That red-nose-laughing guy is the image we think about when we talk about the clown. This standard image of the clown can also be showcased in a different image frame, and when this is sketched as a tattoo is real creative work which is needed to be appreciated.

Stylish and Best Clown Tattoo Designs:

To get a good idea of these different images of clowns, here are the top 10+ clown tattoos with pictures!!

1. Laughing Clown Tattoo Design:

The laughing clown is the first choice when we think about clown tattoos. This tattoo design suits well as an arm tattoo for both girls and boys. The clown face tattoo is portrayed with an open, dropped jaw laughing face.

2. Crying Face Clown Tattoo Design:

This is one of the other faces showcased by the designers in which the clown face sheds tears and is popularly known as the crying face tattoo, which can be inked as an arm or leg tattoo design.

3. 3D Clown Face Tattoo:

The 3D clown tattoo has gained importance for its magnificent outlook and design. The image drawn in 3D image is highly creative, with minutely detailed work, which needs patience and time.

4. Evil Clown Tattoo Design:

Evil is the other side of the laughing face tattoo design. This evil face scary clown tattoo is inked with a single ink since a colourful tattoo can take lots of time to paint each part of the face. This evil tattoo design many kids like to have.

5. Angry Clown Tattoo:

The angry face clown tattoo is not usually worn due to its negative feel brought out by design, but many youngsters have this tattoo and have it as a temporary one that can be erased after a few weeks.

6. Girl Clown Tattoo Design:

The girl clown tattoo is a new design that has gained much attention from the women crowd. Since clowns before were inked only with a man’s face in mind, this girl tattoo with long hair and a country girl hat look is super cool given by the designers.

7. Skull Clown Tattoo:

The Clown skull tattoo is a usual tattoo design, but the way this skull face is brought out is the highlight and challenge for the designers to ink them. One such challenge is the skull clown tattoo. A goofy-looking skull tattoo design is inked around the arm to make it funnier.

8. Box Spring Clown Tattoo:

These innovative and funny-looking crazy clown tattoos, which rise out from the spring box, can be a creative and laugh bringing design. The clown’s face is painted with colourful colours. The eyes are quite big with minute nerve details with pony looking ears.

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9. Happy and Sad Clown Face Tattoo:

A happy and sad clown face sleeve tattoo can bring out the two-sided face of a human being in an artistic manner. The Happy face is quite differently painted with a strong, smiling face, and the crying face is inked with an open mouth crying face. Smiling now and crying later is the theme behind the tattoo.

Few More Latest Clown Tattoo Designs


The happy face tattoo design is the most loved design by all age groups. Still, the other emotions like anger, sadness, evil, and the crying face can be one of the tattoos inked as one of the phases where we are under the sad and emotional face of our life. These tattoos will teach you the lesson of your life; get some positive face patterns for your positive ambitions.

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