15 Small And Big Buddha Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

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In some traditional culture, religious tattoos are very popular. People have used it for years to define themselves and also to show others the faith or the God they chose to follow. Some of the most popular religious tattoos are the Buddha tattoo designs. They have been found mostly among Asian cultures including countries such as China, Thailand, Nepal and India.

buddha tattoo designs

The real name of Buddha was Siddhartha Gautama and after he achieved enlightenment, people associated him with a God like creature; with someone who has supreme knowledge and great power. People therefore use Buddha tattoos to signify wealth, peace and blessings. They also stand as a symbol of enlightenment and strength of one’s character. The best Buddha tattoo designs have been listed in the following lines.

Unique And Meaningful Lord Buddha Tattoo Designs:

Buddha tattoo designs have gotten to be synonymous with holiness and deep sense of being, which would surely enhance the feeling of positivity among the tattoo lovers There are an extensive number of choices accessible to them in this regard, the best pictures of which are depicted below.

1. Golden Buddha Tattoo On Arm:


Brilliant Buddha statues are the all time favorite for individuals all through the world as an extraordinary image of Buddhist lessons, and a tattoo of a brilliant Buddha benefits as much as possible from the great hues. Buddha tattoos with a shining golden glaze can delineate either the entire body of a pondering gold Buddha, or simply the face. In any case, your tattoo craftsman can utilize light and shading further bolstering their best good fortune and make your tattoo gleam.

2. Laughing Buddha Tattoo Art:


A standout amongst the elucidation of Buddha is the affable looking pot shaped bellied Buddha as known in the Chinese fables. This outline choice is reasonable for the individuals who are searching for the carefree rendition of Buddha, as opposed to the otherworldly one. It is preferably done on the stomach, with its paunch catch relating with that of the conveyor, making a flat out visual pleasure. One can likewise have the face tattoo of the  Buddha inked on alternate parts of the body, for example, the arm, shoulder, side, mid-section, leg or wrist. It is one of the great laughing Buddha tattoo designs.

3. Mandala Wheel Tattoo Design:


A Mandala Wheel, resembles the never ending wheel of birth and reincarnation in Buddhism. The Mandala is a mind boggling plan that delineates the universe, edification and insight, so makes a lovely, fascinating and nitty gritty configuration for a Buddhist tattoo. In spite of the fact that they look striking in dark and dim, the utilization of shading in a Mandala tattoo truly makes the distinctive bits of the outline emerge.

4. Buddhist Mantras Tattoo On Chest:


Buddhist chants regularly comprise of specific mantras that are rehashed keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish illumination, so picking an important bit of petition to have as a tattoo is a sublime choice. A well known decision for a Buddhist supplication tattoo is the images for the mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’, which is utilized amid contemplation. A Buddhist petition can be inked anyplace on the body, and numerous individuals have them on the inward lower arm, the mid-section or down the rib cage

5. Buddha’s Footprints Tattoo Design:


Another one of a kind choice among Buddha tattoos is the configuration which highlights the impressions of Buddha. The outline has an incredible offer in its effortlessness as it connotes that one ought to take after the way appeared by Buddha and lead an existence of honesty and goodness.His devotees and individuals around the globe show love to his lessons in different structures, one of which is having Buddha tattoos inked on them.

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