Are you a fan of Egyptian culture? Or are you looking for exciting and meaningful tattoos associated with Egyptian culture? Then, you might want to consider the Anubis tattoos mentioned in this article. Anubis tattoos are popular because they signify mystery and give the wearer a cool edge. The depiction of Anubis is usually a man wearing a headpiece with a snake which gives a mysterious feel to the design. So, go through this article for different Anubis tattoos you can look into without further ado.

20 Best Anubis Tattoo Designs:

Choosing an Anubis tattoo can be an excellent option if you are looking for mystery and uniqueness in your tattoos. Several options given below will intrigue you enough to choose one for yourself.

1. Colorful Anubis Tattoo:

If you want a realistic pattern for your Egyptian tattoos, this Anubis tattoo idea can be pretty appealing. However, carefully choose an experienced and skilled tattoo artist to recreate this design. Unlike the many Anubis tattoo where black is the predominant colour, this tattoo design used yellow and blue, giving the pattern a beautiful finish.

2. Anubis Tattoo On The Arm:

Suppose you are a person who prefers minimalism and elegance. In that case, this small yet cute Anubis forearm tattoo is the perfect option. In addition, this Anubis tattoo is intriguing and looks exceptional on the calf or shoulder. Without having to use any colours, this tattoo stands out exceptionally.

3. Intricate Anubis Tattoo Design:

This is one of the best Anubis tattoos for people who love representing their love for drama. The design is loud, and black and white ink gives the pattern a fierce look. Though men might prefer this tattoo design, women have no restrictions. Remember that the tattoo would be meaningless if a tail display were disrespectful.

4. Detailed Anubis Tattoo:

Suppose you are a detail-oriented person interested in all things Egyptian. In that case, this Anubis design tattoo can be an ideal choice. On the other hand, give this print a go if you are into defined tattoos from an experienced tattoo artist. The speciality of this Anubis tattoo design is that it has facets similar to a diamond reflecting beautifully.

5. Bold Anubis Tattoo Design:

Who said black ink could not bring life into a simple tattoo. This Anubis tattoo is a perfect way to depict this Egyptian god’s mysterious and scary side. Irrespective of gender and without being too flashy, you can add all the elements of a horror character to this Anubis tattoo.

6. Angry Anubis Tattoo:

This large-size Anubis tattoo perfectly represents the Angry Anubis tattoo design that looks exceptional on the back. Because of its large size, the tattoo leaves a lasting impression on the onlooker. They look pretty scary, whether with sharp claws or even sharper teeth. Usually, men prefer these types of designs.

7. Outstanding Anubis Tattoo Design:

Choose this mean-looking tattoo if you have a masculine and dominant body type. The thin lines of this Anubis tattoo accentuate your body, further adding a dramatic flair. This dramatic and empowering Anubis print helps you show your elegant and powerful character.

8. Anubis Tribal Tattoo:


Suppose you are looking for creative ink that blends beautifully with your body. In that case, this Anubis tattoo is an excellent option. Although the pattern might look simple, the shading part of black and white creates a beautiful blend. This tattoo also has a sex appeal to show off with full confidence. Though men prefer these types of tattoos, women are not restricted.

9. Geometric Anibis Tattoo Design:

Geometric designs are popular among the younger generation because of their sharp lines and elevated features. This majestic Anubis tattoo stands tall in the centre of a diamond with a 3d effect. If you observe closely, this Anubis tattoo is mostly left uncoloured except for certain parts elevating the design beautifully.

10. Anubis 3d Tattoo Design:

3d effects are the new norm not only in movies but also in the tattoo world. However, unlike the standard tattoo patterns, this Anubis 3d tattoo gives the wearer and onlooker a realistic feel. The calf, shoulder, and arm are the perfect places to get this tattoo done. Though this tattoo looks well in monochrome, you can choose colours per your preference.

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11. Realistic Anubis Tattoo Design:

Suppose you are looking for a fierce-looking Anubis tattoo to help you show off your masculine appearance. In that case, this tattoo is an ideal choice. Although it might take quite a bit of time to achieve this tattoo, it will make an impact. But before choosing this tattoo, make sure you are into dramatic and retro-themed designs.

12. Anibis Tattoo With A Balance:

Colour is not essential to make a tattoo striking. This simple outline Anubis tattoo is a beautiful representation of the Egyptian god, a protector of souls travelling to the afterlife. You can go for black and grey tints for simple patterns. Adding balance to this tattoo gives this design a sense of justice. Anybody can stop in their tracks by looking at this illustration just once.

13. Black And White Anubis Head Tattoo:

If you love dramatic sleeves or shoulder tattoos, you will like this Anubis tattoo. The tattoo looks exceptionally beautiful, although only white and black colours exist. The face of the Anubis tattoo has shares of grey, bringing a realistic feel to it. The calf, arm, and back of the neck can also be exceptional places to get this tattoo design.

14. Realistic Anubis Palm Tattoo Design:

Few people feel comfortable wearing and rocking an arm or pam tattoo because they can be tricky. However, this Anubis tattoo looks realistic and fits in on the upper side of the palm, helping you show off your unique personality. The bold and brave look of this design represents your dominant character exceptionally. But since this tattoo is a bit flashy and the palm is an area you cannot always cover, make sure you are sure of the place and the tattoo so that you don’t regret it later.

15. Elegant Anubis Tattoo On The Calf:

The standing Anubis tattoo is another unusual yet popular pattern that stands out. If you are into sleek and majestic representations of an Anubis tattoo, then this is the one you can choose. The elegant, straightforward patterns give you an uncomplicated look for this Egyptian god. This tattoo is suitable for anyone, irrespective of gender and age. It looks exceptional on the calf, arm, shoulders, or back.

16. Anubis Egyptian God Tattoo:

Unlike other tattoo designs, this Anubis tattoo looks like flying and has simple patterns. The sleek outline is filled with various ways that give a funky and realistic look. This tattoo looks beautiful for any gender, irrespective of age. Sholders, calf, and back are some of the best places to get this tattoo.

17. Grey And White Anubisankh Tattoo:

This Anubis Ankh tattoo is a perfect symbol of the idea of life and rebirth exceptionally. Ancient Egyptians used the Ankh symbol to represent eternal life, the union of males and females, and rebirth. Through the centuries of Egyptian art, the Anubis with an ankh tattoo is the theme you can see in repetition.

18. Egyptian Jackal Tattoo:

People who like colour can choose this tattoo, creating a statement pattern. The use of black and yellow colours takes the elements to a different level and works wonders for many people. For many people, using colours represents new and fun things in one’s life. If you look closely, the pattern at the back of the neck blends in beautifully, giving it a 3d effect.

19. Anubis Tattoo With A Nekhakha:

Suppose you are fed up with using only black ink for a tattoo. In that case, this Anubis tattoo design with a splash of watercolours is an exceptional choice. The Egyptian god Anubis holds a nekhakha in his arms to represent the pharaonic authority’s significance. Keep the pattern simple and black to highlight the Anubis against the watercolour background.

20. Fierce Anubis Tattoo Design:

If you are into fiery and dramatic tattoos, this Anubis tattoo design is ideal. Though it is just the face of the Egyptian god, the sharp teeth and detailed features create an elegant and realistic finish. The Anubis tattoo looks even more fierce against the beautiful and colourful flowers.


You can implement several ideas for the Anubis tattoo, adding a personal touch and making it a popular choice for a tattoo design. Anubis, the afterlife ruler, will enhance your tattoo collection with its distinctive design. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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