Shamrocks are primarily an Ireland based culture that is incorporated in many tattoo designs today. They are actually a low growing herb that grows rampantly in Ireland and is also found in many parts of the world today. Shamrocks are considered to be a charm of good luck and are the national emblem of Ireland as it also signifies love and unity. The shamrock has been primarily adopted as a famous tattoo design in Ireland and has slowly spread throughout the world as a very famous tattoo design.

Shamrock Tattoo Designs with Names:

There are several shamrock tattoo designs to choose from but there are a few very famous designs that people opt for first before moving on to any other designs. Out of all the different types of shamrock tattoo designs the top 9 of the mentioned are:

1. Forearm Shamrock Tattoo:

The forearm shamrock is just a simple colored shamrock that is one of the more basic designs. No tattoo artist should have a problem with completing this design. The forearm shamrock can be gotten by both men and women and therefore is widely opted for by people around the world. The shamrock symbolizes the cycle of life therefore it is a great tattoo to get. It is one of the best shamrock tattoo designs for men.

2. Celtic Shamrock Tattoo on Back:

This tattoo covers most part of your back and can be paired with an Irish blessing or an eternal tree with beautiful flowers. The tattoo is unisex and has very significant meaning when paired with an Irish blessing which is supposed to protect you in your walk of life.

3. Shamrock Tattoo with Power Words:

This is truly a very difficult tattoo to pull off and requires a skilled hand. The words embedded in the shamrock are meant to give you courage in your low times of life so that you can pass through even the worst times with ease.

4. Shamrock Wrist Tattoo:

The shamrock also symbolizes infinity and looks a lot like a never-ending knot. The circle of life is what the base idea of the shamrock is and it is a perfect addition for your wrist. It is a small shamrock tattoo.

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5. Shamrocks and Stars Tattoo:

Stars have always been a very popular tattoo design and matching it with a shamrock is a perfect combination for your body to show love and faith and meaning for your life.

6. Behind The Ear Shamrock:

This is a small tattoo but requires a skilled hand to complete as it involves tattooing a very sensitive area of your body and that is the neck. The tattoo is exceptional and is filled with meaning.

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7. Miniature Shamrock Tattoo:

If you are not comfortable with a very large tattoo but still require a tattoo to show your love for Ireland then this is the tattoo to get. It is small petite but does not lack the structure of faith. This is one of the best shamrock tattoo designs for women.

8. Shamrock Tattoo White Ink:

White ink is the new fad when it comes to tattoos as it depicts as if the tattoo has been embedded inside the skin. Using white ink to depict a shamrock shows your love for unity and faith In one another and is most of the time gotten by the good people of Ireland.

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9. Live Laugh Love Shamrock Tattoo:

The words live laugh and laugh grouped with a shamrock as a tattoo is a perfect way of saying live life to the fullest and try not to leave anything out before you pass on. Life is very important and it is even more important that you enjoy your life as much as possible. Always staying positive is another meaning for this tattoo.

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