Ever heard of an airbrush tattoo? We are sure that all of us know these temporary airbrush tattoo designs, which are also quite popular. These trendy airbrush tattoos are not new; we have seen them for several years. However, this trend has been picked up now, given their appearance.

The all-new airbrush tattoo ideas and designs are quite stylish and realistic now. They look like permanent and main inked tattoos. However, they are not. That is the speciality of these temporary tattoos. The best thing is you can choose a tattoo, get it done as you want and give yourself time to think if you will get a permanent tattoo. So these airbrush tattoos can also help as trial and error for you. You can easily choose any design and idea you want and get it done.

Airbrush Temporary Tattoos With Pictures:

Now with the help of airbrush tattoos, you can fulfil your wish and your kid’s wish of designing the tattoos. It does not involve any pain while designing and is safe to apply. They stay only for some time and hence give you time to think if you like these tattoos. Some cool airbrush tattoo ideas and designs have been listed in the following lines.

1. Permanent Airbrush Tattoos:

Here is this airbrush tattoo information. Permanent airbrush tattoos are the ones which will fade a little with ageing, but they cannot be removed completely. They are endless on your body. There are enormous designs and pictures available which you can choose according to your personality and wish. With the advancement of technology, you can remove tattoos with laser treatments. One must keep in mind that the pain and expense associated with removing permanent tattoos would be higher on your pockets and more intense than the pain and expense of applying them. Hence think carefully before you get these endless airbrush tattoo designs. These look pretty real and trendy too.

  • Body Placement: This is up to you to try out what part of your body you want these airbrush tattoos.
  • Colour: Colorful ones are best suited for airbrush tattoos.
  • Size: Depending on the design, you can choose the size. A larger size is good if it is a design as above.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone can work on airbrush tattoos.
  • Suitable Gender: Both men and women can try out these tattoos.
  • Design: Both men and women can try this out; hence choose the design you like the best. Women and men can do the feminine design and try their choice’s powerful technique.

2. Henna Airbrush Tattoos:

Now with the help of henna which is made from a henna plant with lemon juice to help it to set, you can design beautiful henna airbrush tattoos and give a fantastic look to yourself. It is temporary and would fade in 1-2 weeks depending on the skin exposure to water, chemicals, detergent, etc. They are very easy to apply and give you a versatile look. You can use it on any body part and have a great look. These are popular airbrush temporary tattoos.

  • Body Placement: Try this design on your hands or arms, or shoulder as you wish.
  • Color: You do not have a choice of colour in this.
  • Size: Any size is dependent on your choice for these henna tattoos.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone can try this design out.
  • Suitable Gender: Women prefer this design more than men.
  • Design: As you wish, you can create a gentle and soft design for yourself. It is hard to get rugged designs; however, a professional can do so.

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3. Airbrush Infinity Tattoos:

These tattoos symbolise the concept of never-ending and limitlessness. Though this symbol is simple but unique and ravishing, it has a profound meaning. Infinity tattoos can be even inked with some other figure such as a heart, bird or feather on any part of the body like the neck, foot, wrist, behind ears, or lower back to give your appearance a sexy and bold look. It also varies in size, so you can choose the size according to your wish.

  • Body Placement: Wear this airbrush tattoo on the wrists or back of the neck.
  • Color: This airbrush tattoo design looks good in a single colour only.
  • Size: Wear this tattoo in a smaller size to look good.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone can try this design out.
  • Suitable Gender: Both men and women can try this tattoo out.
  • Design: This is an infinity design which means never-ending.

4. Kids Airbrush Tattoos:

Children always want to imitate their parents, so now, with the help of airbrush tattoos, they can also have fun and enjoy tattoos without any pain. As airbrush tattoos are temporary and the ink used is nontoxic, kids can derive pleasure from airbrush tattoos designed on any part of the body. Now there is no need to stop your kids from getting a tattoo, as this is a good choice for you. These tattoos can be designed in different colours, making them look more attractive and appealing to kids.

  • Body Placement: Place these designs on hands or arms for kids to look good and flaunt them.
  • Color: These tattoos can be colourful or in a single colour.
  • Size: Wear these in smaller sizes only to look good.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone can try these airbrush tattoos.
  • Suitable Gender: These kids’ airbrush tattoos can be tried by both girls and boys.
  • Design: Wear a suitable design where for boys, you can create a sports design, and for girls, you can try out a natural and feminine look.

5. Day Glow Airbrush Tattoos:

Dayglow is another type of airbrush tattoo. They are also known as Fluro Tattoos. The best thing about these tattoos is they glow under or near U.V Black Light. They look remarkable and bright, and special paint is used to make them. Sometimes this unique ink can cause some irritation on the skin than the traditional ink. They are carcinogenic, so before using them, you should test them before any discomfort happens; nowadays, most kids and teenage girls use these types of tattoos for parties. You can quickly get an airbrush tattoo set with these fluro tattoo designs in the market now.

