Tattoos are marked as permanent body art on the body. Even tattoos are stained temporarily also. Tattoo Quotes are marked in various styles and designs. Various models do tattoos, and it touches all mankind with their glam. In modern days, specialised needles are used for creating tattoos. By using highly verified machines, tattoo designs are stained. Tattoo designs may include a lot of styles like flowers, animals, nature etc. These tattoos will b combinational from one to another. Some include quotes, sayings, pictures, words, images, and sentences. These are represented as a message in a stylish manner.

Important elements to be followed before quoting tattoo ideas are the design of the tattoo, colour, the font size of words or images and the major part in which language it must be written. Language may be of any country, but the tattoo must be done in a stylish manner so that it can glam you up.

People make use of the unique quote tattoos which they find quite impressive and would love to flaunt in front of others. The tattoo quotes can be of any length, small or big. There is no such limitation in this. However, it is required to make sure that you are getting it done from a reliable store so that your skin does not get hampered.

Best Tattoo Quotes with Pictures:

The following are the categories of best tattoo quotes which are majorly seen among people. Some of the categories within quotes will be stated for different types of quotes. Here we present 25 good tattoo quotes with pictures that should inspire you to get inked!

1. Love Tattoo Quote:

Love is eternal. It is part of life. In this world, every individual experiences love from birth to death. Love brings lots of changes in one’s life. Love is a feeling to be felt. It is shown and experienced by individuality. From parents to the better half love will be experienced. Love in the teen stages will bring changes in life. Hence this quote tattoo ideas on love will for sure make the person want to get inked. Some examples of love quotes are, “Love is the history of a woman’s life; it is an episode in men”, “We are all born for love it is the principle existence and its only end.” etc. These quotes will be stained with a combination of images.

You can choose to get inked with famous tattoo quotes as well. The love quotes are descriptive and are the best way to showcase your love for the other one.

  • Body Placements: These quotes look perfect when marked at the back, below the neck region.
  • Colour: More symbolic red will give a look and speak for itself.
  • Size: This size varies as per the quote.
  • Skin Tone: These tattoo quotes best suit fair skin.
  • Suitable Gender: This inspirational tattoo quote is well-suited for both boys and girls.

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2. Humour Quote Tattoo:

Humour is a kind of expression of one’s individuality. It includes laughter, grief, crying, anger, kindness etc. According to Indian theory, humour consists of nine different scenarios of a person. Any quote related to these nine different feelings of a person comes under the humour category. Some quotes of this humour are “So many books, so little time.” The quote will be very short, but the quote’s meaning will be very extraordinary. The quotes will give very excellent meanings to viewers. The humour quotes are useful to express your feeling in the right way. These quotes are extraordinary, and the choice of these varies as per the individual.

  • Body Placements: These short tattoo quotes can be perfectly displayed at the shoulders.
  • Colour: Black colour would do best for these quote tattoos.
  • Size: The size can range from short to long.
  • Skin Tone: These famous tattoo quotes can look good on fair to dusky skin.
  • Suitable Gender: Best suited for men.

3. Life Tattoos Quote:

There are even great quotes about life. There is no particular need to explain life here; we all know how important it is for everyone. It is a memorable gift given by God to each of us. Life teaches us good and bad. It experiences different kinds of people, their natures, everything.

Great people have given various quotes on life. Some examples of life quotes are: “Life is not about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself.”, “Life is not a problem to be solved; it is a reality to be experienced.” Etc. These tattoo quotes on life are those that are on-trend today. Life tattoo quotes showcase the true essence of life. These tattoos have a symbolic meaning and an elegant outer look.

  • Body Placements: The placement for these meaningful tattoo quotes are perfect around the abdomen area.
  • Colour: Brown or Black colour can suit you best here.
  • Size: Generally big size can suit best for these great tattoo quotes.
  • Skin Tone: These famous tattoo quotes are suited for almost all skin types.
  • Suitable Gender: These tattoo quotes are perfect for girls.

4. Wisdom Tattoos Quotes:

Wisdom is defined as the quality of having experience, and knowledge, making good judgments and quality of being wise to others. It gives the nature of thinking to do well to others. These all come under wisdom. There are lots of quotes regarding wisdom. One is, “If you cannot be positive, then at least be quiet.” Such short meaningful quotes for tattoos are best for those who think less is more! The wisdom tattoo quotes bring positive vibes. These positive vibes further enable the individual to live life to the fullest.

