Tribal cross tattoos have been a popular choice for those seeking a design that combines cultural heritage with personal faith and style. These tattoos, often characterized by their bold, interlocking patterns and strong lines, can be inked differently, from simple and understated to complex and elaborate. They serve as a form of self-expression and a connection to ancient traditions and beliefs. Here, we have compiled 30+ tribal tattoo designs for you to pick and get inked to tell your personal story to the world!


The significance of tribal cross tattoos lies in their deep-rooted connection to both history and spirituality. For many, these designs symbolise faith, hope, and life’s journey. The cross itself is a universally recognised symbol of faith, particularly in Christianity, while the tribal elements often draw inspiration from indigenous cultures and their art forms. These tattoos can represent a blend of personal beliefs and ancestral heritage, making them a powerful statement of identity. Additionally, the versatility in design, from Celtic to Hawaiian styles and variations like crosses with wings or tribal dragons, gives a personal touch.

30+ Best Tribal Cross Tattoo Designs:

There is an integration of modernity and tradition happening when it comes to tattoos. This comes in handy when you want a traditional tattoo that represents your cultural history passed on by your ancestors, giving it a modern touch.

1. Tribal Cross Tattoo Designs for Men:

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Inked in stark black, this forearm tattoo features a tribal cross merged with wing-like flourishes, suggesting freedom and protection. The heart at the cross’ core adds a layer of love and commitment. Its size is perfect for men desiring a tattoo that is both noticeable and meaningful, embodying a connection to ancient traditions through its tribal elements.

2. Simple Tribal Cross Tattoo on Leg:

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A bold tribal cross tattoo stands out in solid black ink on the calf, a versatile placement suitable for all genders. Its simplicity speaks to minimalist elegance while retaining the symbolic power of faith and heritage. The size and stark colour make it a statement piece, ideal for those who favour a straightforward yet impactful expression of their beliefs.

3. Bold Tribal Cross Back Tattoo for Men:

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On the back, a large tribal cross tattoo commands attention with its intricate black ink patterns. This design, rooted in heritage, offers a striking choice for men. The boldness of the ink and the complexity of the tribal patterns make it a robust symbol of faith and personal strength, ideal for a back placement where it can be displayed grandly or kept private.

4. Tribal Cross Shoulder Tattoo:

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A tribal cross tattoo with sharp, flowing lines sits prominently on the shoulder, its black ink giving it a striking contrast against the skin. The design, which includes elements that resemble flames, adds an energetic and masculine touch. This tattoo’s size is ideal for the shoulder, making it a popular choice for men who want a mix of boldness and spiritual symbolism in their ink.

5. Tribal Cross with Wings Tattoo on Arm:

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Displayed on the arm is a tribal cross tattoo accented with stylised wings, inked in a gradient of black that gives depth and dimension. The design, suggesting both freedom and faith, is substantial in size for an eye-catching effect. It is an excellent choice for anyone, regardless of gender, looking to make a bold statement while honouring their beliefs.

6. Floral Cross Back Tattoo:

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A cross made of delicate flowers in hues of purple and green creates a soft yet striking presence on the upper back. With its colour and floral design, this tattoo offers a feminine take on the traditional cross, suitable for those who wish to blend spirituality with natural beauty. The placement on the back allows for both visibility and concealment, making it versatile for different occasions and preferences.

7. Rosary and Cross Wrist Tattoo:

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This tattoo features a detailed cross at the end of a rosary, draped over the hand and wrist in a bold display. The black ink highlights the textural contrast and depth, making it a prominent symbol of faith and personal reflection. It is ideal for wrist placement and a constant reminder of spirituality for the wearer. This design is versatile and suitable for anyone who holds their beliefs close.

8. Geometric Tribal Cross Upper Arm Tattoo:

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A tribal cross tattoo with geometric shapes graces the upper arm, crafted in solid black ink for a striking effect. The design features sharp angles and symmetrical patterns, combining modern touches with traditional tribal elements. It is a versatile size that fits nicely on the arm, appealing to both men and women who favour a clean and bold representation of their faith or cultural identity.

9. Tribal Cross Design on Upper Arm Tattoo:

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Inked on the upper arm, this tribal cross tattoo features a strong, angular design with a distinct black outline emphasising its bold shape. The placement on the upper arm is ideal for showcasing the tattoo’s size and intricate tribal patterns, making it a striking choice for men who want a tattoo that stands out while reflecting strength and conviction.

