This article provides ample information about getting an I-letter tattoo and seeking motivation. I letter tattoo designs are alphabet tattoos that come under small patterns through which you can express strong emotions in small spaces. The advantage of getting a single-letter tattoo is that you don’t have to spend tons of money or time.

Let us review this article for some of the best I-letter tattoo designs you can look into before making a final choice.

10+ Creative “i” Tattoo Designs:

Single-letter tattoos are a perfect gateway into body art, especially if you are a first-timer. You can leave it straightforward or add elements to enhance the beauty finishing it with a personal touch to the design.

1. Letter I Tattoo On Wrist:

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If you are a fan of monochrome and want to incorporate these colour combinations in your single-letter tattoo, this design can be an ideal choice. This small letter I engraved on the wrist area of the wearer looks elegant and allows you to show off. Although using black and white colours is elegant, you can choose different colour combinations per your preference. In addition, the size and placement of this tattoo make it suitable for men and women.

2. Beautiful I Quotation Tattoo:

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This “I was born to be brave” quotation tattoo is an unusual way to express your love for yourself and commemorate the wearer’s brave nature. This quotation also reminds the onlookers that the wearer can bravely take on challenges life gives them. They have the capability of standing up again after a fall. Although the quote looks beautiful, you can add elements to update the design further.

3. Cute I Letter Tattoo:

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This cute I-letter tattoo on the wrist is another example of a single-letter tattoo that looks beautiful on anyone, irrespective of age. The simplicity of the design speaks volumes by itself, and you can further elevate it by adding elements like flower hearts as per your preference. The wearer is engraved on the wrist, but this tattoo also looks beautiful on the neck and ankle.

4. I Letter Name Tattoo:

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This personalised name tattoo highlights the letter I, and adding a small heart at the end of the name gives it a personal touch. The wearer has this design engraved on the waist, but you can get it anywhere you prefer, making you feel comfortable.

5. Pleasant I Letter Tattoo:

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“I’m fine, thank you” is a phrase we often use to reply when someone asks us, how are you? The wearer quirkily got this tattoo on his arm, conveying to the onlookers that they were fine and thanked them for their concern. This quote looks impressive all by itself, and you can use different colours for the font of this quote. The body area where you can show off this tattoo is the perfect place to get this tattoo.

6. Cursive I Quote Tattoo:

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Optimistic people tend to look at everything positively, and this tattoo is where the letters I and m are cancelled from the word impossible, emphasizing the word possible. The wearer has this design on the shoulder where this word reminds the wearer that everything is possible if you put your mind to it. You can also cover the tattoo with clothes if you don’t want others to look at it.

7. Appreciative “I am Phenomenal”:

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This is yet another positive affirmative tattoo that gives the wearer confidence that they are phenomenal in everything they do. In addition, the font used in this tattoo looks stylish and stands out, making you the center of attraction anywhere you go. Many might feel this quote might look overconfident, but it is necessary to make yourself believe you are phenomenal.

8. Realistic I Tattoo:

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Many of us don’t have the confidence to accept that we have some broken pieces of our lives that we don’t expose to the outside world. But we all need an outlet to express all these emotions positively. This I’m Broken tattoo is a perfect way to accept that we are broken in some ways and move on in life, represented by the highlighted words IM OK.

9. IGY6 Abbreviation Tattoo:

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Whether kids or adults, everyone needs a person in their lives that they can rely on and who says “I got your back” during challenging situations. The abbreviation IGY6 stands for I Got Your 6 (back), and the colors used in the tattoo also have a specific meaning. The black stands for people with PTSD or those who lost loved ones to suicide because of PTSD, representing their heavy hearts; the teal colour is for PTSD awareness.

10. Unstoppable I Letter Tattoo:

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Imparable means unstoppable, and the wearer has this tattoo to let the world know they are unstoppable once they think of a thing. The letter I is highlighted in the entire word making it a perfect example of an I letter tattoo. The wearer has engraved on the elbow, but you can get it done anywhere on your body.

11. Bold I Letter Tattoo On Wrist:

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This I AM tattoo on the wrist represents that the wearer is enough and I am everything to myself. This beautifully depicts the importance of loving oneself and prioritising oneself before valuing or prioritizing others. A person who can appreciate themselves can only do the same for others. The use of capital letters further emphasizes the meaning for the wearer and the onlooker.


The variety of I-letter tattoos mentioned in this article will help you finalize a pattern for yourself. Make sure to choose a design that suits your style and meets all your expectations because getting a tattoo is permanent. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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