Source of unlimited abundance and sanctuary are the words that come to mind when you think of the mountains. The mountain tattoo designs provide a permanent remembrance that will help you rekindle your soul’s energy, a profound sense of tranquillity and soulfulness. Therefore, if you are a mountain lover and want to have a permanent reminder of the enthralling experience with you, getting a mountain tattoo can be a perfect choice.

As they say, the mighty mountain is beautiful in many ways. It is shrouded with mystery and the last refuge of the desperate soul looking for serenity and peace. Though there are many depictions of mountain tattoos, we have a wide range of designs, from minimalistic to extensive ones, which are striking dedications to the original. Therefore, go through the list of tattoos and choose the one that connects with you the most. Read on!

20 Mountain Tattoo Designs:

We have curated the list of mountain tattoo designs which can beautifully act as a permanent sanctum. First, look at the design options and choose which suits your personality best.

1. Cool Mountain Tattoos On The Back:

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If you want beautifully drawn body art, this gorgeous mountain tattoo on the back of the wearer’s neck is a perfect choice. The tattoo pattern has a good sense of space and depth that beautifully balances the sun and mountain elements giving you an elegant output. In addition, using light shading for the mountains helps you form completed imagery. If you wish, you can experiment with colours, though the tattoo looks beautiful in black ink.

2. Simple Mountain Range Tattoo With Moon And Stars:

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This mountain and moon tattoo is a perfect example of a creative expression of shading work in tattoo designs. The words “the mountains are calling” are written under the mountains. The tattoo depicts the wearer’s interest in adventurous activities like exploring mountains. However, the mountains look very realistic because of the use of greyish-black shading, and the addition of a crescent moon and sparkling stars add a unique beauty.

3. Tree Mountain And Birds Tattoo:

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This mountain tattoo on the sleeve looks exceptionally gorgeous. This tattoo is engraved on the arm and included inside an inverted triangle. The mountains over the broad side of the triangle have the mountains engraved with bold outer lines and dark shadings. Furthermore, adding bold tree vegetation at the pointed corner of the triangle creates a beautiful look. Finally, the birds flying in the sky make the tattoo all the more real.

4. Mountain Lake Tattoo With Arrows:

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This is another traditional mountain tattoo where the mountain is incorporated inside an inverted triangle. However, unlike the previous tattoo, this one is done in lighter shades of lines, including the hills, trees, and the water below, creating a perfect scenic view. In addition, the shading parts of the tattoo are done in a combination of lighter and bolder shades creating a fantastic blend.

5. Simplistic Mountain Tattoo:

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If you are looking for a simplistic design in a tattoo, this mountain tattoo with sleek lines can be an ideal choice. The use of sleek continuous lines to create an entire tattoo makes this design all the more special. Though the tattoo looks beautiful in black ink, you can add colours to add a unique touch. The back, arm or leg can be the perfect places to engrave this tattoo.

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6. Small Mountain Tattoos:

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Suppose you want to create an excellent mountain tattoo design using slightly differing linework. In that case, this small mountain tattoo can be an ideal choice. The thin line work engraves a mountain and adds a sun to the mountain’s central area. However, unlike the previous tattoos, this one has light shading, which can enunciate the mountains further. You can highlight the sun with orange or yellow or leave it as it is with black outlines.

7. Mountain Sunrise Tattoo:

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We all love to watch the sunrise, which makes for a stunning view. This beautifully executed sunrise tattoo is engraved using minimalist linework. Since the lines are straight and simple, you can quickly achieve the pattern. The perfect places to get this tattoo etched include the arm, leg or even the back of the neck. Experimenting with colours can also be an option, though the tattoo looks good in black ink.

8. Mountain River Tattoo:

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Suppose you are an adventure enthusiast and want to represent the same in the form of a tattoo. In that case, this colourful knee mountain tattoo can be an ideal choice. The mountain group is engraved with bold lines and grey shading on the top. Additionally, the water body is done in a black line filled with blue, making the tattoo more authentic. The biceps, back or forearm can be the perfect places to get this tattoo engraved.

9. Mountain Forest Tattoo:

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If you want to make a mountain landscape tattoo incredibly, getting it done inside a circle can be a good choice. Firstly, the first round of the circle is done in bold black lines, which is further beautified by engraving one half in bold lines and the other half in dotted lines. The bold sun stands in contrast against the light and thin-lined mountains. Furthermore, the addition of trees makes this tattoo more associated with nature.

