Cloverleaf was abundantly seen on the Irish coastal side, which St. Patrick saw during his travel to Ireland to preach Christianity to the Irish people. To convey the goodness of Christianity, he referred to the cloverleaf as the religious symbol, which had three leaves the Holy Father, Son and the Spirit.

Best And Stylish Clover Tattoo Designs:

Let’s take a tour by reading about the top 10+ clover tattoo designs to get a brief knowledge.

1. Simple Clover Leaf Tattoo Near Shoulder:

A simple four-leaf clover tattoo inked with the typical green Irish colour tells us about spiritual belief, making people think more about religion and its effects.

2. Celtic Clover Tattoo Design:

The Celts, the ancient people in European countries, were staunch Christian people and believed that Almighty God could always be remembered through tattoo design through a cloverleaf. This small clover tattoo can be drawn from the arm with the twisted knot leaf design.

3. Clover Flower with The Crown:

To make the Clover flower tattoo more attractive, designers used their creative ideas to make a simple and bright design by combining a yellow colour crown design on top of the leaf. This tattoo can be inked around the arm.

4. Irish Clover Tattoo Design:

As this concept of cloverleaf tattoo originated in Ireland, the designers highlighted the origin by giving the tattoo the Irish flag colour. The tattoo is inked using black, and the Irish flag is sprayed onto the sides.

5. Clover Tattoo with Skull Design:

In the Younger generation who are into singing rock songs and leading an incredible rock band life, this type of tattoo design sits well. The skull design is included in this cloverleaf with three leaves. This tattoo is given green ink with black borders.

6. Colorful Clover Tattoo with Flame:

This colourful tattoo comes to the rescue to change the monotonous tattoo design. The tattoo is designed with the usual cloverleaf pattern, but the difference comes in the colour and the flame design.

7. Lucky Clover Tattoo Design:

The lucky clover tattoo is penned with the four-leaf pattern representing good luck with good health, wealth, fame and love. Since this type of cloverleaf is rare, this leaf is considered a lucky charm.

8. Cartoon Clover Tattoo:

The clover cartoon tattoo is a smile-bringing design that no one can deny. This is a unisex tattoo design inked with cloverleaf as a cartoon with teeth holding a cane stick and an Irish flag in one hand.

9. Heart Clover Tattoo:

For girls, this type of design is an apt tattoo design. This design has a heart shape which adds a girly touch to the clover tattoo. Each of the clover leaves is designed to have a heart shape. This tattoo suits well as an ankle tattoo or as a neck tattoo.

Few More Latest Clover Tattoo Designs


Many Irish people have this Clover tattoo around the arm or the wrist to remember St. Partick. Many youngsters have this tattoo design around St. Patrick day’s celebrated, especially in Ireland. Apart from religious beliefs, people can wear this tattoo due to its cute design. You will get a simple but cool look while choosing this style of tattoo pattern.

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