Tattoos are a very popular choice of fashion for many youths and even adults. These come in various shapes and sizes. You can have these on almost any part of the body these days as long as you are comfortable with sporting it on that part. If you are not very sure that you want something permanent, you can try something that lasts for a few days.

Similarly, you can also change the designs when you scrub these off and then try something new. Unlike getting needled with colours that are put deep into your skin, these are not harmful, and these can be changed, which is an option that the permanent ones do not give you. Now, these days it is not that you only get the sticker designs in small patches.

You can also have something for the back or body parts like an arm design, and it runs from the shoulder joints and the lower portion of the ribs. You can have something on top, like the frontal part, and these will generally not stay hidden unless you are wearing a high-collar buttoned-up shirt. So it depends on which is what you will choose and what sport. The proper way is to have a design drawn out and ask to get it customized.

Temporary Tattoos With Images:

You can take inspiration from the usually available types and designs for temporary patterns from our top 50 temporary tattoo designs collections.

1. Glow In Dark Temporary Tattoo Designs:

This glow in the dark angel tattoo shines bright at night when in a dark room or under a UV light, or even under black disco light. Complete in its angel-like quality and ideally suited for a night out at the disco, it looks ethereal when worn on any visible part of the body.

2. Temporary Butterfly Glitter Tattoos:

Butterfly tattoos in the temporary form are a must-have for every woman and girl. Available in a wide selection of designs and colours, these custom made glitter tattoos add spark and spank to one’s body. What’s more, because of their temporary nature, one can play around with the different tattoo designs and change the location of their bodies according to their whims and fancies.

3. Temporary Mehndi Tattoo Designs:

Again there is another type of non-permanent thing, which is known as henna. Mehndi body art, a profound part of Indian culture, has travelled across the world to find its place on women’s bodies from all around the globe. They look just as cool on any part of the body.

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4. Temporary Balloon Tattoos:

What makes temporary tattoos special is that they are printed with non-toxic ink that’s safe, especially for children who don’t have to compromise safety for style. This temporary balloon tattoo makes for excellent party activity during the holiday season or birthday bash.

5. Temporary Bracelet Tattoo:

Armband and bracelet temporary tattoos are creative and versatile. They can be worn on the upper arm, wrist, ankles and around the neck. When worn with two or more contrasting designs, they look ornate. Bracelet tattoos in their wide range of designs look good on men and women alike.

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6. Temporary Fashion Tattoos:

Temporary fashion tattoos are a great way of accessorising one’s body. They look extravagant and are in high demand these days. Fashion models are known to sport them when strutting down the ramp adding to the oomph factor, while celebrities can be seen wearing them sparingly.

7. Temporary Sleeve Tattoos:

Men who want to avoid the pain and endless hours spent on getting permanent sleeve tattoos will love this temporary version of the full sleeve tattoo. It is a fashion statement for men and gives them a complete experience of the real thing. They come in a variety of designs and styles and if you’re not satisfied with the look of one don’t worry, it’s just temporary. Wash it off and don another one.

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8. Temporary Foot Tattoo:

Pamper your feet with colourful and sparkling temporary tattoos. Each one is unique in design that gives shape and form to beautiful looking feet. The feet are one of the most prominent parts of the body and look ornate when adorned with foot tattoos. Team them up with matching nail polish and a simple pair of slippers, and the feet will turn everyone’s heads around.

9. Graceful Temporary Face Tattoo:

The face of a woman is subject to constant glare most of the time. When embellished with graceful looking temporary tattoos, it becomes an enchanting piece of artwork. These elegant temporary tattoos created in splendid designs have the power to captivate and bewitch a person. They are a fun way of adding sparkle and glimmer to the face and will make you the highlight of any party or fashionable event.

10. Cluster Of Different Floral Tattoo Designs:

This is a very girly design, and you can have it with not much needle pain. You can also give it some coloration of your choice and make it colorful. You can have some shadowing to go with it, and also, you can try adding some writing or a meaningful statement that has some importance to you.

11. Cluster Of Variety Wrist Tattoos:

You can buy and place a design like this or buy different sets where you get objects, animals or writings.  Before you dampen it, place it properly, and you can correct it slightly as per the placement, which is very important in these types of designs even though they may be for a few days or till your next bath or scrub. You can try out various other forms, and you can have horizontal rows of lines to join these.

