Father is the unsung hero in our lives, a guardian, guide, protector, teacher and best friend. Though strict outside, fathers possess a soft heart and are the people with whom you can share your sadness and happiness without fear of being judged. The dad tattoo designs mentioned in this article will present impressive options that help you honour your father permanently and beautifully. Whether in memory of your father, who passed away or commemorated his military service, or you can get matching tattoos, we have several options. Read on!

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25 Popular Tattoo Designs:

Getting a tattoo can permanently signify the special bond between a parent and child. Nowadays, gifting an inked dedication to your father on his special day is a trend. You can always add elements of your own to make the tattoo unique and personal.

1. Dad King Tattoo With A Crown:

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We often look up to and relate to our fathers as angels. This dad tattoo is a perfect amalgamation of the angel personal with the addition of a regal crown. Intricate details are involved in the entire tattoo, making the pattern more realistic and beautiful. In the centre of the wings and crown is the word Dad in bold letters highlighting the word exceptionally well.

2. Remembrance Tattoos For Dad:

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This is a beautiful missing dad tattoo where the father figure is hugging the small boy, which looks pretty emotional and beautiful. The outlines of the tattoo are a little thick and bold, making the design stand out exceptionally. The best place to get the tattoo is the arm or the leg, or you can also get the tattoo where you can show it off. Irrespective of gender, this tattoo looks beautiful on anyone.

3. I Love My Dad Tattoo:

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Who doesn’t love their dad? This beautiful tattoo is a perfect way to express your love for your father permanently and boldly. All the alphabet is done beautifully with style, one phrase under another. Adding a cute little heart near the letter L adds to the beauty of the entire tattoo. The heart is filled with small black lines. However, you can always wear a red colour inside the heart to make it all the more special.

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4. Simple Dad Tattoos On The Arm:

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This cute papa tattoo design is a perfect option for people who like minimalistic patterns for body art. The words papa are engraved in cursive font in thin lines, and a cute little heart-shaped balloon is added beside the terms, which looks beautiful. Balloons symbolize holding onto something precious, which can be the dad in this body art. The balloon is hanging with the help of dots. You can use black or colours to make the balloon more impressionable.

5. Dad Tattoo Design With A Bird:

Dad Tattoo Design With A Bird Save

This dad tattoo on the wrist looks beautiful though it is simple and unique. The word dad is engraved in cursive font pretty stylishly. Adding a cute bird at the end of the small letter d creates a perfect combination of style and look. The birds signify optimism, family value and ease, which the wearer associates with his or her father.

6. I Love You Dad Tattoo On The Forearm:

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Suppose you want something simple to express your love for your father. In that case, this beautiful papa tattoo can be an excellent option. The wearer has gotten the tattoo on the arm, and he or she will be able to show it off to everyone around the wearer. The font is pretty unique, with simple lines which look sleek. Although the tattoo looks exceptional, you can add elements of your own to make it more personal.

7. Meaningful Dad Tattoos:

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This one can be the best dad tattoo if you want body art with deep meaning. The tattoo is pretty detailed, where the parents on either side are holding a little boy or girl, making the tattoo all the more special. Four lines on either side make the tattoo look similar to an armband. Since the entire tattoo is engraved in bold black ink, it stands out beautifully.

8. Realistic Father Tattoo Design:

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We go through all our childhood holding the finger of our parents; it is a beautiful representation of the same bond. This tattoo has a father’s hand holding onto a cute little hand. The addition of a date on the baby’s writing can be the baby’s birthday, which is a memorable day for any parent. Both hands look realistic, with shades of grey on the corners and bold outlines. This tattoo looks pretty beautiful on the arm or the leg.

9. Cool Mom And Dad Tattoo:

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Suppose you are looking for a simple mother-father tattoo expressing many emotions. In that case, this design pattern is an excellent option. The entire tattoo is done in a cursive font with the words mom and dad attached by adding a cute little heart. You can leave the heart as it is or add colours of your choice, making the design more personal.

10. Tattoos To Honour Dad:

Tattoos To Honour Dad Save

This design can be a perfect choice if you want a dad quote tattoo. The unique thing about this tattoo is that the phrase is done in a cursive font and bold letters, which stand out. Adding a cute little red heart gives the entire tattoo a more impressionable look. The best place to get this tattoo engraved is the forearm or the bicep, where you can show it off.

11. Cute Father Love Tattoo:

Cute Father Love Tattoo Save

This is yet another simple dad tattoo design that expresses many emotions beautifully. The wearer has gotten the word papa near the heart, adding a cute red heart on top of the phrase. The tattoo engraved on the chest makes an impression of how close the wearer’s father is to them. But you can always choose the place you can get it engraved. You can also go through the list of different types of fonts and select one per your preference.

12. Father Tattoo Design With Wings:

Dad Tattoo With Wings Save

This is yet another dad tattoo design that combines crowns and wings representing a father’s characteristics. The crown makes the tattoo look regal, and the wings symbolize freedom and protection, which we all associate with a father. The tattoo seems beautiful anywhere on the wearer’s body. However, the chest might be the perfect place. You can also determine the size of the tattoo based on the area in which you want to get it.