10. Dreamcatcher Mountain Tattoo Ideas:

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Dreamcatchers are often associated with protection and safety from bad dreams, bad omens or negativity, hence the name. This dream catcher tattoos circular part has the mountains engravedinside with a bold outline and grey shading making it look realistic. There is also an addition of feathers at the bottom with small bead structures, creating a visual treat.

11. Geometric Mountain Tattoo With Trees:

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Suppose you are looking for a geometric mountain tattoo. In that case, this gorgeous mountain pattern engraved inside the shape of a diamond can be a perfect choice. The tattoo design includes mountains, thick vegetation, water bodies, and a bright sun illuminating the scene. In addition, the use of bold lines and shading makes it a treat for the eyes.

12. Mountain Triangle Tattoo:

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This tattoo is a nifty group of peaks since the design uses clever craggy angles and blackwork shading. In addition, the tattoo is highlighted with thick borders in an inverted triangle. Furthermore, the tattoo’s beauty is further increased tenfold with the use of crisp and sharp lines for the boundaries of the mountains. To add realism, you can dill the mountains with shadow. Finally, adding birds and vegetation makes the tattoo look even more real.

13. Realistic Mountain Tattoo On The Bicep:

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Though landscape tattoos are expected, you can create and incorporate a cool mountain landscape tattoo using differently filled circles. The use of dot work and lines complement the outer border. The mountains look very realistic with the help of grey shading on the surface and some trees and a road going through the mountain. This is a perfect forearm mountain tattoo that represents everything one can love about the mountain ranges.

14. Black Mountain Tattoo:

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Unlike all the previous tattoos, this simple mountain tattoo near the elbow uses black and grey-coloured fillings for the mountains, making it stand out. The use of abstract shading and crisp lines highlights the changes in the shape of the hill. The addition of an orange sun creates a contrasting look which complements the entire tattoo beautifully. You can also get this tattoo engraved on the forearm or back of the neck.

15. Simple Mountain Tattoo Ideas:

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This might be a simple mountain tattoo in most of our eyes, but if you are a mountaineer and love adventure, you can relate the most to this tattoo. This tattoo can be a symbolic representation of people going on a hike on a mountain to observe flora and fauna. Adding the phrase Carpe Diem means to enjoy the most today because there is no guarantee of tomorrow.

16. Mountain Ankle Tattoo:

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This simple yet attractive mountain tattoo design looks similar to the others in this article. The only difference between the designs is the placement of the pattern. This single mountain tattoo is realistic, with the addition of two to four trees on each side of the mountain. You can add colours to the tattoo or even leave it in black ink. The choice is yours.

17. Unique Mountain Chest Tattoo:

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Though tricky, this is one of the best and most personal ways to get a mountain tattoo on the chest area because it is close to your heart. Unlike the previous tattoo, where the shading is done entirely, this design has only half of the mountains shaded. In contrast, the other half is left empty. This minimalistic image looks beautiful, even on the forearm.

18. Mountain Forearm Tattoo:

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The use of grey and black shadowing creates a unique-looking small mountain range representing the wearer’s love for the mountain. There are several mountain ranges at different heights, creating a realistic look. However, the shading of the hills and small trees makes for a visual treat for the onlooker and the wearer. You can make the tattoo stand out by highlighting the mountain borders.

19. Mountain Tattoo Ankle With The Rising Sun:

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This is another mountain tattoo design on the ankle, which can look beautiful and stand out in a room full of people. Unlike all previous tattoos, this mountain design has a rising sun, making it look bright and memorable. The mountain and the rising sun are highlighted with bold lines around the borders. Though this tattoo looks beautiful in black ink, you can add colours to make the tattoo more authentic and personal for the wearer.

20. Enticing Mountain Tattoo Designs:

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The dotted lines and bold lines used in this enticing mountain tattoo on the forearm or the leg can be a perfect option for people of all genders. This beautiful mountain tattoo with the sun rising perfectly represents your adventurous nature and being positive in any situation. So whether you want to use only black ink or colours, you cannot go wrong with this tattoo.


Suppose you are a sincere lover of all the wild terrain. In that case, these beautiful mountain tattoo designs mentioned in this article can be an extraordinary suggestion. Ranging from minimalistic patterns to extensive ones, we have a wide range of tattoo designs you can choose from. Go through the list thoroughly and choose mindfully since it is a lifetime commitment. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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