10. Intricate Tribal Cross Tattoo on Back:

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A tribal cross tattoo with a prominent black silhouette is centred on the back, its pointed edges and internal designs giving it an intricate appearance. The solid fill contrasts sharply with the skin, creating an impactful visual. It is of a substantial size without overwhelming, making it suitable for people seeking a meaningful tattoo with a strong presence.

11. Celtic-Inspired Tribal Cross Shoulder Tattoo:

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Positioned on the shoulder, this tattoo merges Celtic and tribal influences into a cross design with interlocking patterns. The black outlines with subtle blue shading add depth and dimension, highlighting the intricate artwork. It is a versatile size that fits nicely on the shoulder, equally suitable for men and women who appreciate a design that is rooted in tradition while also making a distinctive style statement.

12. Sleek Tribal Cross Arm Tattoo:

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This tattoo presents a sleek tribal cross design on the arm, featuring sharp edges and bold black accents. The symmetrical tribal patterns at each end of the cross add a dynamic flair. Its elongated form is well-suited for the arm, making it a striking choice for individuals who prefer a tattoo that combines elegance with a strong symbolic meaning.

13. Tribal Cross-Sleeve Tattoos:

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If you wish to show off your spirituality, tribal crosses can be an excellent way. You can either go for simplistic patterns or add decorative elements making the tattoo more special. This tattoo is massive and looks beautiful on the biceps showcasing the power of the tattoo. This tattoo is not only eye-catching but straightforward to incorporate.

14. Cross Tattoo With Tribal Background:

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Returning to the ancient Celts and their culture, tribal cross tattoos have been and are still popular. Though there has been an evolution in how one gets inspiration from many cultures, the feeling and meaning are the same. This tattoo is filled with feminine elements and curves, which complement each other and blend. The back, wrist, forearm or biceps are the perfect places to engrave the tattoo.

15. Stand-Out Tribal Cross Tattoos For Guys:

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If you are a devout Christian and want to have a way to honour your faith, this massive tribal cross can be a perfect option. The tattoo is a chain with a cross attached to it where the outline of the cross is done in bold lines, and the insides have criss-cross patterns. This tattoo looks beautiful when engraved on the arm if the size is large. But depending on the size, you can get the tattoo anywhere on the body.

16. Celtic Cross Tribal Tattoos:

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A Celtic cross is one of the most popular forms of tribal cross tattoos. The right side of the picture has a cross made with intricate patterns. In contrast, the other side has a simple cross on the fingers without any additional elements. Both tattoos are significantly opposite to each other. You can get the tattoo engraved anywhere on the body, irrespective of gender.

17. Tribal Tattoo Cross Designs On The Wrist:

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The indigenous design of this tribal cross tattoo refers most commonly to the cultural significance of Polynesia or Africa. The outer part of the tattoo is done entirely in black ink, highlighting the red stone in the centre. This tattoo not only works as a religious symbol but also carries cultural significance. The best place to get the tattoo engraved is on the wrist, where you can always have a look.

18. Traditional Tribal Cross Designs:

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One of the best places to get a tribal cross tattoo is the forearm or the wrist because it is the most masculine and traditional place. This is because even as you get older, the tattoo’s size won’t change, and the pattern never goes out of style. The design is made up of small interlocking curves which form a beautiful cross with a feminine touch. Though women prefer these types of plans, there is no saying men cannot try them.

19. Bold Tribal Cross Tattoos For Men:

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You can represent your affiliation or allegiance to a specific group with the help of a gorgeous tribal cross tattoo. It can also mean one’s spiritual journey while representing an individual’s values and beliefs. The cross tattoo is done in a lighter shade of black, while the band across the cross is done in bolder black making the patterns complement each other. The perfect place to get this tattoo is on the arm, making it look like an armband.

20. Standout Men’s Tribal Cross Tattoos:

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If you are looking for a tribal cross tattoo that stands out but also gives you the option to cover up, this tattoo on the back can be an excellent option. The entire tattoo is done only in black. Still, you can always use a combination of red with black to make the tattoo more attractive. Though the tattoo looks perfect on the back of the neck, the wrist, biceps or even forearm can be good places to get them engraved.

21. Cross And Tribal Tattoo Designs:

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For many years, a tribal cross tattoo has been one of the most popular options for all genders. The reason for the popularity of a cross symbol is you can get it done with simple shapes giving it a stylish look without ever betraying religious belief. Christian men mostly prefer these types of tattoos because of their masculine feel, but there is no restriction for women.

