The letter X is often associated with danger. But do you have fond memories or a particular person linked to the letter X? If yes, this article offers you a variety of X letter tattoo options you can look into that expresses your feelings beautifully and seemingly less painful process. In addition, you can associate different things with the crossed lines associated with the letter X.

Go through this article to know more about the X letter tattoos you can look into before choosing the right one that beautifully represents your style and personal feelings. Read on!

19 X-Letter Tattoo Designs and Ideas:

The letter X may mean different things to different people, and everything lies in perception and interpretation. Since an X letter tattoo can be a personal representation, keeping your likes and dislikes in mind is essential.

1. Sleek X Letter Tattoo On The Arm:

If you are a fan of subtle designs, this X-letter tattoo is a perfect option. The use of thin lines and the placement of this design make it a fantastic option for both males and females, irrespective of age. In addition, you can either use black ink or make it pop by using different colors as per your preference.

2. Two Crossed Arrows Tattoo:

The intersection of two arrows in this tattoo design looks exceptional and creates a unique X-letter tattoo. It might also represent two different directions of the arrow, similar to a traveller’s choice. The alphabet looks lovely in black ink, and it depends upon the size you opt for; this pattern looks good on the arms or legs.

3. Crossed Light Sabers X Tattoo Design:

Lightsabers are a popular traditional weapon of the Jedi and have the purpose of defence and utility. The blue and red-coloured lightsabers are placed so that they form the letter X creating a bright design. These kinds of designs are usually preferred by fans of star wars, whether men or women.

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4. Perceptive X Letter Tattoo Design:

This X letter tattoo on the wearer’s back is a unique way to get the design engraved, and unlike the other tattoo designs where think lines are used, this tattoo has a bold outline with the map of the world filled inside. The wearer might want to symbolize that he would want to take over the world—this type of design is preferred by men usually.

5. Standard X Letter Tattoo On The Wrist:

If you are a person who loves simplistic designs, this X letter tattoo design in bold font fits the purpose perfectly. The wearer has got this design engraved on the wrist, which makes it a perfect spot to show it off, and it doesn’t have any flashy effects on it. But if you do, you can use different colored ink instead of black.

6. Couples X Letter Tattoo:

Couples tattoos are gaining popularity quickly because it is a perfect way to express love by engraving a single letter. The couple got the letter X engraved on their wrists, where you can observe variation in the size of the letter. Of course, you can also make both the letters the same size, but the female letter is a bit petite compared to the male hand.

7. Stylish X Letter Tattoo On The Waist:

This X letter tattoo design looks unique because the lines used in this pattern are not straight and have beautiful curves. The bold black lines with cute slight curves at the top of the letter give the alphabet a feminine touch. You can get the design engraved anywhere on the body because of its size.

8. Cute X Letter Tattoo Near The Ankle:

Ankle tattoos are pretty popular and give the wearer a chance to cover them up if they want. The wearer has got a petite X letter tattoo engraved near the ankle that is pretty simple and has nothing more than two crossed lines. This design looks spectacular in black, and there is no need to add any extra elements if you want to keep it simple.

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9. Fiery X Letter Finger Tattoo:

Fingers are one of the popular locations to get single-letter tattoos engraved because they are simple and small. The wearer has got one engraved on the little finger instead of the ring finger. For example, the alphabet X has little things protruding that make it look like fire.

10. X Letter Tattoo On The Waist:

This X letter tattoo on the waist has a beautiful look because it is engraved on the waist elevating the wearer’s curves. One line of the letter X is thin, whereas the other is broad, which is done in bold lines and filled in black ink. But you can use other colors if you want a unique and personal touch to the simple design.

11. Rustic X Letter Tattoo On The Side Of The Ribs:

If you are a fan of rustic type designs for your X letter tattoo, this one can be an exceptional choice. The design stands out beautifully because, unlike the other patterns, this one is done in the form of brush strokes. It also has a uniqueness that comes in the color of this tattoo which is mehendi color instead of black. Men usually prefer these types of rustic patterns, but there is no restriction for women. In addition, the wearer has got the tattoo engraved on the rib cage, which allows them to cover it up if necessary.

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12. Passionate X Letter Tattoo Design:

This X letter tattoo can be a perfect representation of your daredevil personality and style. “Out Of Step With The World” is written across the letter X on a sash. These words might indicate that the wearer might not be in sync with the world and feel out of step. In addition, the colour combination used in this tattoo design gives the entire design a fantastic finish.

13. Tiny X Letter Tattoo On The Palm:

You can experiment with this X letter tattoo on the palm if you are a brave heart and can go through pain. However, because palm tattoos cause the most pain and are therefore are not a decision to be taken lightly, although the design is pretty simple, make sure you are prepared before getting a tattoo on the palm.

14. Center Finger X Letter Tattoo:

Finger tattoos are pretty popular among millennials and young adults. This X letter tattoo on the middle finger stands out because usually, people engrave these alphabet tattoos on the ring finger. The tattoo is quite simple, and comprises two sharp lines. You can use different colors instead of black if you would love to experiment.

15. A Hand Holding The Bold X Letter Tattoo:

This X letter tattoo is a unique way to incorporate this single letter tattoo on the body irrespective of gender. The bold alphabet X stands tall, and the addition of a cute little arm holding the alphabet adds to the beauty of the simplistic design. The wearer has the tattoo in black ink, but you can approach the design using multiple colors.

16. Attractive X Letter Tattoo Design:

This X letter tattoo design can be an excellent option if you want to incorporate shading into your single-letter tattoo. The X alphabet has bold outlines and a grey shading on the extremities of the letter. The X letter tattoo adds beauty to the rose tattoo already present on the wearer’s arm. You can also use different color shading if you wish to.

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17. Couples X Letter Tattoo:

This is a couple’s X-letter tattoo that can be done on the ankle between friends or lovers. The design is pretty simple and doesn’t have any further additions; ideal for beginners and body art veterans. In addition, the size of this tattoo makes it look suitable anywhere on the body as per your preference.

18. X Letter Tattoo With Marble Print:

If you are looking for a unique design for your X letter tattoo, this design is an excellent option. The wearer has a marble-type design that stands out against all the other simple X-letter tattoos you can find in this article. Although this design looks good in monochrome colors, you can experiment with multiple colors if you wish.

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19. X Letter Tattoo In The Shape Of An Hourglass:

This X tattoo design looks like an hourglass and is a good reminder that time is never in our control, and we have to make the most of it in the present. The speciality of this tattoo design is that it combines the simplicity of a single X letter and the design of an hourglass. You can use other color options instead of black if you wish to mix it up.


The X letter tattoo designs mentioned in this will not take up too much space and give you a striking and candid appearance. However, you can only get them as it is or add additional elements or colors, giving them a personal touch. We hope the list we provided will help you make a choice, and don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful.

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