Are you looking for statement tattoo designs for your body art? Whether a stand-alone structure or a multi-layered image, a zipper tattoo design can be a perfect statement piece. You can get a zipper tattoo for aesthetic reasons or implement them to cover up or augment scars. Irrespective of the application method, the most popular style choice for zipper tattoos is black ink or classical black and grey design patterns.

Though not as common as generic tattoo designs like roses, hearts or even skulls, the zipper tattoo designs are perfect for standing out in a crowd and representing your unique personality. Check out these 15 ideas for a zipper tattoo you can take as inspiration. Read on!

15 Special Zipper Tattoo Designs:

If you want to show the world how you permanently feel about things, tattoos can be a terrific way. Zipper tattoos have become a trendy option and are quickly gaining popularity.

1. Zipper Tattoo On The Arm:

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One of the famous places men and women tend to get a tattoo is on the arm. Therefore, a forearm zipper tattoo is a perfect place because you can always cover it up as you prefer. The zipper has a skeletal arm coming out of the zipper, which looks spooky and unique. The tattoo extends from the wrist area to the elbow folds. Though the tattoo looks beautiful where it is, you can choose another place to get it if you wish.

2. Simple Zipper Tattoo On The Leg:

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This simple zipper tattoo on the leg can be a perfect option if you want a minimalistic approach towards the tattoo. The details involved in this tattoo design look very realistic, including the alphabet. The zipper tattoo is medium-sized and works exceptionally well on the neck, arm, leg, and back. In addition, the closed zip created a 3D effect making it look like the contents of the insides are closed with the zip.

3. Zipper Scar Tattoo:

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If you have a surgical scar that you want to modify with a tattoo, getting a simple zipper tattoo can be the perfect solution. Though scars are nothing to be ashamed of, some people associate scars with unwanted memories. This tattoo design includes a small metal zipper end at one beginning of the scar, which makes it look like you can deal with your scar as you wish with a simple zipper end. In addition, the retro aesthetic look exudes from this tattoo, symbolically representing the wearer’s ability to endure adversity and stay strong.

4. 3d Zipper Tattoo With Skeletal Hands:

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You can experiment with various designs to get a zipper tattoo, whether stars, butterflies, hearts, snakes or even birds. However, if you want a stand-out zipper tattoo, you can choose something spooky. The wearer has gotten this tattoo on the leg where two skeletal hands go through the zipper. This tattoo looks quite interesting though it is dark. The bony hands look very realistic, creating a spooky-looking tattoo.

5. Unique Zipper Tattoo On The Back:

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Getting tattoos on the back has been a growing trend among all genders because you have a lot of leeway to get one done. However, consider the tattoo’s significance before you jot down a design. This zipper-back tattoo starts from the back of the neck, covering the entire spine. However, the tattoo looks exceptionally unique because the zip opens up slightly. Unlike the internal organs, the opened-up area showcases the workings of machines.

6. Striking Zipper Tattoo On The Head:

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This zipper head tattoo is a perfect option if you are looking for a simple yet stand-out zipper tattoo. The broad zipper is pretty simple and is in the central area of the head, which starts from the head’s frontal area and extends to the back. This tattoo can also indicate the wearer’s strength in overcoming something that requires shaving off their hair. For example, suppose the wearer has undergone chemotherapy, resulting in hair loss. In that case, this zipper tattoo can symbolize strength going through the same.

7. Zipper Tattoo Designs On The Waist:

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This is another stand-out zipper tattoo which can have equal amounts of spookiness and astonishment. The waist or the tummy area is the perfect place to get this tattoo done because you can always cover it up as per the situation and necessity. Unlike the other tattoos, this one has a broad zipper that is open all through. You can see an eye looking out of the opened zipper area with a hand coming out and observing the surroundings. The meaning of this tattoo can vary with the wearer.

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8. Zipper Tattoo On The Back For Females:

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This zipper tattoo on the back looks similar to those on thigh-high boots, which can be intriguing and enticing. Another advantage of these tattoos is that they are straightforward and simplistic, which can be done in a single visit to a tattoo parlour. Finally, unlike the other tattoo designs, the zipper’s end has a knot, making the tattoo look realistic.

9. Colourful 3d Tattoo Zipper:

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If you are a fan of colours and want to represent the same in the form of a tattoo, this zipper tattoo which exudes rainbow colours can be a perfect choice. However, the zipper looks fine because it is done in black ink with shading on the sides. However, adding rainbow colours as you open the zipper creates a fantastic outlook for the wearer and onlooker. This tattoo might also mean you will have happy times as you open the zipper and pull through the tough times.

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10. Zipper Tattoos To Cover Scars:

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Zipper tattoos are a perfect option to conceal scars from surgeries or injuries. Tattooists typically get the zipper tattoo engraved over the affected area to minimize the scar’s visibility. However, you can get an opened zipper tattoo which accurately displays your struggle to confront the reality associated with the scar while also wanting to cover it up. This rustic tattoo makes the scar highlights the battle scar covered with bold zipper designs.

11. Zipper Tattoo On Hand:

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Chiari malfunction is a condition that is present at birth in which the brain tissue extends to the spinal canal. This condition occurs when you have an abnormally small or misshapen skull. This zipper tattoo becomes much more meaningful with the addition of the words Chiari warrior, which indicates the wearer’s fight with the condition. In addition, the use of a purple coloured zipper makes the tattoo even more special.

12. Zipper Tattoo On Foot:

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This simplistic yet unique zipper tattoo looks exceptional on the feet. In addition, this closed zipper grabs everyone’s attention, perfectly representing the wearer’s bold personality. Irrespective of gender, anyone can get this tattoo if they are brave and bold enough. The zipper is engraved starting in the centre of the foot and goes through the middle of the toes, which looks gorgeous.

13. Zipper Tattoo Over Scar:

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Suppose you want to add mystery and intrigue to your zipper tattoo. This one can be a perfect choice because it indicates a design with much more meaning than meets the eye. In addition, this is an affordable tattoo which can be done quickly. Finally, unlike the entire zipper, this tattoo has only the slider engraved right at the beginning of the scar. The slider is pretty and stylish yet simple, with shading effects that make the tattoo realistic.

14. Zipper Tattoo Design With Nature:

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This design can be ideal if you are a nature lover and want to incorporate the same into a zipper tattoo. It is an elaborate design with a big red maple leaf with beautiful nature surrounding it which can be scenic from Canada. The snow mountains contrast the bright maple leaf in the centre, making the tattoo look gorgeous. The use of colours also creates a visual treat for the wearer and the onlooker.

15. Zipper Tattoo Ideas On The Shoulder:

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This is yet another zipper tattoo which can help cover up a scar caused due to injury or surgery. The tattoo not only looks exceptional but also stands out because it covers the scar on the outside. This way, you can still have a positive association with the scar highlighting the wearer’s struggle to overcome the same. In addition, the dark grey shading around the zipper accentuates the tattoo beautifully. Unlike the other zipper tattoos, this design is open, which can symbolize different things to different people.


While zipper tattoos are exciting and unique, they can also be meaningful depending on the wearer. For example, a zipper opening the skin to reveal something underneath is one of the popular themes of zipper tattoos. Furthermore, you can also disguise unsightly scars with the help of these tattoos. Therefore, please choose from the list we have provided above. Finally, don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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