The most commonly used Polynesian word in the English language is the tattoo. When and how the word ‘tattoo’ came to be used is the topic of many debates, but there is no doubt that it is a modification of the Polynesian word ‘Tatua’. Thus, Samoan tattoos are, in fact, the original kind of tattoos. Their designs have a typically tribal look, always black and not coloured. Yet, they always manage to look exquisite and complicated.

Samoan tattoos feature a lot of shells. Most turtle shells represent longevity, fertility, wellness and peace. At other times it shows sea shells which symbolize shields, protection and intimacy. They also use the ‘Marquesan cross’, which symbolizes the delicate balance between the different elements of nature. Samoan tattoos use several other typical symbols. These tattoos are generally widespread and cover large lengths of your body.

Samoan Tattoo Designs for Men and Women:

A Samoan Tattoo is a beautiful example of overall body art. If you are a warrior, a fighter by nature, you should go for the Samoan nature. In this article, we list the topmost Samoan tattoo designs with pictures and meanings for you.

1. Neckline Samoan Tattoo:

What a manly look this Samoan design is. The look reminds us of the ancient warriors. There is a face that resembles a holy sun that is worshipped. The other designs covering the neckline give a feeling of an empire. Wrestlers or men loving war and fights would love to ink such designed Samoan Tattoo to show their male strength.

The roots of the Samoan culture, the Tatau art, go beyond adornment and symbolise manhood and tribal facts. It shows the essential rite of passage in the Samoan tribe. In a way, it gives a jewellery design too. The neckline and the elbows are so awesomely carved with fine art that they resemble jewellery pieces. The outline is a blurred shade that gives an embossed design like a 3D pattern.

2. Samoan Body Tattoos:

We have all seen a lot of full-body and full-back designs regarding Samoan-style tattoos and chest and leg designs, but this one is very different from the rest. This can be rated as one of the most stylish Samoan tribal tattoo designs, and the positioning is the plus point here.

Here the whole design is done on the front portion of the body and spread from one corner to the other diagonal. It is a rich design and thus covers a significant part of the body, making it look neat and clean.

3. Samoan Floral Tattoo Designs On Arm:

Floral designs give us many options to choose from, even when we are talking about tribal or Samoan tattoos. Getting a rose inked on your body is unnecessary because you want a floral pattern. If you take a closer look at this Samoan tattoo, you will find a hibiscus with Samoan band elaborations on both sides to cover the top portion of the forearm beautifully. The typical Samoan patterns look very smart and graphical, which is excellent for both men and women.

4.  Simple Samoan Tattoo On Back:

This is a simple and sober design among the Samoan Tattoos. The pattern in the circular limits symbolises ocean waves; the upper round in the circle consists of a shark teeth pattern. Likewise, all designs in a Polynesian tattoo mean something or the other that is a part of the traditional belief.

This circular Samoan tattoo looks good on men and women because of its simplicity. The dark inked pattern emphasizes its beauty. This design of a Samoan Tattoo can also be made on the back. Modern Samoan tattoo includes this pattern. Modern Samoan designs include geometrical and circular designs other than the traditional Polynesian sharp-edged shapes.

5. Feathery Feminine Samoan Tattoo:

What a beautiful pattern. Any girl would love the design at first sight. And why only girls? Boys would love to have their eyes on such a beautifully backless tattoo-wearing girl. The Samoan Tattoo has excellent blends with meaningful patterns making a feather-like design.

People worldwide who are Samoan culture influenced often add symbols related to nature that include butterflies, birds, turtles, shark teeth, feathers etc. people even carve a tattoo behind the ear though it is pretty painful. But people go through pain for their passion.

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6. Samoan Spinal Tattoo For Girls:

This design runs along your entire spine and forms its structure with the help of typical Polynesian symbols. The assembly of these symbols goes on to express different meanings. But a layman looks like a beautiful drawing of your spine.

7. Samoan Foot Tattoo For Women:

These include floral patterns with other typical Polynesian symbols. The flowers make it look more feminine, and these tattoo designs are thus opted for only by women.

8. Samoan Forearm Tattoo:

This tattoo fits your forearm like an exquisite band. It looks like some ornament that the old Egyptian pharaohs would wear. It has the same overall look as the other Samoan tattoos but means whatever the symbols included in it symbolize.

