the roots and the main vegetable are used for salads and curries as well as for pickles. Along with being highly delicious, the sweet taste of turnips only adds on to the reasons why you should eat it.

The list below has some of the best benefits that is directly associated with eating turnips and its greens. All you need to do is check them out before you actually invest in this vegetable. You will never regret making your decision.

1. Prevention of Cancer:

Eating turnips helps in prevention of something as deadly as cancer. It has phytochemicals as well as antioxidants that help in achieving this goal. Glucosinolates in the vegetable also helps in prevention of cancer. They help in fighting off the carcinogens and also get rid of the toxins in the body especially liver. It inhibits the growth of the cancer cells as well. This keeps away cancer including colon and breast cancer and rectal tumour.

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2. Bone Health:

The levels of calcium and potassium in turnips help in bone health and maintenance. It has been seen that routine consumption of turnips helps in prevention of any joint damage. It also lowers all the risks of osteoporosis and treats arthritis.

3. Helps in Digestion:

The fiber in the turnips is a perfect way to regulate the digestive system as well as the bowel movements. The glucosinolates also helps the stomach in processing the bacteria and keeping away the digestive problems at bay.

4. Weight Loss:

The low calories and high fiber in turnips helps in aiding for weight loss. The turnips also help in improving the metabolism and thus keep the weight in check and in shedding the accumulated fat and calories. It also controls the body weight.

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5. Asthma Treatment:

There are some anti-inflammatory properties in turnips that can help in curing asthma. The high levels of antioxidants also help in asthma treatment. It also helps in working some good results on the symptoms of asthma.

6. Keeps Away Body Odour:

Turnips are one of the natural ways to keep away the embarrassing problems of body odour. For the very same purpose, one can drink a glass of fresh turnip juice. This will give visible outcomes.

7. Treats Anaemia:

The green of the turnips are highly rich in iron and thus helps in improving the levels of red blood cells and haemoglobin that leads to an effective treatment of the issues like anaemia. All the signs of anaemia are also brought under proper control with turnip greens.

8. Eye Health:

The turnip greens are highly rich in vitamin A content. This helps in improving the vision and keeping it on a good level as well as in preventing issues of macular degeneration and cataracts. This vegetable is perfect for those who want to keep away from age related eye issues.

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9. Balanced Nutrition:

Protein, magnesium, calcium, iron and many such nutrients are present in turnip greens that makes it a perfect food for balanced nutrition that is required by the body every day. This ensures an overall good health and well being of the body.

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