Did you know carnations play an essential role in early Christianity? Yes! Carnations were thought to be flowers that grew from the fallen tears of mary during the crucifixion of Jesus. Carnation flower tattoos come in a range of colors and are also associated with admiration, gratitude, affection, and feelings of love, which is a beautiful bloom.

Read on to go through the best Carnation flower tattoos that will help you make the final choice for your next tattoo art.

12 Best Carnation Flower Tattoo Designs:

Mary is considered an archetype for mother’s love according to Christianity, and Carnation flower tattoos express association for strong love. We present you with the beautiful designs that can make you stand out:

1. Simple Carnation Tattoo with a Name:

If you are a fan of expressing love for your partner in the form of a delicate and beautiful tattoo, this carnation flower design can be a perfect choice. The reddish-pink flower is filled with lines giving the flower a realistic finish with green leaves at the bottom. Another unique feature of this tattoo is that the name is engraved instead of the stem, adding a personal touch.

2. Black and Grey Carnation Tattoo:

Black and grey are classic color combinations in tattoos that are often chosen by people who have no interest in too many colors. The bold black outline with grey shadings makes this tattoo a memorable one even though it is small. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women irrespective of age and is a simple option for first-timers. You can recreate the design by using some colors, too, and this design and looks the best when engraved on the wrist, fingers.

3. Red Carnation Flower Tattoo on Forearm:

This light red carnation tattoo is a perfect option when you want to express admiration for oneself or someone else. The use of colors gives the simple tattoo a unique meaning elevating the tattoo’s beauty to another level. The green foliage adds a contrasting feature to the entire pattern giving it a realistic feel. This tattoo looks best when engraved on the forearm, elbow, back, calf and is usually preferred by women.

4. Delicate Carnation Flower Tattoo:

This black and white carnation flower tattoo captures the flower’s beautiful delicate lines and patterns. The bold and black outline does justice to every intricate detail of the design entirely and is suitable for both genders, irrespective of age. You can recreate the design by using different colors of your choice. The beauty of the tattoo comes forth when it is engraved in small or medium size.

5. Purple Carnation Tattoo on the Arm:

Purple is yet another color that is popularly found in Carnation flower tattoos depicting their natural beauty. The thin green stem, leaves, and buds elevate the purple flowers magnificently. This tattoo looks excellent when you get it engraved on the arm, shoulder, calf, or back of your neck. Although this design is suitable for both men and women, young girls are more inclined towards them.

6. Glossy Carnation Flower Tattoo Near the Collar Bone:

This is a perfect carnation flower tattoo for those who love minute and attractive designs. The delicate structure and charming color combinations not only make the tattoo stand out but also blends into your body without causing too much fuss. Although pink and green colors are used in this tattoo, it also looks stunning in a monochrome tone. These types of designs are usually preferred by girls and look dazzling in small sizes.

7. Bunch of Red Carnation Tattoo on the Side:

Here is a beautiful and unique carnation tattoo that is engraved in a bunch. All the flower petals are similar and come in different heights, giving visibility to every flower. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women in the younger demographic. Although the wearer has opted for the side of the chest for this design, you can get it engraved on the back of your neck, shoulder, forearm and looks best in medium to large size.

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8. Geometric Carnation Tattoo Black and White:

Geometric patterns added to any traditional tattoos give them a modern touch creating a new look altogether. This carnation tattoo is a beautiful blend of style and elegance and is suitable for both men and women, irrespective of age. Although the tattoo is entirely in a black and white color tone, you can reconstruct it in different color combinations of your choice. This design looks the best when done in medium size.

9. Carnation and Butterfly Tattoo on the Arm:

Butterflies and flowers go hand in hand since both are a gorgeous representation of nature’s beauty. The purple carnation and the blue butterfly complement each other, elevating the design’s look ten folds. Another unique feature of this tattoo is that the lower part of the butterfly is made with puzzle pieces making it a quirky design. Young girls and boys usually prefer these types of plans, and it looks best when engraved in medium size.

10. Blue Carnation Flower Tattoo:

This blue carnation tattoo looks spectacular associated with feelings of love, fortune, and respect. Unlike the commonly found colors like pink and red, this color makes the flower stand out, giving the wearer a stylish look. The flower’s beauty is further elevated by the use of white borderline all across the design beautifully. This tattoo is gender-neutral and is suitable for everyone, irrespective of age. It also looks the best when you get it engraved in small to medium size on the wrist, biceps, neck, back of the neck.

11. Gorgeous Carnation Tattoo:

This is an enthralling carnation flower tattoo that symbolizes something personal to the wearer. The use of different color variations brings the complete tattoo to life. The addition of a butterfly and a band with a little brother written on it may symbolize the tattoo gotten for the person’s remembrance. These types of tattoos often exude passion and are suitable for both men and women. It looks the best when done in large size and on the shoulder or the back.

12. Rose and Carnation Flower Tattoo on the Thigh:

Thigh tattoos are all the rage among women who are bold enough to show off their curvy thighs. This tattoo’s unique feature is the combination of carnations and roses, which blend in beautifully, creating a magnetic impression on the onlooker. Although you can get this one engraved in black and white, watercolors give it a natural and realistic feel. Young women usually prefer these tattoos, and it looks best when engraved on the thigh, or the back.

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Final Thoughts:

As mentioned earlier, the carnation flower is believed to have emerged from the virgin mary’s tears. Choose one of the Carnation flower tattoo designs mentioned in this article, which is often associated with fortune, love, and respect, making it one of the lovers’ favorite tattoos. Please choose your favorite, and don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you make a choice.

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