Every sport has fans all over the world. For example, cricket is considered a religion in India, whereas Football is popular in US and Canada. But the football game is gaining popularity worldwide, up to the point where people are ready to get tattoos to express their love for the sport. Whether it is just a ball or a goal post, this article presents you with an array of Football tattoo options that you can modify per your preference.

Without further ado, go through this article to look at the best tattoos that express your love for football. Read on!

15 Best Football Tattoo Designs:

We have presented you with some unique and fantastic football tattoos that you can incorporate into your body art realm.

1. Simple Football Tattoo Designs:

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If you are a fan of Football and want to get a tattoo representing your passion for the sport, this can be an excellent option. The wearer has a doodle of a person playing Football with the phrase The beautiful game written below the design. This phrase depicts the importance of Football in the wearer’s life. The tattoo looks the best when engraved on the shoulder.

2. Extensive Soccer Leg Tattoos:

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This is a football tattoo where a kid stands in the corner and stares at a football court. The kid has a football in his hand, which means he dreams of becoming a footballer and achieving something in the sport. The details in the tattoo are pretty precise, making it look realistic and beautiful. The forearm or shoulder can be the perfect place to engrave the tattoo.

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3. Extraordinary football Tattoo Ideas:

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Every player in every team has a designated number for themselves, usually presented in a t-shirt. Each player wears a T-shirt with the number assigned to them, and this tattoo symbolises the same. The addition of a football makes it clear that the t-shirt belongs to a football player. The use of shading all around the tattoo gives the design a 3D effect.

4. Beautiful Football Tattoo Sleeve:

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This extensive football tattoo creates a beautiful picture that a kid has to enjoy the game. Unlike the previous tattoo, where the design was placed on a football ground, this tattoo symbolises the wearer’s dream as a kid, which involves a background involving nature. Since this tattoo requires enough space to look beautiful, the shoulder is the perfect place.

5. Cool Football Tattoo On The Arm:

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This is a small football tattoo on the hand suitable for anyone, irrespective of age and gender. The Football uses white and black shades with a silver outline making the ball look realistic. Adding a leg kicking the ball makes the design more relatable to Football. This tattoo looks perfect when engraved on the hand, where you can show it off whenever you want.

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6. Colourful Football Player Tattoo:

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Lionel Messi is considered one of the greatest footballers. He is idolised throughout the world, not only in Spain and Argentina. Therefore, the wearer has gotten a realistic tattoo by adding multiple colours other than black. The word D10S is a mix of the shirt number and the Spanish word meaning GOD, which refers to Messi. But the player considers the nickname an exaggeration.

7. Special Soccer Ball Tattoo:

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This is a perfect example if you are a football team fan and want to represent your love for the team in a tattoo. In this tattoo, the wearer used the football tattoo to symbolize Birmingham city football club, established in 1875. A globe and a football might also mean that the game is widespread globally. Therefore, the wearer must have a deep relation and emotion associated with the club.

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8. Football Tattoo On The Calf:

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This soccer ball engraved on the inner arm of the wearer indicates the addition of a new dimension which makes the tattoo look very real. This tattoo might look like I love Football, or you can interpret it as ten where a football is used in the place of zero. There is also a shoe beside the Football, which indicates that the tattoo refers to the football game. The forearm is the perfect place to get the tattoo engraved.

9. Regal Football Tattoos For Men:

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Suppose you want to incorporate a royal touch into a football tattoo. In that case, adding a crown on top of a football is a perfect solution. In addition, this tattoo has a greyish ball in the background, which gives the tattoo a 3D effect—the ideal place to get the tattoo engraved on the arm or forearm. You can also add colours to the tattoo to make it more personalised.

10. Surprising Football Leg Tattoo:

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This is one of the best football tattoos, with three words O TIR AGGIR. These words, according to Football, mean kicking a football so hard that it comes back with a strong effect. This phrase is backed up by a colourful football player kicking a football with force. The arm is perfect for getting this tattoo, but you can also engrave it on the calf.

11. Bright Football Tattoo Design:

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This is yet another football tattoo with a regal finish. This is because of the addition of a crown with intricate patterns on top of a football. The Football and the crown complement each other beautifully and look very realistic. In addition, a phrase on the top of the tattoo reads “work hard, play hard, never give up”, which holds not only in Football but anywhere in life.

12. Straightforward Tattoo Of Football:

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This one can look exceptional if you are looking for simple designs for your Football tattoos. Unlike the previous tattoos, this design is straightforward and has few added elements. The simple Football is covered with lines that beautifully represent the ball’s movement. Although this tattoo looks good in fine lines in black ink, you use alternate colours to make the tattoo stand out. The calf and the forearm can be the perfect spots for the tattoo.

13. Exquisite Football Ball Tattoo:

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Every player and football fan has a different perspective on the game. And this football tattoo is one of the unique ways to represent the sport and the speed required to play the game. The player kicks a popular ball globally wide under the sun in this tattoo. Men usually prefer this tattoo, but there is no restriction for women.

14. Football Tattoo Design With A Heartbeat:

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Many people love Football with their hearts, and therefore they are called die-hard fans. This Football tattoo perfectly represents the wearer’s love for the sport beautifully. The Football looks pretty realistic with a 3D finish, and the placement of a design similar to a heartbeat below the heart adds to the beauty of the plan.

15. Forearm Football Tattoos:

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This is one of the best and most simple forearm football tattoos that looks exceptional on anyone, irrespective of gender. Simple curves are used to portray a person playing Football. This tattoo seems straightforward, but you can add colours to make it look unique and colourful. The leg, forearm or arm are the best places to engrave the tattoo.


Football is one of the popular sports whose fans are spread worldwide. This article has included simple football tattoos to those spread across the hand. The unique thing about these tattoos is that you can modify them as per your preferences, giving them a personal touch. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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