  • Body Placements: Maximum coverage on arms looks good here.
  • Colour: Black colour suits best for this tattoo quote idea.
  • Size: usually, short-sized quotes look great on the skin.
  • Skin Tone: These short tattoo quotes are more pleasing to the dusky skin tone.
  • Suitable Gender: These suit all gender types.

5. God Quote Tattoos:

God is the creator of the world. People have no words to express about him. Any person in this world is dependent on god directly. God has given beautiful sayings in holy books. One quote regarding god is, “One step if an individual begins then god comes to us with more steps to reach us to attain a goal”. This is suitable for both men and women who are spiritual and would love to have a bearing on them in a trendy way. The god quotes tattoos are religious. These kinds of tattoos contain beautiful sayings.

  • Body Placements: These quote tattoos on the arm looks flawless in that region.
  • Colour: These tattoos look best in black.
  • Size: Depends on the quoted size; generally short size would look good.
  • Skin Tone: Indian skin tone generally suits these tattoos to get inked.
  • Suitable Gender: Generally suitable for both men and women.

6. Money Tattoo Quote:

Money runs the world, and Money is very precious to every person in the world. It decides one position among all. It represents the status of a person. To lead a life on earth, human needs money. There are many quotes regarding money. One among them is “The lack of money is the root of all evil.” This tattoo quote is very impressive and beautiful. This is a good tattoo quote for men. The money tattoo quotes have much today about the financial status of an individual. Moreover, it depicts the importance of money in our day-to-day life.

  • Body Placements: This is one of the best hand tattoo quotes.
  • Colour: Red, Black colour can suit best here.
  • Size: Not too big, a tattoo can be done on the wrist; it will stand out anyway due to the texture and art form.
  • Skin Tone: Anyone with a fair to dusky skin tone can prefer this tattoo.
  • Suitable Gender: This is an excellent male tattoo quote for men.

7. Tattoo Quotation on Death:

Every living being must leave the world at one stage. It ultimately divides one person from all. It is said that death never comes with intimation. Death breaks the relationship with all living beings. “The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” These famous tattoo quotes can be inked by those who love philosophy and life. The tattoo quotes on death signify the true essence of being left alone after death. These tattoos are descriptive.

  • Body Placements: This tattoo looks great on hands and arms.
  • Colour: Back is the perfect placement for these tattoos.
  • Size: Depends upon the quotes; the size can vary.
  • Skin Tone: Fair-skin type people can prefer this to get inked.
  • Suitable Gender: This is the best tattoo quote for a guy.

8. Happiness Quotes Tattoo:

Happiness is good for your health. Being happy will make a person forget all grief and sorrows. Every person in this world tries to live happily. It comes when a person gets satisfied. One quote regarding happiness is, “For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” The happiness quotes tattoo will help you regain your temper whenever you are angry or tense. These tattoos are appealing to the eyes.

  • Body Placement: The wrist quote tattoo looks suitable for this.
  • Colour: Brownish shade to blackish will look great here.
  • Size: Small-sized tattoo is good enough for this art.
  • Skin Tone: Well suited for Indian skin tone, anyone can prefer getting this inked.
  • Suitable Gender: Quote tattoos for girls and boys; both can prefer this.

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9. Poetry Quote Tattoos:

Poetry is a way of describing one thing or a human beautifully. A poet describes an object within a few words in an extraordinary way. One quote about poetry is, “You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts.” This quote has fewer words but has excellent meanings. The poetry quote tattoos showcase your inner meaning. These tattoos are beautiful and message-oriented.

  • Body Placements: shoulder quote tattoos work excellently in this form.
  • Colour: Black or royal blue colour can be followed for this tattoo.
  • Size: Usually, a big-sized tattoo can make you stand out from the crowd with this tattoo.
  • Skin Tone: fair skin people can prefer this over others.
  • Suitable Gender: These can be tattoo quotes for women.

