Though it can be easily crafted on any body part, it holds a deep meaning or symbol underneath it. The word Ankh originated from Egypt and is a cross with a small cute circle. These signs were earlier seen in a tomb or on mummies, temple walls, and Egyptian Goddess fingertips. But now, it has been modified, and for centuries, people have started designing their body parts to appear cool. But before you hook up on the Ankh tattoo designs, you should be aware of their meaning, as these designs depict eternal living and an era of new life.

Stylish Ankh Tattoo Designs:

Now, look at the top 10 Ankh tattoo designs, each showcasing unique interpretations of this ancient Egyptian symbol of life and eternity.

1. Egyptian Ankh Tattoo:

This tattoo design is crafted on the forearm with an Ankh and key hooked at its loop, displaying that Ankh is the key behind all the mystery between a person’s life and death. It also portrays the eternal soul, which never dies, with no start or end. Ankh tattoos hold powerful and sensational meanings. Ankh tattoos have powerful and sensational meanings.

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2. Ankh Tattoo with Eye:

This tattoo appears distinct from other tattoo designs and can be designed on any body part to lend a charming look to the wearer. An eye is sketched on the loop in the design, describing that the eye is the path through which you can awaken your soul.

3. Ankh Tattoo on Finger:

It’s a unique design in which God watches over the souls that have passed away and entangle the Ankh, displaying its control and power over the mysteries of the afterlife and death. In this ankh finger tattoo design, the Egyptian god has a body structure of a human, and the head is of a jackal. These designs are trendy in the tattoo world.

4. Cool Ankh Tattoo Design with Eye:

Another exciting and distinct tattoo is for people who adore designing something unique.

5. Unique Ankh Tattoo Design:

This tattoo has different geometrical shapes around the Ankh, giving the entire concept’s magnificent appearance. This is an unusual tattoo design and is perfect for followers who love these designs.

6. Phoenix Ankh Tattoos:

The mythological bird tattoo design is trendy and in demand as it depicts the rebirth of a person. These are striking and distinctive Ankh tattoo designs of the decade and gorgeous and sensational tribal Ankh tattoos with phoenixes.

7. Attractive Ankh Tattoo Design:

This mysterious small Ankh tattoo is designed on the wrist, giving the wearer a bashing, minimalist, classy appearance. The tattoos are pretty simple to sketch but hold deep and valuable meaning.

8. Sparkling Ankh Tattoo Design:

This tattoo looks great on the back and makes the wearer appear exclusive and unique even in the crowd.

9. Inspiring Ankh Tattoo Design:

Perfect Ankh tattoos for women make them appear more sensual and alluring. As a flower inhibits and resembles a woman’s quality, it seems more divine when embedded with Ankh.

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10. Ankh Tattoo on Finger:


Ankh’s tattoos have been reframed and redesigned. They are very easy to craft or design and appear very elegant. The tattoos are inked with amazing colours, making them appear unique and alluring. Ankh tattoos are very much in demand by tattoo lovers as these tattoos have correlated and present life and death. These different elements create life, protection and many others.

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