13. Dad Tattoo On Fingers:

Dad Tattoo On Fingers Save

If you are looking for finger tattoos that fit in beautifully yet express emotions the same way as an extensive tattoo. Single words of the word DAD are done on each finger, making the tattoo all the more special. You can choose the fingers where you want to get the pattern done and select the font per your preference. You can go with bold or thin lines; whatever you do, this tattoo cannot go wrong. Another impressive thing about this tattoo is that it is suitable for anyone, regardless of gender.

14. Memorial Tattoos For Dad:

Memorial Tattoos For Dad Save

This is a beautiful PAPA memorial tattoo that packs a lot of emotions that are expressed exceptionally. The words PAPA are engraved in bold letters in a different font. These words are topped with a sleek angel wing with a halo on top, indicating that the father is like an angel to the wearer. You can change the font for all the words used in the design per your preference.

15. My Dad My Hero Tattoo:

My Dad My Hero Tattoo Save

This tattoo is an excellent option for a dad tattoo design with only simple phrases. The tattoo includes ALL MY LOVE DAD, which means the wearer’s love for his or her father. The words are written rather casually, giving the entire tattoo a more personal touch. Of course, you can always change the font used in the tattoo per your preference.

16. Tattoos For Dad That Passed Away:

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Are you looking for an extensive tattoo design to add to your body art? Then this dad tattoo design is a perfect option. This tattoo involves a father figure and a little son on the grass. The father’s arm is on the shoulder of the little boy indicating the expression of love and faith beautifully. The addition of the phrase ” miss you baapu ” suggests that the wearer misses his or her father very much. Adding a cute little heart makes the tattoo all the more beautiful.

17. Dad Tribute Tattoo:

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Fishing is a pastime during which many fathers and sons usually bond worldwide. This detailed and realistic-looking tattoo represents the wearer’s love for fishing and all the associated memories. The entire tattoo is black ink, with grey shades happening internally. Adding phrases inside the tattoo goes a long way in making the tattoo more real. You can get this tattoo on the back, showing it off or covering it up as per your preference.

18. Father Tattoo On Hand With Halo And Wings:

Father Tattoo On Hand With Halo And Wings Save

This is yet another dad tattoo design with wings and a halo which means the wearer is relating his or her father to an angel. The only difference between this tattoo and the other ones is the addition of the date of the wearer’s father’s passing, commemorating the day wonderfully. The tattoo looks exceptionally well anywhere on your arm, irrespective of gender.

19. Dad Heartbeat Tattoo Design:

Dad Heartbeat Tattoo Design Save

A Heartbeat represented in the tattoo usually means remembering loved ones or celebrating vitality beautifully. This tattoo has all the elements needed to represent the unique bond between a father, and their kid is present in this tattoo. The entire tattoo is done pretty stylishly in cursive font. Adding the date of birth and date of death of the wearer’s father makes the tattoo all the more unique and personal.

20. Dad’s Portrait Tattoo On The Hand:

Dad's Portrait Tattoo On The Hand Save

Portrait tattoos are where the wearer usually gets the picture of their father engraved on their body, making it a great addition to one’s body art. The portrait tattoos are two-fold and are popular among people of all ages, irrespective of gender. If you wish to have a realistic-looking portrait tattoo, pick the right artist and give the details you want in your body art.

21. Dad Heartbeat Tattoo:

Dad Heartbeat Tattoo Save

This is another dad tattoo design involving a heartbeat mark and a cute little red heart. Adding a cross to the tattoo gives the pattern a religious touch. There is also the father’s hand holding a cute baby’s hand, again indicating the wearer’s love for his or her father. Though the entire tattoo is engraved in black ink, the red colour used for the heart and the black shades filling inside the cross stand out beautifully.

22. Dad Tattoo Designs On Hand:

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If you are looking for a dad tattoo design which men usually prefer, then this tattoo is one of the perfect options. This tattoo has a thick band on the forearm with the words DAD in the centre. The additional beauty of this tattoo design is the presence of a heartbeat across the terms DAD. Using only black ink is an excellent option to make the tattoo stand out. Then, you can constantly shift the tattoo towards your biceps.

23. Dad Tattooed an Image on The Chest:

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This artistic dad tattoo design looks terrific on anyone, irrespective of gender. The use of single lines all across the tattoo looks like modern art. Adding the words DAD, which is not easily broken, adds more meaning to the otherwise simple design. The phrase means that the wearer considers his or her father to be strong and isn’t easily broken by life’s difficulties. Though the chest is perfect for engraving the tattoo, it also looks exceptional on the back.

24. Realistic Father Tattoo Design:

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If you are looking for a dad tattoo design with a realistic look, this tattoo has all the markings to make for fantastic body art. The father figure is holding two cute babies and walking on the beach. This tattoo is a memory every one of us has about our fathers. The background has a realistic depiction of the beach and the sky, which blends in with the theme of the tattoo. In addition, the tattoo looks exceptional when done in black.

25. Meaningful, Sentimental Father-Daughter Tattoos:

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Suppose you are looking for a father-daughter tattoo that artistically represents your love for your dad. In that case, this tattoo can be a perfect option. The words Dad are engraved in a cursive font, which complements the bold and black figures of the father and daughter. The entire tattoo looks pretty beautiful and looks realistic. The arm can be a perfect place to get this tattoo engraved or get it done on the back.


We all love our parents dearly. Some of us are close to our moms, and some are closer to our fathers. If you want to honour your father, the dad tattoo designs mentioned in this article can be very inspirational. Go through the designs, choose the one you love, and add elements of your choice. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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