10. Education Quote Tattoo:

Education is essential for the individual and makes a person dignified. It taught a person excellent and evil. One quote is, “Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.” To read this quote, a person must be educated. There are various quotes which are available in education. The education quote tattoos are extraordinary. These are based on helpful educational facts.

  • Body Placements: wrist tattoo quotes can be followed for this type.
  • Colour: A mixed blend of orange and red with black colour suits best here.
  • Size: Big-sized tattoos can look great for this art.
  • Skin Tone: This can suit all skin-toned people.
  • Suitable Gender: This tattoo is well suited for both sexes.

11. Inspiration Quotation Tattoos:

Every human will inspire by one or the other. The words will inspire for good in life. They create a good nature and set goals in life. The words which inspire us make us special in the crew. One quote which inspires me a lot is “Don’t think or judge; just listen.” These contain fewer words but have great meaning. The inspiration quotation tattoos are something that you will love to mark on your skin. These tattoos boost inner strength by inspiring now and then.

  • Body Placements: This tattoo looks great on the back and behind the neck.
  • Colour: the Black colour will add volume to this tattoo.
  • Size: a Not too big tattoo is required here.
  • Skin Tone: Fair skin people can prefer this tattoo over others.
  • Suitable Gender: This works well for men and women.

12. Time Tattoo with Quotes:

Time is very important in the universe. Anything may stop in the world for a few seconds, but time will never stop for a second to take a rest. A quote on time for an example. “Time is precious waste it wisely.” A person who understands the quote wisely will follow quote. This is one of the best tattoo quote designs for men. The time tattoo with quotes educates us about the actual value of time. Besides, the quotes attached to it act as a reminder to be punctual.

  • Body Placements: The shoulder body quotes tattoo works well here.
  • Colour: Reddish shade with black can suit this tattoo design.
  • Size: Broader and shorter size looks perfect here.
  • Skin Tone: Indian skin-toned people can go ahead and get this inked without a doubt.
  • Suitable Gender: This is among the best tattoo quotes for guys.

13. Success Quote Tattoos:

Success is the fruit of hard work. This is a Success that can be gained in one way or another. Once success is reached, every hard is lost from memories. One quote says, “Success never comes to you; you go to it.” These short and simple quotes are stained at any part of the body. They look great as wrist quote tattoos. The success quote tattoos have an impressive outer look. Besides, the quote on it pushes an individual a step forward toward success.

  • Body Placements: Wrist tattoo suits better for this placement here.
  • Colour: Black colour can be elegant and is best for this style.
  • Size: Short sized tattoo would do great with this design.
  • Skin Tone: Fair skin tone people can look good with this tattoo design over others.
  • Suitable Gender: This is one of the best quote tattoos for women.

14. Failure of Quote Tattoos:

The failure of Every human experience in their life. Every individual will taste failure at least once in their life. When they fail, a strong desire is created to achieve it. Keeping in point of view, many quotes were read. Winston Churchill says, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that count”. It is one of the best tattoo quote designs for women. The failure quotes tattoos inspire to make the best effort for success. These tattoos have a deep meaning and have much to express.

  • Body Placements: This tattoo looks great on the thigh.
  • Colour: Blue or black colour can suit best for this tattoo art.
  • Size: Neither short nor too long size is good here.
  • Skin Tone: Fair-skin-toned people can prefer this tattoo due to its placement.
  • Suitable Gender: This is the perfect tattoo quote for girls.

15. Friendship Tattoo Quotes:

Friendship is the word which sounds good to listen to. A friend is a person with whom we share all our feelings. And a friend will be with us for all the work. “True friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget”, this quote touches the heart. These famous tattoo quotes look good on anyone. Two best friends can also choose to get this done as a symbol of their friendship. Friendship tattoos represent the bonding between two friends. To be more specific, the same showcases unforgettable bonds.

  • Body Placements: wrist quote tattoo suites best for this.
  • Colour: Usually, black colour can be good.
  • Size: It has a good length; hence, a small-sized tattoo can work well for this quote.
  • Skin Tone: Indian skin type can work well for this tattoo; there is no need to give it a second thought.
  • Suitable Gender: This can be inked by both men and women.