12. Semi-Washable Pen Temporary Tattoo:

This is a semi-washable, drawn up tattoo design that you can try out easily. You will have to ask a friend of yours to do this for you. These days you get various color pens whose inks last on you for a few days, and these are fun to try. Some special markers which are skin-friendly are used to make such tattoos and avoid any skin reactions. Such temporary tattoo designs are mostly carried out in weddings with various colors to get an attractive and matching tattoo for the outfit.   The designs made from such tattoos are generally thick to give it a perfect eye-catchy look.

13. Abstract Hand Temporary Tattoos:

This is a very artistic work of henna done on the hands. When this dries, and you wash off the thing, you will get a non-permanent tattoo design on your hand. This can be good for a trial basis before you try a permanent pattern. This is a good way to try something before getting it needed.

14. Sticker Transfer Bird Tattoos:

You can have bird designs from shops and then use water to transfer them to any parts of your body. You can try wearing something like the above for your neck. You can also have something quite large since large designs are also sold in the market. It is the best temporary tattoo sticker.

15. Semi-Washable Floral Sticker:

This is a semi-washable tattoo that is used for water decal design. You can easily buy these and use them. This can be proper before going for permanent color. One can easily remove this simple tattoo design on the back. Such sticker tattoos are widely available in the market in various designs. This kind of girl temporary tattoos is widely carried out on the back, shoulders, lower back etc.

The floral pattern in the sticker is one of the all-time favourite designs for temporary tattoos.  The beautiful curvy vine branches add to its beauty. These tattoos do not stay for more than a day when applied. It almost starts vanishing when it comes in contact with water.

16. Water Transfer Chest Tattoo:

This is a water transfer tattoo design for the frontal portion of your body. These types of stretched designs are also widely available these days. If you want a permanent thing, then before that, try these out to see if you will like the position or not.

17. A Cycle Decal Tattoo On Fore Arms:

This is a cycle style decal, and you can have fun sporting these small temporary tattoo designs on your arms and body. So, in that case, you can try out some sticker or water transfer designs that you can easily sport and also, these last quite a few days. Along with the advantage that you can try these at the right places, you can also know before getting something permanent whether you want it at that place or not.

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18. A Water Transfer Bird:

This is a water transfer bird, and you can try these types of tattoo designs on the hands and wrists before getting something like this done permanently. These kinds of temporary tattoos for men are getting trendy in colleges, parties, evening dates, outings etc. This tattoo allows you to select your favourite bird to get drawn. One can also get it done with various colours. It best suits the wrist, neck and shoulder.

19. Variety Temporary Patterns For Body:

You can make a customized design by choosing and sporting various designs like this. Buy a large sheet of various designs and then use water to use them on various body parts. You can also have modern designs with these, and these do not just come in colours like red and brown. These days dark many women sport colourful henna tattoo designs for various occasions and parties.

20. Colorful Tattoo Designs:

This is another small colourful temporary tattoo design, and you can sport these types of designs on various parts of the body. These days artists give you customized choices, and you can talk this out with your design expert who will provide you with the basic knowledge to this and perhaps give you something temporary on the place where you think you want the permanent pattern to see whether you like it there or not.

21. A Feather Style Temporary Tattoos:

This is feathery art, and you can sport the permanent art after you have tried and used temporary things. Buy these stickers from crafts stores. This is very alluring on girls back. This kind of design temporary tattoo is widely opted by college girls. The stickers available in the market can also help you mix the feather tattoo with other shapes such as the heart, bird, stars, vine branches etc. Girls love to carry such tattoos in discos, evening dates, parties etc.

22. Temporary Tattoo Stencil For Girls Hand:

If you want a fashionable tree for hand, try out something like this first and then go for the permanent needled out thing. Nature-loving people widely carry out such temporary tattoo designs. Also, some girls carry some small animal tattoos stencilled out to give a unique look. Some get rabbits, cats, small flowers etc. designs drawn on the wrist, reminding them about their school days.

23. Temp Sticker Rose Tattoo:

This is a water decal sticker rose. You can buy large such patterns from stores to use. There are various options to choose these types of tattoo designs from. Your artist can even guide you to a comfortable placement that will be better suitable for your inking with something that is not permanent in the first instance. Rose is a symbol of love.

