Samurai’s masterful martial art skin is well known, and few rivals stand a chance against them. Pledging themselves to principles such as courage, honour and respect, the Samurai followed the practice of Bushido. This Japan’s iconic warrior class make for exciting and elaborate tattoo designs. From the technical and design standpoint, Samurai tattoos are famous among tattoo enthusiasts, representing Japanese culture efficiently.

We have curated some of the fine collections of Samurai tattoo designs you can look into before getting one for yourself. Read on!

15 Samurai Tattoo Designs with Images:

The Samurai tattoo designs are a perfect way to represent your love for Japanese culture. The list of some of the best innovations presented in this article will help you choose.

1. Japanese Warrior Tattoo:

This is a perfect samurai tattoo design if you are a fan of mystical and unusual patterns. You can choose the sleeve to get the unique and precise lines of the tattoo that exude a powerful and fierce message. The attention-seeking side of the Samurai is beautifully represented in this tattoo. At any given point, the perfectionism and bliss the artist achieved in this tattoo are exceptional.

2. Cool Samurai Tattoos:

This is a Samurai forearm tattoo that represents a fierce warrior. This design gravitates toward the wearer’s belief to act and walk with dignity, similar to a samurai. The bold line across the pattern and a splash of red make it look realistic and beautiful. You can go for this design to represent the conquerer and leader in you to show off your positive and powerful side to the onlooker.

3. Forearm Samurai Tattoo:

This is one of the best samurai tattoos on the forearm, representing the wearer’s belief of their inner beliefs and emotions that are close to a Samurai. This tattoo can also perfectly express your love for anime and cartoons. Because of the uniqueness of beauty of this design, it can be beautiful and nostalgic. This design looks gorgeous in black ink and can further elevate the pattern by adding colours.

4. Shinigami Samurai Tattoo:

According to certain aspects of Japanese culture and religion, Shinigami are supernatural spirits or gods that invite humans toward death. Therefore, this Samurai tattoo represents the person’s determination to complete his mission even after being pierced by multiple arrows. The entire tattoo is engraved in black ink, making the pattern more mysterious. The best place to get this tattoo is on the sleeve, thigh, arm or back of the neck.

5. Samurai Yakuza Tattoo:

This is a yakuza samurai tattoo which denotes Bushido principles. The Samurai is considered one of the warriors known for their bravery. This yakuza samurai tattoo is also a perfect representation of Japanese culture and its guardians. This tattoo looks the best when engraved on the arm or the calf for the design to appear complete and realistic.

6. Traditional Samurai Tattoo:

The katana plays an essential role in samurai tattoos because they symbolize strength, power and protection. This beautiful samurai tattoo has him holding a katana on one end and a lovely growing tree on the other, creating a sense of something special when done with precision and diligence. You can showcase your realistic nature with the thought of winning in life in the form of this tattoo design.

7. Realistic Samurai Tattoo:

Suppose you are looking for a samurai tattoo with a realistic finish and intricate patterns. In that case, this one is an excellent option. Although this tattoo looks beautiful on the arm, you can choose to get it done on the back and increase its size. In addition, you can add colours to the tattoo to make it look more beautiful. A katana is also present in the hand of the Samurai, which is a must in Japanese tradition.

8. Lady Samurai Tattoo:

This samurai geisha tattoo design is preferrable for both men and women. It is considered a symbolic representation of Japanese culture. This tattoo symbolizes exotic grace and divine beauty in many western cultures. Although this design is intricately designed and is usually very colourful, you can also get it done in black ink. Geisha are female counterparts of the Samurai, and this tattoo looks perfect when engraved on the arm or the back.

9. Colourful Samurai-Inspired Tattoos:

This is a fantastic samurai mask tattoo and is the perfect choice if you are looking for a cute tattoo which doesn’t take up too much space. You can enjoy the concept in black and white oropt for multiple colours to make it seem more fun and vibrant. In both ways, this mask tattoo symbolizes that the wearer values dignity and honour.

10. Kanji Samurai Tattoo:

Suppose you are a fan of scary and horror-like tattoos. In that case, this samurai tattoo can be an excellent option because not all samurai tattoos are tiny, happy-looking or delicate. Engraved in all black, this tattoo helps you assert dominance and get attention wherever you go. In addition, you can add words or quotes of your choice to give the tattoo a personal finish.

11. Black Ink Samurai Tattoo:

If you are always rocking sleeveless shirts, then shoulder tattoos are an exceptional choice. This samurai print is your jam if you are dominant, bold, naturally buff and your workout. The wearer has used red in the background of the Samurai, which symbolizes balance, energy and power. Whether a big or small challenge, you will come out looking like a giant who knows how to overcome anything.

12. Pleasing Samurai Arm Tattoo:

This is a perfect samurai tattoo for you if you are a fan of giant back tattoos. This tattoo is engraved entirely in black except for the sun on the back of the Samurai’s head. You can go for the arm if you choose a medium-sized one, or you can pick out other parts of your body by changing the size of the tattoo. This tattoo represents a true warrior within you, giving an exceptional view to the onlooker.

13. Simple Samurai Tattoo:

You can choose an ankle or foot tattoo if you are a defined and precise line fan. In this tattoo, the Samurai is engraved very small while highlighting the red sun behind the blossoming tree. The flowers represent the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth in Japanese culture. We all must endure yet still persevere from life struggles, and this tattoo represents them beautifully.

14. Detailed Samurai Tattoo Idea:

This is yet another samurai tattoo engraved on the arm in black ink, making it look authentic and beautiful. The Samurai has a 3D effect with a katana in his hand, dressed in all black. The only bright thing in this tattoo is the sun in the background, making the Samurai stand out beautifully. Red is the symbol of red and has a meaningful idea.

15. Japanese Samurai Tattoo:

If you consider yourself a warrior, then there is no better choice than an angry samurai tattoo in full armour. This tattoo is pretty extensive and might take time to get engraved. Make sure you begin the tattoo process well before because it might take more time than you can expect. However, this tattoo’s noble design, proud attitude and grace can be an excellent option for simplicity.


The list of Samurai tattoo designs presented in this article gives you a glimpse into Japanese culture beautifully. Suppose you wish to represent the culture in your body art. In that case, these tattoo designs can provide you with various options you can look at before you can get one permanently on your body. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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