There is an increase in the number of people inclined towards body art. Dahlia flower tattoo designs symbolize dignity, creativity, change, and strength, dating back to the victorian era. The use of diversified colors and variations in the arrangement also makes a Dahlia flower one of the most loved designs among tattoo lovers.

Named after a botanist of the 18th century called Anders Dahl, this flower is also Mexico’s national flower. Let us go through this article for some of the best Dahlia flower tattoos you can try.

16 Best Dahlia Flower Tattoo Designs:

The color variations and layers of the Dahlia flower make it one of the favorite tattoos for people who love body art. We present you with the masterpieces you can get tattooed, creating a kaleidoscopic effect.

1. Dahlia Flower Tattoo On Forearm:

This is a fantastic red dahlia tattoo with a bit of yellow in the center and green foliage, giving it a lively look. This design can be done by anyone who loves dahlia flowers once you can get the shadings and placement of this design is finalized. This tattoo looks impressive engraved on your arm, shoulder, back of the neck. Once you decide on the spot, this tattoo can be varied from small to medium size.

2. Dahlia Flower Tattoo With A Name:

The beautiful and intricate lacework done in this dahlia tattoo looks stunning. The unique patterns around the flower highlight it and add to the beauty of the design. People who admire beauty and art can opt for this tattoo design irrespective of gender. You can add a name at the stem of the tattoo giving it a personal and emotional touch. This tattoo looks best when engraved in medium or large size.

3. Extensive Dahlia Shoulder Tattoo:

Many of us have a lot of experience in getting a tattoo, and this tattoo design is a perfect option for those who love extensive and intricate patterns. The Dahlia is shaded in red and black, giving it a natural effect due to buds and leaves and the flower. The shoulder is the perfect spot to get this tattoo engraved since you can flaunt its beauty, and this design is inclined more towards females.

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4. Dahlia Flower Tattoo:

This red dahlia tattoo with leaves is another design that turns heads around when it is beautifully done. The two paired dahlia tattoos with buds, and green leaves give this tattoo a natural look, bringing the design to life. This tattoo looks fantastic on the shoulder area, back, biceps, calf and suitable for both men and women of all ages. If you are a fan of dahlia flower, this tattoo can be the right choice.

5. Black And White Dahlia Tattoo:

The black dahlia tattoo with natural shadings is a perfect way to represent your personality’s artistic side beautifully. This tattoo goes well with any outfit and is suitable for both men and women. To express this design’s captivating look, you can get it done in small to medium size. The use of bold outlines in combination with grey shades inside the petals creates a natural-looking flower tattoo.

6. Stylish Dahlia Tattoo On The Stomach:

The grey and black shadings in this beautiful Dahlia flower tattoo look like a piece of art. The design is further beautified by adding a curvy pattern around the flower’s downward side with pearl drops. Since the design is relatively extensive, it looks fantastic when engraved on the stomach, across the collar bone, and back. You can recreate this tattoo by adding some colors of your choice. Teenagers usually prefer these kinds of designs.

7. Red And Purple Dahlia Tattoo On The Leg:

If you want to flaunt your tattoo, the bright combination of red and purple dahlia tattoo design can be a perfect choice. The beautiful and colorful shadings of this design will turn heads. It blends in with any outfit intensifying its look and is inclined more towards women of all ages. To elevate the design further, you can get this engraved on the calf, shoulder, forearm, and it looks the best when done in medium to large size.

8. Intricate Black Dahlia Flower Tattoo:

This is another black ink Dahlia tattoo with a rose in it, adding more natural elements to the design. This lengthy tattoo looks impressive on the forearm, calf, back of the neck, elevating the wearer’s beauty. The entire structure has a black outline and is filled with grey shades giving the design a realistic feel. You can recreate the design using some colors, and women usually chose these kinds of tattoos.

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9. Dahlia Tattoo On The Waist:

If you want to show off your curvy parts of your body, this Dahlia tattoo on your waist can be a perfect choice. Although the design is relatively common, the patterns on the flower and leaves make it stand out. You can create another version by using any color of your choice. The wearer has added a quotation to either implement or omits as per your personal preference. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women of all ages.

10. Simple Dahlia Tattoo Black And White:

This Dahlia tattoo is the best choice for people who love to get a short tattoo inked. The beauty of the flower is captured in the entire design elegantly without taking up too much space. This tattoo looks the best when engraved on the ankle, neck, wrist. You can play with some colors to redesign the tattoo giving it a new look. Suitable for both men and women of all ages, you can elevate the pattern when done in small size.

11. Dahlia And Butterfly Tattoo On The Thigh:

This blue and purple is a perfect combination the t expresses the beauty of the Dahlia flower. The butterfly on top is a bonus, which beautifies the tattoo even further. The design details give it a realistic feel, so it is one of the women’s popular choices. This tattoo looks extremely attractive when engraved in medium lo large size and preferably on the thigh or biceps.

12. Cute Dahlia Tattoo Design:

This dahlia tattoo represents the genuine essence of the flower without making too much fuss. The randomness of the design makes it stand out, unlike the traditional floral arrangements available. The bright pink petals combined with the green leaves are small yet elegant, giving out a sensational vibe. These kinds of tattoos are usually preferred by girls and look the best when engraved on the shoulder in small size.

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13. Dahlia Mandala Tattoo On The Arm:

Mandala art is gaining prominence in the tattoo world. This tattoo combines the beauty of both the dahlia flower and mandala art, which results in an intricate and exquisite design. The dark black outline of the tattoo with the grey shaded fillings creates a realistic finish making you want to get it inked. Although it is suitable for both genders, women usually prefer these types of designs. You can also recreate it by using some colors of your choice.

14. Tiny Red Dahlia Tattoo:

This is yet another option for a small tattoo inclined more towards women. The reddish-pink color tone of the flower and the leaves’ golden-green color make the small tattoo look beautiful and realistic. This tattoo looks the best when engraved on the wrist, near the ear, neck, ankle, and small-size. Although women usually prefer this, there is no restriction for men to get it inked.

15. Fiery Orange Dahlia Tattoo:

If you want to represent your personality’s feisty side attractively, this dahlia tattoo can be a perfect choice. The bright outlines of the flower make it stand out, and it is filled with a lighter shade of orange, which beautifies the tattoo even further. You can also recreate it with other color options, and it is suitable for both men and women. The best place to get this tattoo engraved in the forearm, shoulder, or the back of your neck, where you can show-off.

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16. Traditional Dahlia Tattoo On The Ankle:

This dahlia tattoo is a perfect example of a traditional way to represent its beauty. The small and synchronized petals with green foliage add to the realistic representation of this flower. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women and looks best when engraved in small or medium-sized. Although the reddish-pink colour looks perfect, you can recreate the tattoo by playing around with other colour options.


The petal formation in rings stacking each other is one of Dahlia flower’s unique patterns making it stand out. A Dahlia flower tattoo adds beauty to any part of your body and comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Without further ado, express your feeling by getting one of the tattoos mentioned in this article. Don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you!

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