22. Tribal Cross Tattoo With Wings:

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In Christianity, wings are associated with angels, beautifully complemented while blending with a cross tattoo. So if you want a guardian angel always to be there with you or represent anyone close to your heart who has passed away, this tattoo is the one. Depending on your preferred size, you can get this tattoo engraved anywhere on your body. People who embrace their faith in God usually feel freedom, represented with the help of a winged cross.

23. Cross Tattoo With Tribal On The Hand:

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This gorgeous tribal cross tattoo has a divine appeal that can be preferred by men and women, irrespective of age. This tattoo combines black and shades of grey in the outlines creating a beautiful shadowy look. You can get the tattoo engraved anywhere on the body, though it looks perfect on the arm or the wrist. This tattoo is suitable for anyone, irrespective of gender.

24. Tribal Cross Tattoo Design on Chest:

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A Maltese cross is another popular type of tribal tattoo which men prefer. There are several interpretations when you are representing Crusader’s cross because you can style it by putting your twist on it. This tattoo is engraved to look like a chain or even rosary beads. The entire tattoo is done in bold black ink with little thin lines, creating a complimenting look.

25. Unique Cross With Tribal Tattoo Designs:

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Suppose you are looking for a massive tribal cross tattoo which synchronizes beautifully with your personality. In that case, this tattoo can be a perfect solution. The gigantic cross tattoo is filled with intricate patterns on all sides. The letter N in the centre of the cross makes the otherwise religious tattoo a more personal touch.

26. Celtic Tribal Cross Tattoo On The Back:

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This beautiful tribal cross tattoo on the back influences Celtic culture. Back is also a popular choice among many people, same as the chest, especially among men. It can be a perfect option for a religious tattoo because a cross represents the foundation of a person’s life. The intricate patterns in a combination of colours make the tattoo even more special.

27. Cross Tribal Designs On The Hand:

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If you want to pay a subtle tribute to your faith, choosing a small tribal cross tattoo is best. The arm or the wrist can be the perfect place to get this tattoo because you can see it easily, though you can place it nearly anywhere on the body. Unlike the straight lines, this tattoo is filled with wavy lines that, when combined, form a gorgeous cross.

28. Tribal Cross Tattoo Design On The Chest:

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Although many people choose bold and elaborate art styles for cross tattoos, this design is a perfect option for those who want simplistic designs. One of the striking designs where the symbolism is obvious can be a simple cross tattoo. Faith is the only thing beautifully represented in this design because there are no elements. But make sure to get a tattoo that defines your relationship with God and is unique to yourself.

29. Small Tribal Cross Tattoos On The Feet:

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Give a simple tribal cross tattoo a spin of your own by adding some uniqueness. For example, there is a little cross covered by patterns that not only represent your faith but also reflect your personality. The designs around the cross have little twists while forming a cross. In addition, the word faith is written near the cross, making the tattoo look gorgeous. You can also add elements of your own to make it more personal.

30. Tribal Cross Shoulder Tattoo:

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If you are looking for a modern and artistic tribal cross tattoo that uses black and red shades, this tattoo can be a perfect choice. The cross is done entirely in red ink, whereas the outer pattern is gorgeously made in bold black lines. The entire tattoo has an artistic approach making the design all the more special to the wearer and the onlooker.

31. Irish Tribal Cross Behind The Neck:

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This tattoo dates back over a thousand years and is a perfect example of an Irish cross. This tattoo beautifully combines the Celtic art style with a Christian cross. The central part of the cross has a bold red ring that usually represents God’s eternal life and infinite love, though it has several meanings. If you want to honour the Christian faith and Irish ancestry, this design can be a perfect choice for men and women.

32. Pictures Of Tribal Crosses:

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This beautiful tribal cross tattoo is joined by what looks like one unending line making it a popular design. However, the design is versatile and looks like a combination of different styles of lines. A cross symbolizes the unlimited love, power and wisdom of the lord Jesus Christ. Many Christians use this tattoo as a reminder to never leave the path of faith.


So, we have seen a variety of tribal cross tattoos, each with its own character and style. Whether it is the solid and masculine designs suited for the shoulder or the arm or something more subtle and delicate, there is a tribal tattoo out there that can tell your story. What is your take? Do you see yourself with one of these bold black ink designs, or maybe with something adding some colour? Remember, the size and placement can transform a tattoo’s meaning just as much as the design itself. Which one of these tribal crosses speaks to you, and where would you place it? Your body is the canvas, and these tattoos are ready to make their mark. Let’s hear which one caught your eye!

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