9. Samoan Chest Tattoo Sleeve Design:

Since Samoan designs, at their best, are the ones that cover and extend over broad areas, this one can be quickly listed among the best Samoan tattoo designs. Here the top portion of the chest is beautifully inked with an elegant design, and it is also camouflaging the muscles of the toned chest.

This design is a version of the butterfly with many tribal patterns to make it look different and innovative. The shaded parts and lines make the whole thing look so technical, and it is hard to believe that it is the work of the human hand only.

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10. The Samoan Turtle Tattoo Design:

The turtle in the Samoan culture is an important animal. In general, it symbolizes longevity, wellness and peace. Turtle shells are commonly used in Samoan tattoo designs.

11. Samoan Full Leg Tattoo For Men:

This kind of tattoo stretches through the entire length of your calf muscles. It includes all the typical Polynesian symbols of the ocean, fish, etc. The great skill of the Samoan tattoos is the excellent way the different symbols are assembled to blend into one another and emerge as a beautiful design!

12. Samoan Back Tattoo Design:

It is an elaborate chapter if we want to know Samoan tattoo designs and meanings in detail, but it is exciting. We have seen a lot of back tattoos to date, but these Samoan tattoos look bolder than many others. These are warrior-like tattoos and depict a lot of bravery, usually found in Samoan tribal tattoos. Such looks of the tattoos make them excellent options for men who love broad designs to flaunt their backs.

13. Samoan Tattoo On Hand:

There is always a difference between Catholic tattoo designs and the rest. In this Samoan tattoo, you will see a circular pattern. This tattoo is elegant and clean and can thus be made a part of anywhere on the body.

14. Feather Samoan Tattoo:

When we talk about Samoan tattoo designs, we are not only talking about Tribal designs and warrior prints. There are a lot of other varieties of Samoan designs, such as this one. This is a feather tattoo with the same Samoan curves and prints inside the feather.

The skill level is very well visible here with all the intricate curves and symbols, and this is one reason why Samoan tattoos are famous worldwide; they look so graphical, and the measurements are just so perfect from all angles.

15. Samoan Tribal Shoulder Tattoo:

This covers your entire shoulder blade and a large part of your upper bicep. It includes normal symbols with swirls and spirals to fill in the gaps. The ocean symbols often help in this task. The ocean in the Samoan culture symbolized death to the world beyond because the people believed that the ocean is where one went after one died.

16. Samoan Full Arm Tattoo:

This kind of tattoo runs along the length of your entire arm. It is like a full-sleeve tattoo. A Samoan Tattoo is a part of an Armour that you may be wearing. It sports the typical Polynesian symbols and looks as excellent as all the other Samoan tattoos.

17. Samoan Tattoo Sun On Arm For Men:

Suns are a part of many Samoan tattoos. They are generally included with other typical symbols to express essential meanings. The sun in the Samoan culture stands for riches, brightness, grandeur and leadership. This is the more general meaning of the sun. But this can be varied with the use of other symbols and designs. The kind of rays used, the sun’s expressions, etc., are important determinants of what the tattoo actually symbolizes.

18. Samoan Face Tattoo Design:

This tattoo goes over your face and neck. It gives you a daunting ancient warrior look. It includes symbols like the spearhead, which shows courage and a warrior’s skill and the ‘enata’, which are Polynesian human forms representing the god and its power.

19. The Tradition Patterns Of Tiki Face In Samoan Tattoos:

This is one of the original designs of the Samoan Tattoo that comes from a Polynesian tradition. The design in this tattoo consists of a face that has a design named under Tiki patterns; the other patterns joining it mean differently according to the tradition. Specific names are given to different patterns made of various body parts.

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Samoan tattoo designs are differentiated from Tribal tattoo designs, which are commonly made. We have also learned that there can be hundreds of varieties of these tattoos from which we can choose the best ones.

So here are beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs that follow the Polynesian culture. Men and women largely go for Samoan Designs as it looks beautiful from far and is eye-pleasing. You can go to an expert tattoo design maker who knows the Polynesian culture’s history and the various patterns included in the tradition as it describes something peculiar about it.

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