Tattoos are something that is personal; people like to design a tattoo that is attached to their personal feelings too. Tattoo meaning can speak to something other than what’s expected than you may have initially thought; this crow tattoo can mean a wide range of things. As per western societies, such a crow symbol has for some time been related to an awful sign.

Few societies say that crow has an exceptionally dull side. Before you decide to ink yourself, you should always try to look at all possible options. One of the best options for tattoos is a crow tattoo. The meaning of crow tattoos changes from tradition to tradition.

Best and Cute Crow Tattoo Designs:

Here are a few trends in crow tattoos with pictures.

1. Gothic Crow Tattoo Designs:

Gothic crow tattoos are crow tattoos with a gothic touch. It has a rock kind of style. This type of tattoo has semi-traditional designs. They are most preferred on the back.

2. Traditional Crow Tattoo Designs:

Traditionally, crows are considered a bad omen. But many like to break this thinking. Traditional crow tattoos are simple designs of crows. They have a small crow which is mostly accompanied by roses and skulls.

3. Sacred Geometric Crow Tattoo Designs:

Sacred geometric Crow Tattoos have complex geometric edges in the design. You can make them as sleeve crow tattoos. The young generation mostly likes this tattoo.

4. Victorian Crow Tattoo Designs:

In western culture, crows were considered to be a bringer of bad news. In the history of the Victorian, crows were not considered a good omen. But the rebel culture brought the crow tattoos to life. They have skulls with crows.

5. Abstract Crow Tattoo Designs:

Abstract crow tattoos are tattoos with a crow over a background or landscape. This style of tattoo usually has a tree or sky, or branch along with the crow. These types of tattoos have deep meanings hidden in them.

6. Creepy Crow Tattoo:

Creepy crow tattoos are with us for centuries. It has design is mostly very creepy that will scare the hell out of you. Normally it is done by people who would want to stand out in a crowd.

7. Neo Traditional Crow Tattoo Designs:

Neo-traditional crow tattoos are new trends in crow tattoos. It has its roots in traditional American tattoos. It is little modern with the addition of bold lines and symbols. To design such a type of tattoo, tattoo designers use watercolour for this art.

8. Modern Crow Tattoo:

Modern Crow Tattoos are a new-age crow tattoo design. They are bold and symbolic, with a meaning behind each symbol. These simple crow tattoos are favoured by the younger generation. You need to have love of symbols and lines to like this style of crow tattoo.

9. Viking Crow Tattoo:

Vikings were the pirates of Europe. Viking black crow tattoos are symbols of them. This tattoo design is a symbol of strength, courage and valour. It is a unisex crow tattoo. It is made on the arm and back.

10. Newly Added Crow Tattoo Designs:


Every coin has two sides, so when one person says the crow tattoo symbol mention or indicates negative features, then other societies have accepted the positivity of crow symbols. Crow tattoo or symbol is nearly related to the reality this is an exceptionally smart as well as an insightful flying creature. Crow tattoos have their own meaning and coolness, it has a design that looks simple, yet it is very complex. You may want to make it on your back to add the symbols to your ultra-cool crow tattoo.

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