  • Body Placement: Wear these tattoos on your hands or neck to look unique.
  • Color: These are generally colourful airbrush tattoos with fluro lights.
  • Size: These airbrush tattoos can be done in any size you wish.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone can try these fluro tattoos.
  • Suitable Gender: It can be worn by men and women; however, women prefer it more.
  • Design: You can choose a design you like and get a professional to do it.

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6. Temporary Jewelry Airbrush Tattoo Designs:

A new trend emerging in the world of tattoos is designing temporary jewellery tattoos on your ankles, wrists and fingers. They are adhesive designed with metallic hues and adhere to the skin. These temporary pieces offer the sparkle effect of the jewellery while it remains fixed in that position and create the illusion of being a part of the body.

These temporary jewellery airbrush tattoos are fashioned like necklaces; others are simple geometric shapes and patterns. Instead of wearing real jewels, you can apply these temporary jewellery tattoos to your outfit and look sexy and fashionable. You can also try these, which come as a set in an airbrush tattoo sleeve, to choose what you like best.

  • Body Placement: Wear these in your hands or neck as you wish.
  • Color: These tattoos generally come in golden and silver shades only.
  • Size: Wear this in a standard size to look natural.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone generally looks good with this design.
  • Suitable Gender: Women love these kinds of airbrush tattoos better.
  • Design: Try out the designs you like and wish.

7. Hybrid Body Airbrush Tattoos:

Hybrid Body paints have been manufactured with water. They also make an excellent choice for artists. It is one of the latest trends, and many artists engrave it to give themselves a stardom look. And it has a wide range of colours and can even withstand extreme conditions. It is a temporary tattoo lasting up to 4-5 days. You can see an excellent airbrush tattoo painted beautifully on a woman’s back. You can also have kids tattoo airbrush similarly as you like, which is readily available in the markets.

  • Body Placement: You can place these anywhere, in the neck, hands, or arms.
  • Color: These are generally good in colourful ones.
  • Size: Any size is available as you wish to try them out.
  • Skin Tone: Fair skin tones are only well suited to these hybrid body paints.
  • Suitable Gender: Women and men (younger ages) are best suited to try this one out.
  • Design: This design pertains to a natural vibe with birds hanging around. However, you can choose what you like best.

8. XI Stencil Airbrush Tattoos:

XI Stencils are durable and very easy to use. Several airbrush tattoo designs are available under this, although a lot depends on the size of the stencil. They are popular and appreciated by many. These stencils airbrush tattoos enable anyone to replicate professional-looking tattoos and can be used easily without any hassles. This is a simple and abstract airbrush tattoo design for both genders who love to keep it simple and trendy.

  • Body Placement: These can be placed anywhere you wish.
  • Color: Black colour is well suited to try out these designs.
  • Size: These are good as medium-sized ones.
  • Skin Tone: Fair and medium skin tones are best suited to try these tattoos.
  • Suitable Gender: Both genders can try out this stencil airbrush tattoo.
  • Design: This simple bird design is available in other ideas.

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9. Metallic Airbrush Tattoos:

Metallic Airbrush Tattoos are prepared with the help of metallic paints. They come in different colours, such as bronze, gold, copper, green etc. and look trendy when a combination of different colours and shimmering powder is added. These metallic airbrush tattoos generally suit young boys and girls as they are colourful and quite trendy. They love these the most, given the bright vibe as well.

  • Body Placement: Wear these on your hands and arms to look super good and intelligent.
  • Color: These kinds of tattoos are available in different colours.
  • Size: Wear these metallic airbrush ones in smaller sizes.
  • Skin Tone: All skin tones can try these designs out.
  • Suitable Gender: This can suit young boys and girls better.
  • Design: This is a simple wild design shown above; however can be customized as you wish.

10. Clear UV Airbrush Tattoos:

UV Airbrush Tattoos are also known as UV Additive Tattoo designs. It glows under black lights and also retains its colour throughout the day. A standard black airbrush tattoo is used as the first step, after which the stencil is kept in place, and a light spray of UV Additive is to be dusted. A very small amount is needed, and the result is just fabulous. They look realistic, and not even the smallest pinch is felt during the creation of these tattoos. These, however, are used for fun’s sake and for game time too.

  • Body Placement: You can place them on your hands, neck, or arms.
  • Color: These are in mono colour only.
  • Size: Generally, small and medium-sized designs are available.
  • Skin Tone: Wear this for any skin tones you wish.
  • Suitable Gender: Men generally love these kinds of designs.
  • Design: You can get the design you wish to be made in markets too.