16. Freedom Quotation Tattoos:

Freedom has multiple meanings. It is defined as the state of being imprisoned or enslaved. Tattoos can be stained with an image which depicts the meaning of freedom. You can sport other freedom quotes like “Freedom is oxygen to the soul.” These are trendy and stylish in today’s fashion market and work great with both guys and girls. The freedom of tattoos has different meanings. These tattoos are unique and are of their varieties. Moreover, it’s one of the preferred choices.

  • Body Placements: This works perfectly on shoulders without any doubt.
  • Colour: Red colour ink with black shadow looks excellent for this tattoo.
  • Size: Small-sized tattoos can be done here with this quote.
  • Skin Tone: Fair skin people can prefer this tattoo due to the colour range.
  • Suitable Gender: Well suited to men; however, women can choose to do it too.

17. Music Quote Tattoos:

Music plays a vital role in life. And Music makes a person forget all tensions and worries and feel free of all tensions for the heart. A tattoo can be stained with musical instruments with amazing quotes which touch the heart. “The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought” is one quote that illustrates the person’s feelings. It is one of the best trending female quote tattoos.  The music quote tattoos are perfect for music lovers. These tattoos have a unique outer look and inspire the crowd to do their best.

  • Body Placements: Shoulder quote tattoo placement looks excellent for this trend.
  • Colour: Black is the perfect shade for this tattoo design.
  • Size: Broader and shorter, the size does not matter much; medium size can do well here.
  • Skin Tone: Dusky skin tone people can suit best for to get inked.
  • Suitable Gender: This is the best quote for tattoos for girls and women.

18. Fiction Quote Tattoo:

Fiction is defined as the literature of prose and novels. It describes imaginary events of people. Quotation of fiction will reach straight to a viewer who reads it. Fiction also describes something invented or untrue. “Fiction gives us a second chance that life denies us”, is one quote for an example of fiction. This is one of the famous tattoo quotes for boys. Those who love reading and literature for sure can go ahead to get this type of tattoo inked without hesitation. The fiction quote tattoos are illustrative. These are relatable and influence the viewer to recapitulate imaginary events.

  • Body Placements: Shoulder tattoo quotes can look best. One can even place these on arms.
  • Colour: Brown or black colour will suit you well here.
  • Size: These have good length; hence small-sized tattoos can look good and fit well.
  • Skin Tone: Suits fair skin well than other skin-toned people.
  • Suitable Gender: This is one of the best opted male quote tattoos.

19. Motivational Quote Tattoos for Girls:

Every individual needs to motivate themselves when they are degraded. When they are in depression, if they read motivational quotes, it will change their life. One quote as an example of motivation is, “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” The quote, “She believed she could, so she did, ” is perfectly suitable for girls. It is the cutest tattoo quote for females. The motivation quotes for tattoos for girls are descriptive. These exclusive tattoos have got an elegant outer look and are impressive.

  • Body Placements: Abdominal area looks excellent, as shown in the picture.
  • Colour: impressive with black ink; anyone can go with another darker colour.
  • Size: Long-sized with small font can look great for this popular quote tattoo.
  • Skin Tone: Fair-skin-toned girls can prefer this over others.
  • Suitable Gender: This quote in the above picture is one of the best quotes for tattoos for women.

20. Courage Tattoo Quotes:

Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one’s bravery. A person needs the courage to achieve a goal in their life at any cost. Courage makes a person very strong. Tattoo quotes of courage are concise and simple. One quote for sample “It takes courage to grow up and become who you are.” The courage tattoo quotes speak much about one’s inner strength. These tattoos have an elegant outer look and are just perfect to be marked on the skin.

  • Body Placements: Wrist quotes tattoos can be best here to be placed.
  • Colour: A darker shade of brown will be best for this type of tattoo about life and courage.
  • Size: These quotes are usually long, so small-sized tattoos can work well.
  • Skin Tone: Almost all skin tone people can choose to get this inked.
  • Suitable Gender: This suits perfectly as the best tattoo quotes for guys.

21. Trust Quote Tattoos:

Trust is a feeling that every individual carries in their life. Any relationship stands in trust with each other. It is belief building between two people and organisations etc. One quote which touches the heart is, “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.” These are majorly experienced when trust is broken between two people. Those with emotional natures chose to get these inked over others. The trust quote tattoos are something that you will love choosing for yourself. The tattoos reveal the significant role of trust.

