Aries is someone who is born between March 21st to 19th of April of any year. In case you are one, then your planet Mars is the zodiac sign, and your personality of yours includes being optimistic, someone who is independent and also brave. You are known to be simple yet brave, tough yet calm and very generous. Aries is someone who is told to be born as a leader and who is always ready to act on anything at any time. Further, if you are an Aries and want to get inked, there is none other than your own Aries tattoo design for you. The Aries sign tattoo describes similar designs like your own individuality, showing courage, braveness, independence and freedom. Here we explain in our guide the top favourite Aries symbol tattoo ideas to try out.

15 Simple and Best Aries Tattoo Designs:

People love to display their zodiac sign by getting a tattoo done on their desired body parts. This is because the zodiac tattoo sign shows what part of them and their identity is. Let us now discuss the 15 best Aries zodiac tattoo designs with images and meanings for both men and women. These Aries zodiac sign tattoos are those which are quite popular, significant and also stylish. Check them out here.

1. The Colorful Aries Horoscope Tattoo Designs:

Aries tattoo is so colourful that any girl would want to flaunt it. Yes, this tattoo is intended for girls. The tattoo can be sported on the back of the arms. The tattoo shows almost the whole body of the goat, which further symbolises the zodiac sign, Aries. Along with eye-catching colours, we can see many beautiful patterns and designs that make this inked Aries motif look alluring. A true Arian would wear it with their eyes closed. With this tattoo, one can also show their love for the animal goat. The beautiful patterns and the contrasting colour combination make a simple design look divine. Try this calm yet bold Aries horoscope tattoo if you are someone who wants to flaunt this artistic style.

  • Body Placement: This Aries horoscope tattoo is good to be placed on the arms area.
  • Size: Try this simple Aries tattoo in medium size to flaunt it well.
  • Skin Tone: This is among the best Aries tattoos. It is suitable for any skin tone as it goes well with all colours.
  • Colour: Wear this design with red and black shades to look bold and fierce.
  • Suitable Gender: Women can try out this kind of Aries picture tattoo.

2. The Funky Tattoo Aries Designs for Men and Women:

This funky Aries tattoo will look great on the arms. This particular Aries tattoo sports a beautiful cartoon-like style. It is different from all the designs you have seen until now. One can apply different colours to the design to make it look alluring, like the one on the top. Here, we can only see a digital sketch of the Aries tattoo design. The Ram has been done very beautifully. This tattoo will act as a mascot for all whose zodiac sign is Aries. Those who love to have a colourful yet mild and calm tattoo can try this design.

  • Body Placement: This is a great tattoo Ariesdesignto be tried on the arms or back.
  • Size: Wear this tattoo in medium size to look good.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone individual can try this bright-coloured tattoo.
  • Colour: This is good only in the coloured version of the design.
  • Suitable Gender: Men and women can try out this Ariestattoo image design.

3. Aries Black Tattoos for Men:

Here, we have another beautiful Aries symbolic tattoo. It is one of the best Aries tattoo designs for men with a large back that never goes wrong. The symbol of the first zodiac sign is so beautiful that anyone would want to get it on their body. Here, the tattoo designs have been done using the golden colour, which makes this inked motif different from what you have seen until now. Sporting this tattoo on the arms will help you get attention yourself. The tattoo will be ideal for true Arians. The Ariestattoo for men, as shown above, is for young modern men who are brave, fierce and courageous. Get it as shown in the above picture to stand apart from others.

  • Body Placement: Wear this men’s Aries tattoo on the back to look great.
  • Size: A larger tattoo of this design suits best.
  • Skin Tone: Wear this for fair to medium skin tone guys to look good.
  • Colour: This tattoo is good only in black and grey shades.
  • Suitable Gender: This tattoo design is best for men, and this is an Aries tattoo for guys.

4. Aries Lettering Tattoo on Hand:

Sometimes tattoo designs and figures play a very confusing role in explaining their natural meaning, and people tend to get confused about what this design is for. This is the reason why this text tattoo is done. Straight away, writing the name of the zodiac sign makes it easy tattoo design to convey a specific meaning. Aries tattoo can be enhanced with some artistic touch and floral or starry patterns to make it more attractive. You can further easily customise this tattoo as you like in different designs at the ends and beginnings. Try it out as you wish, and you will love it.