11. Glittering Airbrush Tattoo Design for Girls:

Glitter Airbrush Tattoos are very similar as compared to Shimmer Airbrush Tattoos. However, they tend to be a bit more challenging to apply. Here the glitter airbrush tattoo design is sprayed in a much thicker way. While the paint dries, glitter is to be gently used. One should make sure while dabbing the glitter since it does not stick well if the paint has completely dried. They add a new look and are generally loved by young girls.

  • Body Placement: Place these on hands or wrists to look cute and pretty.
  • Color: You can find colourful ones available in the market in general.
  • Size: Generally, these glitter tattoos are smaller in size.
  • Skin Tone: Wear this with any skin tone as it suits all kinds of tones.
  • Suitable Gender: Young girls generally like these glitter airbrush tattoo designs.
  • Design: You can get the glitter designs as you wish in the market.

12. Natural Black Airbrush Tattoos:

Natural or Realistic Airbrush Tattoos are a very common type of fake tattoo. They look genuine, as if a real tattoo artist has made them. They are applied with the help of a special black formulation manufactured for tattoos like this. This goes on the skin smoothly, and not an inch of pain will be felt. These almost look like permanent airbrush tattoo ones, which we have seen earlier.

  • Body Placement: Wear these on the arms or chest to look great.
  • Color: Black colour is realistic in these natural airbrush tattoos.
  • Size: Get in small and medium-sized ones to look unique and realistic.
  • Skin Tone: Fair to medium skin tones look good in these.
  • Suitable Gender: Men generally can try these designs out.
  • Design: The design shown above is that of a dragon. However, you can get other ideas.

13. Tribal Ink Airbrush Tattoos:

Tribal ink airbrush Tattoos represent tribal culture and customs. They have a straightforward process of inscribing and are some of the most popular choices among people. They look very ethnic and classy on the skin and are made with the help of special tribal ink or tribal paint available in different colours.

  • Body Placement: Place these on hands and wrists to look unique.
  • Color: Wear these in black colour only to look good.
  • Size: Medium-sized ones look good in these variants.
  • Skin Tone: Wear these for any skin tone as it suits all.
  • Suitable Gender: Both genders can try these airbrush tattoos out.
  • Design: You can alter the design as you wish in these airbrush tattoos with respect to tribal culture.

14. Shimmer Airbrush Tattoo:

Shimmer Airbrush Tattoos have become very popular and part of the latest fashion trends for wedding parties. It consists of a mixture of airbrush tattoo application and shimmer powder. It is made with the help of stencil designs, and towards the end, the shimmer powder is dusted over the tattoo to give it that shiny look. These types of tattoo designs come in many colours and are known to look glamorous under the sun. These generally go off immediately within 1-2 days and do not stay long.

  • Body Placement: Place them as you wish near shoulders or hands or wrists.
  • Colour: These shimmer ones generally come in colours like blue, red, yellow and green.
  • Size: Smaller-sized shimmer airbrush tattoos are best suited to others.
  • Skin Tone: Wear these for fair skin tones only.
  • Suitable Gender: Women love these in general as compared to men.
  • Design: While we see a butterfly kind of design here, you can try other variants too.

15. Couple Airbrush Tattoos:

These tattoos are gaining popularity as it symbolizes your love for your partner. These tattoos also help express your emotions and sometimes work wonders in relationships. Now you can express your feelings through tattoos rather than words. The couple can also get this done as this is a temporary airbrush tattoo. This is cute and lovely to look at and have a glance at.

  • Body Placement: These are great to be placed near a chest.
  • Colour: Black colour is best suited to this design.
  • Size: Wear this in a small size to look good.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone can try out these designs.
  • Suitable Gender: Both men and women can get these tattoos out.
  • Design: This couple tattoo can also be found in other variants.

Additional Tips:

Here are some tips with respect to getting an airbrush tattoo done.

  • Do not wash the tattoo if you want it to last longer.
  • Apply baby powder or talcum powder on shampoo for a more extended stay.
  • Given that they stay for 2-7 days, depending on the variant, you can take care by not applying body wash or soaps in the region.
  • If you are wondering how to remove an airbrush tattoo, you have to wash the tattoo with water. If wet for a while, these can be removed easily. You can further clean them with cotton balls.

More Tattoo Designs:

I hope you liked this guide on airbrush tattoos. Given that we know this concept from childhood, this may not be exciting for us. However, as we have seen, the adult variants of getting airbrush tattoos during present times, you can easily get them done as per your wish. You can change the designs repeatedly, which is a plus point. Try them out, and you will surely love these.

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