Nothing can surpass the deadly sophistication of an AK-47 tattoo that will help you add bombastic firepower to your body art. Many people consider guns an ultimate expression of freedom. Since AK-47 is one of the world’s easily recognizable guns, it is a pinnacle of these designs. Rather than a weapon, once a person gets a gun, they feel it to be more of an extension of themselves, which gives them the strength to fight against troubled times with added power.

Let us go through this article to learn more about AK-47 tattoos and their variations. Read on!

Top 15 AK-47 Tattoo Designs:

We have presented you with unique and beautiful AK 47 tattoo designs that are expressive and virally stirring. So go through them and choose the one that suits your personality the best.

1. AK 47 Gun Tattoo On Fingers:

This AK-47 tattoo on the fingers is one of the popular and exclusive designs many people prefer. This is because you can show off the tattoo if you want. Another unique feature of this pattern is that the entire AK-47 is distributed among your hand’s fingers, dismantling once the fingers move apart. Fingers are the perfect place to get this tattoo; you can also reduce the size and fit it onto one finger.

2. Black AK-47 Tattoo:

This compelling black AK 47 tattoo is an excellent option for people looking into bold tattoo options. From the dark outline to the aggressive filling, it means the wearer is not someone to mess with, and the words REBEL add to the essence of the tattoo. The tattoo, in its entirety, has a menacing and mysterious look to it. This tattoo looks best near the elbow, neck or arm.

3. AK-47 Tattoo With Roses:

Although the AK 47 tattoos are usually associated with counterculture, rebels or bad boys, they can also mean strength. Of course, the tattoo’s meaning always depends on the wearer’s perspective. But the uniqueness of this AK 47 tattoo is a beautiful rose at the gun’s nozzle. Although this gun looks the best in black and grey, you can always use colours for the rose, highlighting the goodness and peace that comes from using the weapon properly.

4. Simple Ak-47 Tattoo:

Lack and grey is yet another colour combination that can make your AK 47 tattoo small but realistic. You can show off every groove and shadow in this pattern once you pick a skilled artist. If you want to heighten the aesthetic appeal of the tattoo, you can use prison ink combined with an AK-47 tattoo. This tattoo looks exceptional on the arm, ankle or forearm.

5. AK-47 Tattoo On The Arm:

This AK 47 tattoo has bold black outlines and a limited but bright colour palette representing the traditional American firearm. In addition, the wearer has written the phrase never forget in capital letters with the year below the gun, making the tattoo more personal. You can customize the tattoo further by adding unique details to the tattoo.

6. Black AK-47 Tattoo On The Waist:

This is yet another black AK-47 tattoo. Still, the placement is the differentiating factor which makes this tattoo more unique and personal. The wearer has gotten the tattoo engraved on his/her waist, which can help you cover it if the necessity arises. The pattern is pretty simple and doesn’t have too many details. This tattoo is suitable for people of all ages, irrespective of gender.

7. AK-47 Leg Tattoo:

Suppose you are looking for a tattoo that represents the nonchalance of a man with nothing to prove in combination with the overt symbolism of firepower from a gun. In that case, this small AK 47 tattoo is the perfect option. Although the tattoo is small and straightforward, placement plays an essential role. The uniqueness of the AK 47 tattoo is that you can get the pattern done in any size you want, depending on what you want.

8. Bright AK-47 Tattoo On The Arm:

If you are fed up with black ink and want to add a splash of colours to your body art, this AK-47 tattoo in pink can be an excellent option. Unlike black or brown, this tattoo is engraved in pink, meaning something unique to the wearer. You can get this tattoo on the arm, calf, or neck for a better view. Of course, you can always add elements of your choice to make it more personal.

9. Realistic AK-47 Tattoo:

Black and grey are the perfect colour combination for getting an AK 47 tattoo design. All the details involved in the look of the design pattern give the firearm a natural and successful life.

10. Appealing AK-47 Design:

This AK-47 tattoo is an excellent option for representing American traditional style designs. In addition, the use of black colour adds to the beauty of the firearm, giving it an authentic look.

11. AK-47 Tattoo on Finger:

This is another AK-47 tattoo that looks very real. Again, using simple, bold lines with strokes across the firearm looks realistic and proper. But if you choose to get a tattoo on your index finger, ensure you are completely ready.

12. Black And Grey AK-47 Tattoo Design:

The most popular colour schemes for AK-47 tattoos are brown, black, red, and brown. However, this tattoo is unique because it combines three colours brown, black and grey. Although simple, the AK-47 firearm represents the robust and bold nature of the wearer beautifully. Looking at the tattoo closely, the intricate details involved give it a realistic look.

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13. AK-47 Tattoo In Black And Brown:

This is yet another AK-47 tattoo that looks very real and uses the authentic colour combination of black and brown. Again, placement plays an essential role in the meaning of this tattoo. Although you can get it anywhere you want, these types of tattoos look the best when engraved on the calf, arm or back of the neck. You can also customize the size of the tattoo based on your personal preference.

14. Beautiful AK-47 Tattoo:

This AK-47 tattoo is beautiful and has a deeper meaning if you look closely. Although the firearm is pretty simple with line patterns, the addition of a beautiful red rose adds a feminine touch to its beauty. Getting a rose engraved with a gun tattoo can be a perfect representation of the gun’s destructive beauty. By using colours for the flower, you can highlight the entire design.

15. Bold AK-47 Tattoo Design:

Script tattoos have been in the realm of body art since ancient times. But we can always honour those who passed away with these simple script tattoos in the modern era. You can commemorate a loved one by combining an AK 47 tattoo with a script or a name which can be powerful. In addition, you can choose the font you want to make the tattoo even more special. These types of tattoos look best on the arm or the leg, where you have a chance to show off.


AK-47 is one of the famous guns used to get a tattoo, especially for people who are into guns. Many believe guns represent power and strength that helps the wearer get through troubling times. Therefore before getting an AK-47 tattoo design, you can go through the list we have presented and choose the one that suits you the most. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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