  • Body Placement: This Aries word tattoo is good to be tried on the arms or the back of the shoulder.
  • Size: Wear this tattoo only in medium size to look good.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone can try out this tattoo.
  • Colour: Black colour only suits this kind of tattoo.
  • Suitable Gender: This is good for both men and women.

5. Small Aries Symbol Tattoo:

Though we know that a ram symbolises the Aries zodiac, it also has another symbol for its representation. It is ‘two ram head horns’. This small tattoo is also a common and primary symbol of the Aries Zodiac. This simple, small design clearly depicts that you are an Arian. Either get it done in black or use any other colour; this tattoo never loses its charm. Those who want a minimalistic tattoo can try out this simple design as it is not heavy and yet very meaningful.

  • Body Placement: This tattoo is suitable for the arms or wrists.
  • Size: This tattoo is good, either in small or medium size.
  • Skin Tone: Get this for any skin tone, as it suits all.
  • Colour: Black is the right colour for this tattoo.
  • Suitable Gender: This is a design for both men and women. This can be a great Aries tattoo design for men and Aries women.

6. Aries Tattoo for Girls:

Giving a floral touch to the Aries symbol by enclosing it in creepers and leaves is a perfect way to flaunt the design and make it more attractive. It gives a feminine touch and shows the elegance of women. Either get it done in black ink or add colours. This tattoo never ceases to amaze anyone with its charm. This is one of the best and perfect Aries tattoo designs for girls interested in zodiac signs.

  • Body Placement: Girly Aries tattoo designs are ideal when placed on wrists or the back of the neck.
  • Size: This Aries tattoo for females is good when it is a medium-sized one.
  • Skin Tone: Try this design to look suitable for fair and wheatish skin tones.
  • Colour: Wear this in a similar colourful format to look good and natural.
  • Suitable Gender: This is an excellent Ariesgirl tattoo design.

7. Aries Tribal Tattoo:

An outlined ram head is also a powerful symbol of expression for an Arian. Ram’s head depicts the strength and courageous side of a person. This tattoo has a length and low width, so it is perfect for the arm and legs. Though black ink on it looks pretty, for this kind of tattoo, you can go for any favourite colour of yours. This form of Aries tribal tattoo is simple yet entirely meaningful, given the inner significance of courage and challenge.

  • Body Placement: This small Ariestattoo is good when inked on arms or legs.
  • Size: This tattoo is good in small or medium sizes with low width.
  • Skin Tone: Wear this tattoo on any skin tone you wish.
  • Colour: This Aries star sign tattoo is good in black colour only.
  • Suitable Gender: Men and women can both try out this tattoo.

8. Flower Aries Tattoos for Women:

Arian tattoo lovers also love a flowering tree with roots and a stem-like the horns of the ram. This design is suitable for your back, arms or waistline. It highlights the symbol of the Aries Zodiac, which clearly shows that you are an Arian. This type of best tattoo is designed for women with beautiful backs. If you are someone who loves nature and flowers, then this Ariesflower tattoo is totally for you. This signifies the calm and loving person you are inside.

  • Body Placement: The back of the neck and waistline is excellent for trying out this tattoo.
  • Size: Wear this Aries tattoo in medium size.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone person can try this out.
  • Colour: This Ariesstar tattoo is good in black and red colour only.
  • Suitable Gender: A woman is the best choice to try this tattoo.

9. Aries Tattoos for Girls:

People who love showing that they are strong, aggressive or low-tempered usually go for this tattoo design.

  • Body Placement: This tattoo perfectly fits on the hand and wrist area.
  • Size: This Aries head tattoo is good in large sizes.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone man can try out this tattoo.
  • Colour: Wear this tattoo in black colour only.
  • Suitable Gender: This Aries head tattoo is for girls.

10. Aries Butterfly Tattoos Ideas:

The abstract butterfly design is very feminine and common yet beautiful. It gives an expression of freedom and creativity. Arians can combine the symbol of the Aries Sign with the butterfly wings to make a great tattoo design. Further, this Aries butterfly tattoo is for those who love to keep minimalistic and abstract designs and is a perfect fit if you want in these terms.

  • Body Placement: Wear this tattoo on arms, wrists or shoulder area.
  • Size: This is good to be done in smaller sizes only.
  • Skin Tone: Wear this tattoo on fair to medium skin tone to look good.
  • Colour: This tattoo is good in black and blue outline, as shown above.
  • Suitable Gender: This Aries tattoo design is ideal for women only.