Thus this design temporary tattoo is widely carried out by lovers. The girls get it stuck on their back, waist or lower back while the boys get it stuck on their wrist or arms. Some also prefer carrying it on their neck behind the ears to hide it when not willing to show. This can be a perfect gift for your loved one if their name is also attached to the rose.

24. Birds Water Temp Tattoos:

This is a bird’s water decal pattern, and you can buy these types of trendy stencils from stores to use. It will only need some water to transfer these to your body. Young college boys widely carry out these kinds of temporary tattoos for men. The above tattoo shoes flying birds which indicate freedom. The mysterious water waves give it a unique look. And the word included showing the kind of nature of the wearer with awesome fonts give it a marvellous look.

25. Temporary Large Roses Tattoo For Girls:

Thinking of getting roses on the body? Try something washable like this beforehand, going for needled out colour. Here the shoulder is very beautifully decorated with simple and temporary tattoos. This is another beautiful rose design for girls. Such girls temporary tattoos are getting popularity among the young collegians as well as it is best worn on valentines day to add to the beauty of the gown they ate wearing. Not only girls but sometimes boys are also seen wearing such drawn tattoos.

26. Temporary Tattoos For Hands And Legs:

If you are looking for something that you will do on your hands and legs, something tribal or daring, try something washable like this tattoo design. These days you get large extended patterns like this in stores. Such tattoos are counted as one of the best temporary tattoos. The designs made from dark black pens are more eye-catchy for the girls who want attention at some parties or discos. They are also worn at tribal themed parties as this design gives a glance at it

27. Pencil Rose Temporary Tattoo Design:

Looking to get a rose in pencil shade done on the hands? Get some washable stickers for a trial, and then go for the permanent ones. You can also get something like the above cute rose temp tattoo for the whole length of your arms. This tattoo can also be one of the temporary henna tattoos if made with black mehndi. These kinds of tattoos are widely carried out by men at parties or also for fashion. To add to its beauty, boys can also add skull designs with it.

28. Temporary Girl Tattoo:

This is a no colour, no shading pencil girl design, and you can have these made in permanent colour or pencil style from actual inking shops. But we suggest that you try out these water decals first to see you like these or are comfortable sporting these.

29. Hand Temporary Roses Tattoos:

Roses are a common thing to do. But before trying something with a needle, try something less painful like a decal, and you can even be sure of the color you want when you buy quite a few colors of decals. Then you can go for the permanent thing.

30. A Starfish Temporary Tattoo For Kids:

You can buy some trendy small designs too like this. Most of the kids are like to love these star tattoo designs on body parts temporarily. This is the best temporary tattoos design for kids who love to view fish or are inspired by marine life. The beautiful colors added to this tattoo makes it more beautiful. Such tattoos are carried out by kids, especially at theme parties or fancy dress competitions in schools.

31. Temporary Henna Tattoos For Fingers:

Henna tattoos are also a type of non-permanent design that can be done on any part of the body, and these last quite a few days to a few weeks and can be done according to the designs you choose. If you are willing to have something natural, then try this normal and small tattoo.

32. Temporary Arrow Tattoo For Neck:

This is a trendy decal, and you can try similar styles in washable colors before going for non-washable pigments. These are very classy to sport and quite traditional in other cases and have a large relevance in traditional parties and occasions.

33. Temporary Large Leaf Tattoo:

If you want something large like this tattoo, you will have to try something in a water decal from the crafts store first to know if you will want something large on the hands.

34. Simple Temporary Stickers Tattoo:

You can buy color semi-washable pens for making stickers, or you can buy these patterns or symbols that come in your regular water decal sheets.

35. Flower Mehendi Tattoo Design:

One of the most common forms of temporary tattoos is, of course, the one which is made with common mehendi. Especially in India and the neighbouring countries such as Pakistan and the like, the most common form of tattoo art, especially for women, is made with Mehandi. In this picture, you will be able to see a very pretty design on the lady’s hands, which is made of Mehandi.

36. Temporary Skeleton Hands:

Nowadays, temporary tattoos are almost a rage among young people, especially those who are passionate about tattoos but are unsure if they can actually stick to the same design throughout or not. So even this very smart skeleton hand looks awesome despite being temporary. The hanging style gives it an even scarier look. The way it is done from below, the sleeves look like the hand is really coming out from underneath.