  • Body Placements: Perfect for the waist area; this can also be placed on arms.
  • Colour: Brown and red colours work best for these meaningful tattoo quotes.
  • Size: Since they are less broad but longer, small size can work best here.
  • Skin Tone: Anyone with an Indian skin tone can go ahead to get this tattoo done.
  • Suitable Gender: These are perfect for women to get it done.

22. Desire Tattoo Quotes:

Every human must have a desire in their life. Passion makes a person work hard and learn new things. Meet new people to reach their destiny. So, one quote regarding desire is stated as,” Your desire to succeed must surpass my wish for you to succeed” when this is read, a lot of meaning could understand. The desired tattoo quotes are meaningful ones that educate much to an individual. These tattoos are perfect for showcasing your desire or aim in life.

  • Body Placements: These tattoos look perfect on hands.
  • Colour: Black colour can suit best indeed here.
  • Size: Neither too short nor too long; medium-size tattoos can be inked for this tattoo quote.
  • Skin Tone: This suits all skin types; you do not need to hesitate to get this done.
  • Suitable Gender: This tattoo quote suits well for all individuals, irrespective of gender.

23. Morality Quote Tattoos:

Every experience will teach us some morals in our lives, such as never repeating a mistake. One quote for morals is,” A moral lesson is better expressed in short sayings than in long discouragement.” These inspirational quotes are best for those who believe in principles in life and think morality binds humans. These are the best tattoo for ladies. The morality quote tattoos are inspirational tattoo quotes which influence an individual. On the other hand, these tattoos have an educative message based on the different aspects of life.

  • Body Placements: This tattoo quotes suit hands perfectly.
  • Colour: Black colour can add intensity in itself here.
  • Size: It has a convenient length; hence, a small-sized tattoo can be inked.
  • Skin Tone: Fair skin tone people can choose to get this done over others.
  • Suitable Gender: This is best suited for women.

24. Iconic Traditional Tattoos:

The traditional tattoos are exclusive. This older introduction is extremely popular because of its elegant outer look. Besides, the traditional tattoo design comprises iconic designs. These are excellently unique and are perfect to be marked on the skin. Moreover, the traditional touch to this iconic design makes it apart from the others. The traditional tattoos are bold and gorgeous. These tattoos are exclusive. It has a flawless look. Moreover, you will love marking the perfect iconic design of traditional tattoos on your skin.

  • Body Placements: Hands are the best place to get this tattoo done.
  • Colour: A combination of orange, red and green looks great here.
  • Size: Longer length can be best suited for this nature of tattoo quotes.
  • Skin Tone: Best suited for fair skin people; others must rethink if they want to get this inked.
  • Suitable Gender: This tattoo is perfect for females. It is one of the popular chest tattoo quotes if men want to do it.

25. Struggle Quotes Tattoo:

Struggle refers to strong efforts made to achieve the desired objective. These have a symbolic meaning to the struggle quotes are in high demand by the crowd. With some stylish font, people can confidently flaunt the quotes. These are for those who believe that hard work is needed in life for success. The struggle tattoo quotes have much to explain about the sufferings of an individual. On the other hand, these quotes motivate the individual to do much better in life.

  • Body Placements: The hand and waist is the perfect placement for these quotes.
  • Colour: Black is the best-suited colour for these to get it inked.
  • Size: Short and small sizes will look cute and good here.
  • Skin Tone: This suits all skin-toned people; one does not need to rethink while wanting to get it done.
  • Suitable Gender: Men generally prefer this tattoo over others.

Additional Tips:

The effectiveness of the tattoo quotes entirely depends upon their representation. Henceforth, choosing any tattoo quotes is essential to finding a perfect match for yourself based on your skin type and body placement. You can even go for exciting options with beautiful decor. Looking for meaningful tattoo quotes will be better, as they will better reflect your personality. Even people are looking for a funky and stylish mood to carry on; hence, the tattoo will benefit them.

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Many tattoo quotes about life are being made available on various websites. So, you need to pick a good from the entire lot so that every reader finds it beneficial. I hope you find our piece of the article quite interesting and get some good information from it. We will see it extraordinary if you share our experience with us. Your words will undoubtedly help us improve and provide you with more informative pieces of the article.

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