11. The Artistic Aries Tattoo Design:

Here, we have a beautiful Aries symbol tattoo. The artistic nature of this tattoo makes this inked design look incredibly alluring compared to the previous ones. Aries is the first astrological sign known to us and has a good advantage, according to celestial facts. This tattoo is not just a simple Aries tattoo. It comes with beautiful patterns throughout the face of the Ram, which symbolises Aries.

  • Body Placement: For men, the arms area is a great place to get this inked. For women, this tattoo is good to be inked on the waist or lower back.
  • Size: This tattoo design is good when worn in medium size only.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone can match this idea.
  • Colour: Wear this in black and grey shades only to look good.
  • Suitable Gender: Try this Ariesskull tattoo-type design for both men and women.

12. Aries Arm Tattoo for Boys:

As we know, Aries is represented by a ram, and this outlined ram is a very common and most loved tattoo design for this zodiac. Either give it a paintbrush look or try giving a 3D effect; this tattoo is just perfect for an Arian. This tattoo is simple, wild and unique to witness as such. The shadow effect of this Aries tattoo adds a more look to this design.

  • Body Placement: This is an excellent Aries chest and arm tattoo.
  • Size: Wear this tattoo in medium size only.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone can rock this design.
  • Colour: This is great to be done in black colour only.
  • Suitable Gender: This tattoo is perfectly matching for men and guys.

13. The Fiery Aries Tattoo:

This year is another extraordinarily beautiful Aries symbol tattoo. The tattoo shows the head of the goat, which has been further decorated with intricate designs. If you want to get this tattoo, consult a professional, as only a well-practised tattoo artist will assist you in getting the best out of this design. Even though the whole tattoo has been done using designs, the details of the face of the ram are visible. Men who love to keep it wild and violent can try this one out.

  • Body Placement: This can be a great Aries back or shoulder tattoo. One can also try out an Aries neck tattoo.
  • Size: the Larger size of this Aries head tattoo looks good.
  • Skin Tone: This is good to be tried on lighter skin tones only.
  • Colour: Wear this men’s Aries tattoo only in black colour.
  • Suitable Gender: This is an excellent tattoo to try out for men.

14. The Aries Tribal Tattoo Designs:

The tribal Aries tattoos are just amazing. This particular inked motif will represent a masculine character and differentiate you from the crowd. This tribal tattoo is simple and looks great without applying attractive colours other than black. The body of the lamp is very well-detailed. Those who fall under the Aries zodiac sign will love to exhibit this inked design.

  • Body placement: This is a greatAriestattoos on the wrist or Aries sleeve tattoo. Further arms are also the best place to try it out.
  • Size: This Aries tattoo is good only in a bigger size.
  • Skin tone: Any skin tone can try this design out.
  • Colour: Wear this tattoo, as shown above, in a single colour.
  • Suitable gender: This Aries tribal tattoo is useful for men only.

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15. Aries Constellation Tattoos on Back:

The Aries constellation is a perfect idea for getting an Aries tattoo done. As this tattoo has starred in it, you can get it done anywhere you feel on your body. Usually, this design is perfect for flaunting on your back. Those women who love to flaunt their style and be trendy in the modern age can try out this Ariesstar tattoo to add more elegance and uniqueness to their persona.

  • Body Placement: This is an excellent Aries neck and back tattoo.
  • Size: Medium size is perfect for trying this one out.
  • Skin Tone: Wear this tattoo on any skin tone you wish.
  • Colour: This is good for inked in black colour only.
  • Suitable Gender: This tattoo is ideally best for Women.

Additional Tips:

  • If you are an Aries and want to get inked, here is a list of things you can consider. However, here are some tips and precautions to keep in mind.
  • Choose the design you like the most. Do not decide in haste.
  • Go and consult a professional tattoo artist to get the perfect image and design for you.
  • Make sure to take care of your body post-tattoo. Do not apply soap for a few days; apply moisturising cream regularly.

More Tattoo Designs:


I hope you like our list of Aries tattoo designs. These are among the top trending and popular ones for all Aries individuals. Getting these inked means flaunting that you are proud of being an Aries. Differentiate yourself from the crowd and try these out. You would never regret this. These Aries tattoos are recommended by experts in this field and are admired and worn by many tattoo lovers and Arians worldwide.

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