37. Scorpion Temporary Tattoos For Men:

This is one of the best temporary tattoo design ideas because no one will ever understand it is real. First of all, a scorpion is an extremely popular tattoo idea, and on top of that, the colour shade looks just so real. Get it done on the back base of your neck or maybe on your biceps, and people will think it is real for sure.

38. Elaborate Temporary Body Tattoos:

When it comes to temporary tattoos for men, nothing can beat the idea of tattoos, which does cover a major part of the chest. These are portions of the body men try to flaunt, and what if you can actually make them look better with these sort of elaborate designs. These are especially tribal patterns that are very common but still look awesome.

39. Temporary Dragon Tattoos:

Women and girls are not at all lagging behind nowadays when we are talking about tattoos. These bold designs, such as the ones of animals and dragons, are now common girls temporary tattoos options, and they can also flaunt it well. Indeed, most girls are not sure of these designs when it comes to getting them inked permanently, and so temporary ones are better anytime.

40. Temporary Finger Tattoos:

We have often seen girls with small, cute tattoos on top of every finger, and it seems strange yet pretty. This is also a tribal culture where maybe they are getting inked celestial designs on each finger. The same is the case with temporary tattoos, which may be used for this purpose. You can choose a number of patterns in this case.

41. Animal Face Tattoo For Legs:

When it comes to temporary tattoos for males, the animal faces are very common, and they also look very smart. Before you have decided on what animal you think would suit the best on your body, you can try out several of those washable stickers, which you can alter day today to find out the apt choice to get inked with.

42. Temporary Celtic Tattoos:

Tribal tattoos are an absolute craze nowadays, no matter what you are, a girl or a boy. These are also crazy designs, and you should only get them inked permanently from some very good place; otherwise, the whole thing may get spoilt. Till then, take stickers such as these and then transfer the tattoo to your body. These are bright and colourful and look quite real too.

43. Temporary Dream Catcher Tattoos:

For the girls who love to keep it simple and cute and admire the one-word tattoos, this is for you. You can get any word you like and use this as a water sticker. These girls temporary tattoos are mainly used for the wrists or such places where they look prominent. You can get them in a variety of fonts, and they look pretty as well as real.

44. Sun Temporary Tattoos:

Smart men prefer dressing for the occasion, and the smarter ones prefer getting tattooed according to their choice, which is not possible with permanent tattoos. This sun tattoo is an extremely simple yet stylish one when done on just one side of the chest. Why wait to look hot when you can do that in such a simple way. Wear that nice shirt and do not button up the whole thing, or maybe things would look even better on a sunny beach.

45. Starry Back Temporary Tattoo:

We all have adored the Rihanna tattoo that she has got on the side of her neck, and we have always wished something like that. Now getting temporary tattoo designs done is not a big deal, and why imitate when you can get so much better? Just get little bigger stars done on your bag with semi-washable stickers and see the magic.

46. Gorgeous Back Temporary Tattoos:

Getting the whole back inked definitely needs guts but getting a temporary tattoo for the whole back needs smartness. These are so real that you can get them done and change them at any time, and people are bound to get confused about whether they are real or not, and you can then sit back and enjoy the fun.

47. Temporary Egyptian Tattoos:

It is next to unimaginable how gorgeous these temporary tattoos can look. This image especially has the tattoo with a face of an Egyptian pharaoh probably, and it is assured that you won’t be able to make out at all if this is real or not. It looks rich, exquisitely done and gorgeous. Try this without any further waste of time.

48. Neck Band Temporary Tattoo:

The fashionistas out there would love this tattoo design. The even better part is that it is absolutely temporary yet so stylish. This is like a neckband that you can wear with the fitted dresses or maybe with a grunge look. This also has a butterfly at the back, and things look just so real.

49. Typical Tribal Bands:

This tattoo is best suitable for the pretty girls where they can get these tribal patterned bands inked on their wrists and look even more stylish. There is nothing to get sad about for the boys because you can get these done on your muscles and flaunt them in style like you guys love to do it.


Temporary tattoos are like style statements nowadays. The most important advantage of temporary tattoo designs is that you can dress them according to your mood and choice, unlike permanent ones. So get one done soon!

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