Lord Hanuman is one of the beloved deities in South Asian countries. He is known for his devotion, victory, knowledge, and strength. Lord Hanuman represents the internal struggle to master one’s weakness and emotions while the external struggle against evil and oppression. He played an essential role in Rama’s victory against Demon king Ravana. Lord Hanuman is portrayed in several ways because of his shape-shifting powers. This article presents various Hanuman tattoo designs you can look into before finalizing one.

15 Best Hanuman Tattoo Designs:

Lord Hanuman is enshrined throughout India and beyond by his devotees, irrespective of background and profession. Wrestlers worship him for strength, worshipped by the devout. With the list of Hanuman tattoos presented, you can carry the love and protection of this god beautifully.

1. Lord Hanuman Tattoo Design On The Arm:

This Hanuman half-face tattoo is a simple yet effective representation of the god of strength. The bold and thin lines create a gorgeous look to the entire tattoo. Additionally, the user has opted for a bright red for the bindi area, adding a colourful look to the otherwise black ink tattoo.

2. Simple Hanuman Face Tattoo On The Neck:

This is yet another Bajrang Bali tattoo with only a part of his face. But still, you can make out that the tattoo is of lord hanuman with his beautiful facial features. This one is also highlighted with the red bindi, gorgeously similar to the previous tattoo. The only difference is the placement of this tattoo.

3. Hanuman Mace Tattoo Design:

Hanuman’s mace is not just a biological weapon but an embodiment of the spiritual and moral values of the lord symbolically. The Gada mace is pretty simple in the upper part. Still, the handle part has intricate patterns that look like diamonds all over. The use of simple black and white gives it a unique touch.

4. Chota Hanuman Tattoo Design:

Chota Hanuman is another popular tattoo option for people who love lord Hanuman. It can also represent the childlike belief in lord Rama. Unlike the other tattoos, this bal hanuman tattoo looks cute and brings out your inner child. You can get this tattoo in black and white or use colours to bring more life into the design.

5. Lord Hanuman And Shiva Tattoo:

This picture must have inspired the pose of Prabhas in the movie Bahubali. Here Lord Hanuman is carrying the shiva ling on his shoulders. The detailing in this tattoo is pretty realistic, whether it is the body, hands, or legs. Moreover, the clothes and jewellery on lord hanuman are done in colours, further elevating the entire tattoo’s look beautifully.

6. Ram And Hanuman Tattoo:

Lord Hanuman is an adherent devotee of Lord Shri Ram; the same is evident in his actions. This tattoo is a realistic representation of that bhakth Hanuman meditating. The addition of Lord Ram’s name in Hindi is a spectacular touch. The facial features and the crown has intricate details making this tattoo a perfect option for people who love detail-oriented tattoos.

7. Flying Hanuman Tattoo Design On The Chest:

This is the famous hanuman flying tattoo where the lord will bring Sanjeevani for Laxmana. The user has this tattoo across the chest, indicating how close the design is to their heart. Though the design is simple, grey shades across the tattoo make it look pretty accurate. You can leave it black and white or use colours if you wish.

8. Black And White Hanuman Maze Tattoo:

This is yet another Hanuman Gada tattoo with intricate details in the upper part, and the handle is pretty simple. You can alter patterns as per your choice giving your tattoo a unique finish. Shri Ram is written across the mace, indicating Lord hanuman’s passionate worship of Rama, and you can experiment with colours if you wish.

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9. Realistic Hanuman Tattoo On The Hand:

This tattoo is a perfect option for people who want more detail in a straightforward design. It might look simple, but if you look more closely, you can find a mace, Hanuman’s half-face, a Trishul, and last but not least, Lord hanuman’s tail. Grey shading highlights the gada, while the lower part has a Trishul.

10. Hanuman Tattoo With Black And Grey Work:

The flag of Hanuman Ji is famous as a symbol of victory, especially for the people with righteousness. This is why you can find it on Arjuna’s chariot in Mahabharata. The face of Lord Hanuman is seen meditating with the head of the mace, looking like a sun. The tattoo is intense and has intrinsic details that give it a realistic look. The bindi of the Lord Hanuman is Red Trishul which stands as a highlight of the tattoo design.

11. Hanuman Tattoo Band On The Arm:

Wristband tattoos are popular among youth and young adults for their dual look. In addition, the placement of the small hanuman face gives this simple tattoo a spiritual finish. Except for the hanuman in the centre of Hanuman’s face, the remaining tattoo is done in black and greyish shades. Though this tattoo looks beautiful, you can always add colours of your choice.

12. Multi-Faceted Hanuman Tattoo:

This is yet another shiva and hanuman tattoo that represents their relationship beautifully. If you observe closely, the Gada is placed on Lord Hanuman’s head, making it look similar to a crown. There is an addition of Trishul on the side, which represents Lord Shiva. Adding the OM symbol and Ram in Hindi adds to the design’s speciality.

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13. Realistic Hanuman Tattoo On The Shoulder:

Suppose you are a person with many tattoos and looking for a hanuman tattoo that stands out among all the other patterns. Then this Hanuman tattoo design is an excellent option. You can also get this design as a temporary tattoo, especially for people who don’t want such an intense design on their body permanently.

14. Hanuman Tattoo Design On The Back:

This design is an apt choice if you are into detailed and close-to-real-life Anjaneya Swamy tattoos. The highlight of the plan is that the picture of Lord Hanuman is done in shades of grey while the OM symbol is left uncoloured, highlighting it. In addition, the lower part of the pattern has the words Shree ram written in Hindi. Back is the perfect place to get these types of tattoos.

15. Intricate Hanuman Tattoo With A Third Eye:

According to legend Lord Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. That is why we can find many tattoos representing these two gods together. The details of this tattoo look close to an actual image creating a spiritual feast for the onlookers and the wearer. You can add different colours to the design as per your preference.


Suppose you are looking for a Hanuman tattoo that acts as a spiritual talisman that remains with you wherever you go. In that case, these tattoos can be pretty amazing. So go through these tattoos and choose the one that beautifully represents your style and inner self. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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